Collected Talks And Essays On Realizing God In Daily Life, Volume III


ISBN-10: 0876122551
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5 star must reading.   [The following is what I highlighted during my read of this excellent book -- I recommend it on my Top-ten List of Peace resources.  My purpose in providing them is to interest you, the reader, and hope that you will obtain and read the complete work.  To properly understand the highlights, you need to read the book to put them in the proper context.]






·         “The one purpose of Self-Realization Fellowship is to teach the individual the way to personal contact with God.”

·         …it is clear that humankind’s truest hope lies in those who take the time to find the tremendous love and understanding awaiting discovery in the presence of God in our souls, directing its flow therefrom as a healing balm toward all the members of our world family.




·         “Self-realization”

·         “is the knowing  - in body, mind, and soul – that we are one with omnipresence of God..

·         All we have to do is improve our knowing.

·         This book explores how to “improve our knowing” – how we can experience the Divine Presence, within us and in all life, not just as a passing inspiration but as a constant inner realization.  Through this expanded awareness, we receive the gifts of the soul:  peace, love, intuitive guidance, ever new joy – an unfolding understanding that we are indeed “made in the image of God.”

·         …answers yearned for in every human heart.

·         …the practice of yoga establishes an inner attunement with God that constitutes the universal basis of all religions.  Abstractions of theoretical religion pale before actual experience of God.  Truth cannot be wholly proved to any seeker by another, but by the practice of yoga meditation all of us can prove truth for ourselves through the irrefutable assurance of our own direct experience.


How  to Express Everlasting Youthfulness


·         Know the Reason for Your Experience

·         Youth Is a State of Mind and Soul, As Well As of the Body.

·         There is no excuse for a wrong state of mind.  You must be always positive-minded, cheerful, smiling, vibrant.  By all means, practice this mental youthfulness that comes from the core of your being.

·         The definition of youth is that state of body, mind and soul in which one feels the acme, the zenith, of joy and power.  If you want to, you can retain that state indefinitely.  Conversely, by carelessness you can lose it very easily.

·         This mind, or consciousness, is the supreme force that governs all voluntary and involuntary activities of this bodily factory with its multifarious outputs.

·         The Five Mental States of the Consciousness: …there are five mental states: happiness, sorrow, indifference, peace, and true joy.

·         What man* needs in order to live a successful and satisfying life is evenness of mind.  That can be attained only by concentration, mastery of the mental faculties.

·         The time has come for you to know and understand the purpose of religion: how to contact that supernal Joy, which is God, the great and eternal Comforter.

·         So that is the first law of retaining youth:  You must have a happy state of mind, a state that is untouched by the events of life. In that joy, not even death can shake you.

·         That is the invulnerable state you must strive to cultivate.

·         Learn to Smile Sincerely in All Circumstances

·         Seeking God in meditation is the direct way to attain a joyous and youthful state of mind.  There are additional practices that will also help to nurture mental youthfulness.  First of all, learn to smile – sincere smiles.

·         Harbor no form of anger or malice.

·         It is not the approval of human beings that you want, but the certification of God.

·         The Importance of Willingness, and of Being Less Self-centered

·         Willingness also is important in order to retain youthfulness.

·         …you are willing, you have the vitality and enthusiasm of youthfulness.

·         Another key to mental youthfulness is to learn to be less selfish and self-centered, and more giving and caring toward others.

·         Reach out to help every day, in whatever way you can – and especially by bringing souls to the spiritual path to seek God.

·         The more universal your loves becomes, the more your expanded consciousness will be filled with the joy of His omnipresent Being.

·         His wrong habits of living, thinking, persistence in disunion from God, are passed from generation to generation in the process of evolution, severely limiting  the expression of his divine potentiality – physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

·         How to convert somatic cells back into versatile, creative germ cells, which can rebuild and rejuvenate body parts, will be the future endeavor of science.*  Our bodies be able to change in whatever way we will them to do so.

·         The Greater the Will, the Greater the Flow of Energy

·         Learn to keep your will strong – a calm will, not a nervous will – and your body will then be full of energy.  It is by the power of will that you bring energy into the body and utilize it.

·         The methods I teach show you how to recharge every part of your body with life energy coming direct from the omnipresent vibratory power of God that surrounds you and is within you.  It is that power which has created your body and which sustains it.  By the practice of the Energization Exercises and especially by Kriya Yoga you can enliven your whole being with Divine Life.

·         Each atom is a dynamo of power.

·         Obey the Laws of God Embodied in Cosmic Nature

·         Nature, cosmic creation, is the embodiment of the laws of God.

·         Your diet should include a predominance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and natural whole grains and legumes.  Avoid too many refined starches and too many sweets, and greatly limit the intake of fats.

·         …strictly avoiding all forms of beef of pork, and eating fish, poultry or lamb only occasionally.

·         Far more preferable is a totally meatless diet that includes instead some dairy products, eggs, and vegetable protein foods.  Unsalted peanuts or almonds or raw garbanzo beans, ground finely and mixed orange juice, makes a good source of protein as a substitute for meat.

·         Avoid overeating.

·         ..learn to fast one day a week and three consecutive days once a month on fresh fruits or unsweetened fruit juices.

·         Posture, also, important to good health.

·         Take regular exercise, such as walking every day.  Learn to breathe properly – calmly and deeply, filling the lungs all the way to the lower lobes.  When the system is well oxygenated by proper breathing and exercise, the life force therein vitalizes the whole body, including the brain.

·         Overindulgence in sex and misuse of Nature’s creative force will bring on disease and old age quicker than anything else.

·         The “Fountain of Youth”  Is Within the Soul..

·         Your true Self, being made in the image of God, is immortal.

·         Meditation upon the soul is the method by which the mind can be made to work its wonders under your control.

·         …if you know that you are immortal, made in the image of God, your whole being will glow with that eternal youthfulness.


Remolding Your Life


·         I often employ repetition; for to penetrate the hard core of human consciousness, a truth must be repeated again and again.

·         As a result of his training I have always kept my spiritual priorities straight.  I never miss three things:  my meditations morning and night; my exercises and service to others.  These I religiously perform; all else of less importance I somehow manage.

·         Life is a Matrix of Consciousness.

·         We are made of the matrix of consciousness.

·         ..if you want to change anything in yourself, you must change the process of thought that occasions the materialization of consciousness into different forms of matter and action.  That is the way, the only way, to re mold your life.

·         The Tenacity of Habits.

·         Habits means that the mind believes it cannot get rid of a particular thought.

·         ….habits are nothing but repetitions of your own thoughts, and these you have the capacity to change.

·         Your thoughts are molding your actions, and your mental convictions from the repetition of those actions is the fire that hardens the thoughts into unyielding habit patterns.

·         If you want to change your constitution, then you have to say, “It is I who thought myself into being thin (or heavy or sickly).  Now I will myself to be robust (or whatever you so desire).” 

·         If you get rid of the thought that has made you other than you want to be, you will see the body change.

·         “Old Age” Is a State of Mind

·         Everyone has self-limiting idiosyncrasies.

·         These are what you must change –by remembering that these habits, peculiar to your nature, are nothing but manifestations of your own thoughts.

·         One must never give up hope of becoming better.  A person is old only when he refuses to make the effort to change.  That stagnant state is the only “old age” I recognize.

·         If someone misunderstands me, I try to establish understanding.  But if I cannot change that person, neither can I be moved by his bad behavior. 

·         If a non understanding person has made up his mind against you, why should you change in order to please or placate him?

·         Stand by your principles when you are right, and be willing instantly to change yourself when you are wrong.

·         Will Power Is the Instrument of Change

·         …those things you do against your will, and that make you unhappy after you have done them, are what you want to get rid of How?

·         Affirm with conviction, before going to bed and on arising in the morning, “I can change.  I have the will to change!”  Hold to that thought throughout the day, and carry it with you into the subconscious land of sleep and the super conscious realm of meditation.

·         Every night and morning make up your mind to avoid anger, and then watch yourself carefully.  The first day may be difficult, but the second may be a little easier.  The third will be easier still.  After a few days you will see that victory is possible.  In a year, if you keep up your effort, you will be another person.

·         Freedom Is to Act for Your Highest Welfare

·         “Every wrong action goes against one’s own well-being.

·         You have to use your discrimination to distinguish between poisoned honey and that which is in your best interest.  Avoid those things that will ultimately hurt you, and choose that will give you freedom and happiness.

·         In this new year, change your consciousness.  Cultivate the right conduct and good habits that lead to freedom.

·         Both Discrimination and Will Power are Necessary

·         Remolding your consciousness means exercising free will guided by discrimination and energized by will power.  Discrimination is your keen eyesight and will is your power of locomotion.

·         It is acting on knowledge that gets you to your goal.

·         Watch your consciousness.  Develop the habit of self-examination, of watching and analyzing your thoughts and behavior.  When there are telltale signs of bad habits or inclinations, that is the time to discriminate and resist with will power.

·         Think Away Undesirable Thoughts.

·         We are What We Think We Are

·         ..whatever you want to be, start to develop that pattern now.

·         You should be able to succeed in any profession or do anything you put your mind to.

·         …phenomenal demonstrations are possible to those who possess the power if realization that everything is thought.

·         When you have yet to attain that realization, you have to keep applying will and positive affirmation until you make thought work for you. 

·         Thought is the matrix of all creation; thought created everything.  If you hold on to that truth with indomitable will, you can materialize any thought.

·         There is nothing that can gainsay it.

·         Let Nothing Weaken the Will Behind Positive Thoughts

·         Keep on believing, knowing it will be so.

·         Develop your will power and positive thinking, and you will find your body, mind and soul working to mold everything in your life according to your will.

·         As thought id the most powerful agent in your life, provided you know how to develop and use it, never let the power of your thought be diluted by mixing with weak-minded or negative people – unless you are very strong-minded and can instead strengthen those persons.

·         Change Your Consciousness From Mortality to Divinity.

·         When the world has surrendered to the drug of slumber, you be awake in God.  And throughout the day’s activities, think that it is God who is working through you.  Give the responsibility to Him.

·         Give everything to God, and you will change because then the human ego can no longer dictate to you.

·         No matter what comes to you, just say, “God knows best.  It is He who is giving me this suffering, it is He who is making me happy.”  With this attitude, all your nightmares of life will change into a beautiful dream of God.

·         Repeat after me:  “I shall re mold my consciousness.  In this new year I am a new person.  And I shall change my consciousness again and again until I have driven away all the darkness of ignorance and manifested the shining light of Spirit in whose image I am made.”



A World of Cosmic Entertainment


·         It is arrogant to think that our little earth is the only place inhabited by intelligent life.  There are many such worlds as this – some more highly evolved, and others in earlier stages of evolution.  The orderly manner in which the universe is run shows that it is guided by some form of intelligence that permeates all created things.

·         The rishis of ancient India , having penetrated to the Original Cause of Being, declare that God is perfect, that He needs nothing, for all is contained within Himself; and that this world is God’s Lila, or divine play.  The Lord, it seems, like a little child, loves to play, and His Lila is the endless variety of ever-changing creation.

·         “Lord, why did You permit suffering to be a part of the play?

·         That is where the intercession of the saints comes in.  They remind us that God is all-powerful, and if we unite ourselves with Him, we will no longer be hurt in this play-house of His.  It is we who inflict pain on ourselves if we transgress the divine laws on which He rests the whole universe.

·         Our salvation is to unite with Him.

·         It seems that suffering is a necessary discipline to remind us to seek union with God.  Then, like Him, we will be entertained by this fantastic play.

·         Look Upon Life as Movie

·         In this world there is a constant repetition of history, of warfare and trouble.  If we are objective, we begin to behold events as a sort of continuous cosmic motion picture wherein the same basic story is played over and over again, only in different times and places with different characters.

·         …the saints say that if you knew you were Gods, you wouldn’t mind it.

·         Look upon life as a movie, and then you will know why God created it.  Our problem is that we forget to see it as God’s entertainment.

·         …the masters say, “Awake from both the beautiful dreams and the nightmares.”

·         If you are attached to human happiness, you are in for a lot of trouble, because nightmares are inevitable along with the beautiful dreams.  But if you will think of a dream as a dream, whether it is enjoyable or dreadful, you will have peace.  When you realize that life is a dream, then you are free.

·         If  you can live in the world in that consciousness, you will not suffer.

·         That is what Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons will do for you if you practice them faithfully.

·         Reading does not make wise, realization does.

·         That is why I don’t read much.  I keep my mind always here at the Christ Consciousness (Kutastha) center.

·         Reading the wonders of science will not make you a sage, for there is so much more to be known.  Read from the book of life that is hidden within, in the omniscience of the soul, just behind the darkness of closed eyes.  Discover that boundless realm of Reality.

·         Western religious teachers preach prosperity, happiness, health, and the promise of a glorious afterlife; but not how to experience Divine Bliss and be untouched by suffering in the here and now.  That is where the teachings of the great rishis of India go much deeper.

·         …the masters of India ask: “What are you going to do when you are confronted with pain and sorrow?  Are you going to cry helplessly, or are you going to practices those techniques that give even mindedness and transcendence while you are treating the malady?”

·         They urge commonsense remedial action and simultaneous control of the emotions so that if health does go away and pain comes you do not give in to despair.  In other words, they stress the importance of enthroning oneself within in the unalloyed happiness of the soul.

·         Those who habitually cling to material consciousness do not want to make the effort required to reach that state of invulnerability.  When suffering comes, they do not learn from it and so repeat the same mistakes.

·         “See the human chicken coops and how the occupants come and go.  That is the way with human life.”  Do not pay undue attention to the passing scenes of life.  You are the immortal Self, living only temporarily in a dream that is sometimes a nightmare.  That is the higher philosophy of the masters of India .

·         Emotional Sensitivity Is the Cause of Suffering

·         Do not be so sensitive.

·         Cultivate that state of mind by which you can live with greater mental strength.

·         …always think that you are working for God.  When your mind can remain anchored in Him, you will not suffer anymore.

·         …until you consciously realize that this is all a dream, you will not see why God created this world.

·         It is easier to find God in the jungle of civilization if you follow a balance between meditation and constructive, dutiful work.  Be like the active-inactive Lord.  In creation He is joyously busy; beyond creation He is joyously quiescent in divine bliss.  Because I made the effort to find God in meditation, I am enjoying His bliss even in the midst of activity.  And thus activity doesn’t adversely affect me at all.  Even though I may say I don’t like this or that in the dualities around me, still within I am calm and like steel:  “Calmly active and actively calm; a prince of peace sitting on throne of poise directing the kingdom of activity.”

·         Affirm and realize, “I am not a mortal being; I am Spirit.”

·         Everywhere you will see people, good and evil, searching in their own way for happiness.  No one what to hurt himself.  Then why do people behave in an evil way that is bound to cause pain and sorrow?  Such actions arise from the greatest of all sins – ignorance.

·         …or delusion…

·         The point is, in everything we do we are seeking happiness.  No one can truthfully say he is a materialist, because anyone who is seeking happiness is seeking God.  Therefore, in evil as well as in good God is coaxing us back to Him by our search for happiness.  The sorrow inflicted by evil will eventually turn the wayward to the joys of virtue.  Since life is inherently a medley of good and evil, of beautiful dreams and nightmares, we should seek out and help to create the beautiful dreams and not get caught up in the frightful nightmares.

·         In the diversity of creation there is an inherent unity – bonds groups of souls together.  Countries have a leader to unite and direct them.  Social groups cohere in a common cause.  When you find God, you will see all forces united in Him.

·         You will have a whole different picture of life.

·         The greatest sin is ignorance – not to know what life is all about.  And the greatest virtue is wisdom – to know the meaning and purpose of life and its Creator.  To know that we are not little human beings, but that we are one with Him, is wisdom.

·         …since You did bring me into being, I know I can be nothing else but Your child.

·         You are His divine child and inherently have everything He has.  Behind the darkness of closed eyes, you have the whole universe rolling in your consciousness.

·         Dismiss this phantasm of disease and health, sorrow and joy.  Rise above it.  Become the Self.  Watch the show of the universe, but do not become absorbed in it.


Why God Created the World


·         That there is a God, an absolute Intelligence and Power, we cannot rationally deny.  The testimony of Jesus, Krishna , Buddha, and the saints cannot be questioned.  From the ideals they exemplified and the miracles they performed, we know they were speaking truth.

·         We must use spiritual force, not atomic bombs, or we are going to perish.

·         Politicians in their blindness start the whole world fighting.

·         If you were God, you would know exactly what is going on, and why this universe was created as it is.

·         …each life is a master novel written by God.

·         First conquer delusion and become one with God.

·         I wouldn’t talk about God to others unless I knew Him.  When I saw those visions I had experienced coming true, I knew that a Being was guiding me, and I began to see Him in all things.

·         This World Is God’s Hobby.

·         What about those who are victims of Your Hobby?

·         And the Lord says, “I have made all men in My image.  If you know you are a part of Me, you can live in this world as God sees it.

·         Seeing With the Open Eyes of Wisdom and Calmness.

·         …if you go to a picture show every day and see only love scenes, you would get tired of them.  You would want to see some action, some contrast and excitement.  Therefore, God is justified in creating the dualities of this earth.

·         But I wouldn’t want to be the villain, for crime doesn’t pay – especially before the inexorable cosmic law.  I would rather be somewhere sitting under a tree, absorbed in meditation on God, or be busy serving others to make them comfortable with true peace and happiness.  For although life is governed by a cosmic plan, we have freedom to change our part in the drama.

·         It is those who take it too seriously who suffer.

·         When you transform your consciousness into divine consciousness so that you feel for everyone else’s well-being as you feel for yourself, when all the world becomes your greater self, you will become completely dissociated from the sufferings of your little body.  You will behold creation as a sort of dramatic experience in which nothing can hurt you.

·         Free Choice – God’s Greatest Gift

·         We can say that God made this earth not only as a hobby, but also because He wanted to make perfect souls that would evolve back to Him.

·         He has given man freedom to be good or evil, to do exactly as he pleases – even to deny God.  Both good and evil exist, but nobody compels you to be evil unless you choose to practice evil, and nobody compels you to be good unless you want to be good.  God created us with the ability to exercise His gifts of intelligence and free choice, by which we can choose to go back to Him.

·         The ideal of every human life should be to be good, to be happy, and to find God.  You will never be happy unless you do find God.

·         That is the purpose of our existence:  that we strive to become good, to become perfect, and to use our free will to choose good instead of evil.

·         The mind is like an elastic band.  The more you pull, the more it stretches.  Every time you feel limitations, close your eyes and say to yourself, “I am the Infinite,” and you will see what power you have.

·         Watch Yourself From the Balcony of Introspection

·         ..if you dream only beautiful dreams, you will be drowned in that beauty, and never  wish to wake up.  That is the answer.  So you must not be frightened when nightmares come, but say, “Lord, it is a passing dream, It has no reality.”

·         So watch this universe like a picture-play, as do the masters who are awake in God.

·         God wants everyone to get out of this nightmare, and watch this cosmic motion picture as an entertainment.  He wants you to know that you are one with Him.  That is why from time to time He sends God realized souls to earth to help mankind.  When people get too groggy with nightmares, these souls come to wake us up, to shake us and say, “What is the matter with you?” You are dreaming.” And you cry, “No, no, my leg is broken” or “I am suffering with disease” or “I am drowned in poverty” But when through the blessings of the great ones, you open your eyes, you see it is a dream.



How God Is Pulling Us Back to Him


·         All paths are paths to God, because, ultimately, there is no other place for the soul to go.  Everything has come out of God and must go back to Him.

·         Worldly happiness inevitably leads to disillusionment..

·         Satisfaction will never come from anything less than God.

·         It is better to make a conscientious effort to hasten your attainment of God.  The saints and ascetics would not go to all of the hard work that they do unless they found inspiration within it  - the inspiration of joy.

·         Most people are not awakened to the fact that God Himself is what they truly want – first and last.

·         …when you look at the beauty and wonders of nature, how can you doubt God?  He works in everything, and His tools are life and intelligence.  Just as ships at sea can be controlled by radio, so are we controlled by the “radioed” power an intelligence of God.  Without His beam of life, we are dead.  Why not seek the Giver instead of the gifts?  That is where the real freedom lies.

·         Inherent in creation is the law of attraction.  Celestial bodies exert their gravitational attraction on one another.

·         Evolution Versus Involution

·         Going back to God by the involutionary procedure of Nature is a very slow process.  But the discriminating man eventually asks, “Why wait millions of years before I can return to God?”

·         He refuses to wait longer.  When that desire comes, man has made the first definitive turn back to God.

·         When you truly want to be released from this earth dream, there is no power that can stop you from attaining liberation. Never doubt it! Your salvation is not to be achieved  - it is  already yours, because you are made in the image of God; but you have to know this.



Manifesting the Divine Qualities Inherent in the Five Stages of the Soul’s Return to God


·         The soul of man has to ascend through the five states, or stages of evolution, previously described, before he gets back to God: mineral, plant, animal, man and superman.

  1. He must be transparent like the gems, without spots of defective perception.  He has to develop their crystalline character, by removing the mental blemishes in his otherwise sparkling mentality….gemlike clarity that will undistorted reflect the Divine Mind.  This means his sensations must be pure….one then develops spiritual sensitivity.
  2. The spiritually progressive man is consciously sensitive to life and his surroundings, like the sensitive response of plants to their environment.  But as the sensitivity of plants abhors harshness, the spiritually sensitive being shuns the coarseness of material things and finds himself gravitating toward God, as plants turn toward the sun.
  3. Then comes the vitality of animals…The progressive man must be full of vitality like the animal, but employ the animal’s  strong will, not for avaricious purposes, but to govern activity with self-control and to have mastery over the life force. The yogi … learns how to use vitality and will with wisdom.  He is not weak.  He is a master of self-control.  He knows how to relax and throw the searchlight of vitality within to reveal the presence of Spirit.  The reversal of the life force from matter to Spirit is called pranayama.  By withdrawing the life current from externals through Kriya Yoga, the consciousness begins inwardly to awaken to its higher nature in God.
  4. The rational man thereby becomes a thoughtful, discriminative being, ever progressive in his power to think and reason clearly.  He develops pure reason, or discrimination, in which his rationality is no longer mixed up with doubt and misconception.  He learns to reason with wise men and to understand the truths they express and exemplify. ‘Fools argue, wise men discuss.”  The masters cling to truth, not theories.  But most people are enslaved by emotion and circumscribed by their own opinions.  If two people really want to find truth, they can agree very quickly.  It is only by developing both pure reason and pure feeling that you can reach God and truth.  In the ordinary man, reason is uppermost and feeling is hidden; in the average woman, feeling is uppermost with reason hidden.  If you have too much feeling, it becomes emotion and will take you into the meshes of matter, and too much reason becomes rationalization which also takes you into delusive matter.  When you balance reason and feeling by meditation, you will come to God and truth-perceptions.
  5. After developing the balanced reason and feeling of the discriminative stage, the last state of involution is to be attained: the pure intuition and omniscience of the superman.  He is intuitively progressive in feeling his soul and Spirit. He must them fully lift his consciousness from the body and materiality to his original omnipresent state.  The freed soul is back once more with God.  You can hasten this process in your own body by spiritualistic it through meditation and Kriya Yoga.



The Paths of Knowledge, Devotion and Action


·         The path of knowledge, or reason.  If you program yourself with theoretical knowledge, you will become a walking Victrola, able to repeat lofty phrases and to be considered a learned being, but your knowledge will be unsupported by your own realization or spiritual attainment.

·         So don’t waste your time on too much theory.

·         Most intellectualisms thus become bound by their own conclusions.

·         So the masters say:  Do not use your God-given reason to become more and more mixed up in the labyrinth of matter and in the egoistic limitations of the intellect; with the power of discrimination, study and apply truth until it becomes your own intuitive realization.  When you develop your intuition, you will feel the presence of God and His omniscience within you.  That is called esoteric reason..

·         The path of devotion.  If you have pure devotion, you will feel the pull of God and will find Him.  But again, there are two poles in this path also, two forces pulling you –devotion to God and devotion to matter.  Even death tries to remind us that it is foolish to be lured by material attractions.

·         …the yogi reasons, “Matter is external and possession of its objects is short-lived.  Why should I concentrate on the little temporal things and exclude eternity?  Devotion to God alone is the only way up everlasting fulfillment.”

·         Lessen the consciousness of family, property, and all material attachments and begin to re express the omnipresence you have lost.

·         True devotion is like a plummet that sinks into the sea-bottom of the perception of God.

·         The path of action.

·         If you work for your own self you are pulled toward matter.  But if you work with the thought of doing everything for God, you are pulled toward God.

· soon as your active energy is used to seek God, you move toward Him.

·         Engaging in spiritual activity consisting of both meditation and working with the thought that everything you do is for God – that is Karma Yoga.

·         When by Kriya Yoga you can withdraw your life energy and consciousness from the five sense telephones, when you can withdraw your vitality from your body and mind and throw the searchlight of your attention on God, that is the highest way to God.

·         Remember, the kingdom of God is within you.  If you meditate and seek Him with wisdom, devotion, and good actions, you will surely find Him.



Acquiring Attunement With the Source of Success


·         Very few people realize that divine law governs all actions and determines the effects thereof. Thus, the destiny of each individual is directed not by chance, but according to the causes he himself sets into motion.

·         The law of cause and effect that governs our lives is what we call karma.  Karma means action; and it also means the fruits or effects of our actions.

·         There is no other explanation for the inequalities among humans that does not deny the justice of God. And without justice.  I would say there is no use in living.

·         There is no difficulty that cannot be solved, provided you believe you have more power than your troubles, and you use that power to shatter your impediments.


Success Means to Create at Will What You Need


·         Simple living does not mean poverty or poverty consciousness.

·         Simplicity means to be free of desires and attachments, and supremely happy within.  It requires a masterful mind and a very strong will to live simply.  It entails neither hardship nor deprivation, but the wisdom to work for and be content with what you truly need.

·         ..reduce your wants to purposeful necessities.  And do not live beyond your means; that is the first lesson to learn if you want to be prosperous.  Spend less than your income; otherwise, you will never be satisfied and happy. Above all, hold to the thought: “My happiness is unconditional; I can do without anything.  But since God has given me a body to look after, I shall do my best to supply it with the proper necessities of life.”

·         To be all-round prosperous, you must follow the example of Jesus and not that of unscrupulous businessmen.  If you learn to apply the divine law of prosperity, it will wait on you. That is the secure way; it is the only condition in which you can be secure in this world.

·         Cultivate Prosperity in Order to Help Others

·         The law of prosperity cannot be manipulated by man for his own selfish advantage.

·         If man works in harmony with the divine law of success, he receives abundance.

·         …leave behind desire for an attachment to luxuries; develop your mind power so that it is satisfied with simple things.  After that, say “Well, my needs are only a part of my responsibility.  I have dependents and must fulfill my obligations to them also.”  Provide for your family, but never spoil your children with too much money.

·         Unless you include the welfare of others in your prosperity you will never be ideally prosperous.

·         …sincere reaching out to help others help themselves.

·         “My life’s duty is to make others happy.”  Be motivated by how your actions and plans can be of benefit to others.  Then devise the means to accomplish your goals.  In order to serve, you must have the necessary resources.

·         The ambition to live well and be prosperous becomes spirituality if the purpose is to better serve others by being able to include them in your prosperity.

·         That is how the divine law works.

·         Have Faith in the Power of God

·         …guide Thou my reason, will and activity to the right thing that I should do.”

·         “I freed thee long ago; but because thou thinkest thou art not free, that is why thou art not free.

·         The way to start is by deep and regular morning and evening meditation.  The more you meditate, the more you will realize there is something behind the kingdom of ordinary consciousness where a great peace and happiness reign. Practice the presence of this peace and happiness, for it is the first proof of God-contact.  It is the conscious realization of Truth within yourself.

·         By practice of ever deeper meditation, you can eventually go into the super conscious state of inner realization and remain therein while performing on the conscious plane all of your activities.  When you learn to work from the state of super consciousness, and to work with divine inner happiness no matter what you are doing, you will feel with you always the presence and power of God.



Business, Balance, and Inner Peace

Restoring Equilibrium to the Work Week


·         The world holiday sprang from two words, “holy day” A holy day should be a time for introspective thinking and for man to nurture his sacred soul qualities.

·         Man is spiritual and a material being.  He should develop himself spiritually by inner discipline, and become materially efficient by developing his business faculties.

·         Crime and Violence are the Bitter Fruits of an Imbalanced Civilization.

·         If making money to secure material comforts is necessary for man, then making happiness is supremely necessary.

·         People..spend hardly any time on self-development. One reason the West has so much crime, so many murders and robberies in spite of its developed civilization, is that people are too busy securing the commodities of material comfort and have no time to reflect on the practical value of following moral and spiritual principles.

·         If material poverty is to be avoided, spiritual poverty is to be abhorred; for the latter is underlying cause of all human suffering.  A practical spiritual man is a happy man, and only a happy man is a successful man.  One hundred percent material prosperity among the inhabitants of a city will not prevent murders and crime.  Following the universal principles of mutual service, spontaneous cooperation, love for the spiritual life, and disciplining the human sense cravings is wholly necessary for the harmonious, happy, healthy, prosperous life of any community.

·         ..the ordinary man’s attention is not yet fixed on the vital problems of the art of living.  Why not use some of the money spent for erecting and maintaining jails to create How–to– Live schools, which will prevent children from becoming criminals?

·         Criminal offenders grown worse in jails are let loose in healthy society for further spread of the bacteria of crime.

·         Since God has given us hunger, and since we have a physical body to look after, we must have money and we should earn it honestly and scientifically, by serving the right needs of our fellow beings.  Business life need not be a material life.  Business ambition can be spirituality.  Business is nothing but serving others materially in the best possible way.  Those stores that start out with the idea of only making money are readily recognized as commercial money-making dens. But stores that concentrate on serving customers with the best articles at the minimum cost will succeed and will also advance the moral development of the world.

·         People should spirituality their business ambitions by starting out with the idea of serving the proper needs of their fellow beings. Not only should man make money by serving and thereby get something for himself in return, but should also work for the sake of acquiring money to use in creating institutions that will serve public needs.

·         When one has made a great deal of money, and simultaneously helped his workers and associates to become more prosperous, and then uses his wealth for helping others to help themselves, that is spiritualistic ambition.

·         Wealthy parents who leave too much money for their children choke the evolutionary development of self-created, self-earned success and happiness in their offspring.

·         …helping people to help themselves, and not in humiliating, slave-breeding charity.  It is only by having ambition and crowning it with the ideal of service that materially ambitious people will find a spiritual reason for making money.

·         Business activities and money are meant for the comfort and betterment of man; he should not allow blind greed for them to rob him of his happiness and the achievement of higher goals.

·         The week should be allotted to work, amusement, and spiritual couture; five days for money-making, one day for rest and amusement and at least one day for introspection and inner realization.

·         The Chicago Chief of Police reported a study that says man’s longevity could be increased by eleven years if the city noises were cut out and man’s nervous system calmed down thereby.

·         ..get out of the cities on weekends and refresh themselves in the peaceful retreats of nature…

·         Learn the Art of Living Rightly

·         Since ultimate wisdom – knowing everything that can be known by the maximum use of human reason – is the human goal, then why not learn the art of living rightly?

·         …if making money by any means is the goal, then why shouldn’t hold-up methods prevail?

·         It lies in the hands of today’s adults to uplift the citizens of tomorrow by educating the children into a balanced life.  As long as the adults will remain intoxicated with a one-sided material life, so long will the children follow that example and their hopes will remain unfulfilled.  To save the future of the world by saving the children, the modern adult must wake up and cultivate a balanced life of spiritual as well as materials habits.

·         In order to lead a balanced life, adults must educate themselves to realize that business ambitions should be only for making ourselves and others happy.  Without this ideal, over strenuous business activity produces nervousness, lack of harmonious social qualities. Miserliness, greed, and disrespect for all good principles.  By realizing the true purpose of business activity – service for the benefit of others as well as oneself –life can be really happy.

·         As certain training is needed for engaging in the art of war, so does our engagement in battling with active life.  Untrained warriors are soon killed on the battlefield; so also persons untrained in the art of preserving their inner peace are quickly riddled by the bullets of worry and restlessness in active life.

·         Man’s great need is to find more time to enjoy the true needs of his existence, to learn to know his children and friends better, and most of all, to know himself and the God who made him.

·         Modern Americans …are working longer hours than people at any time in history other than the Industrial revolution  - spending even  more time on the job than did medieval serfs!

·         …they are no happier as a result.

·         Americans are literally working themselves to death – as jobs contribute to heart disease, hypertension, gastric problems, depression, exhaustion…sleep deficit.

·         Parents are devoting less attention to their children.  Stress is on the rise, partly owning to the balancing act of reconciling the demands of work and family life.



Probing the Core of Nervousness


· is you who make yourself nervous; ninety-nine percent is your own fault.  Restlessness, emotional excitement, concentrates too much energy in the nerves so that they begin to wear out.  After years and years, the adverse effects of that nervousness begin to show.  The nerves are very tough…but it is necessary to give them proper care.

·         Healthy Nerves Essential for a Healthy Body

·         Examine Yourself to See What Makes You Nervous

·         When you get mad, for instance, you send tremendous volts of energy into the brain and the heart.  Emotions such as anger and fear can so overload the nerves that they cause the body to malfunction, sometimes even stopping the heart and causing death.

·         The man of calmness, on the contrary, keeps his nerves well fed with a balanced flow of energy so that no part of the body is detrimentally overloaded or depleted.

·         We should take time to enjoy things – the beauties of God’s creation, the many blessings of life – but avoid undue excitement, restlessness, and sudden emotions, which burn up the nervous system.

·         Talking too much, including the habit of engaging in long conversations on the telephone, creates nervousness.

·         Another cause of nervousness, though you may not be aware of it, is the noise of the radio or television going on for hours at a time.  All sounds cause the nerves to react.

·         Learn to enjoy silence.

·         Learn to Control Your Emotions

·         Another major cause of nervousness is unkind speech.  Never gossip or talk against others.  Be busy reforming yourself.

·         Practice kind speech.  Don’t be quarrelsome…take a little walk and cool off before responding.

·         Avoid being stubborn or patronizing..

·         “It is known that loud noises cause effects which the recipient cannot control.  The blood vessels constrict, the skin pales, the voluntary and involuntary muscles tense, and adrenaline is suddenly injected into the blood stream, which increases neuromuscular tension, nervousness, irritability, and anxiety.”

·         Never let anyone rob you of your peace; and do not steal away the peace of others by your verbal misbehavior.

·         The schools should educate young students in this art, and in how to develop calmness and concentration.  The American home is breaking up because these things far not taught – neither at home nor in the schools.

·         The heart requires true love, friendship, and above all, peace.

·         A healthy nervous system is what will maintain in proper order all the bodily organs and feelings.  And to keep the nervous system healthy, it is important to remain free from devastating emotions such as fear, anger, greed, jealousy.

·         Cast off fear.

·         Why dread even death?

·         If your senses, which govern your emotions, are under your control, you are a saint.  No one knows better than yourself whether you are a master of your senses or a slave to them.  Remember, anything that overrules your self-control leads your nervous system to destruction.

·         Desire and attachment feed the disease of nervousness.

·         The truth of the matter is that the more unnecessary “necessities” you have, the less peace you have; and the less you are possessed by possessions, the more happiness you have.  The way to develop spiritually is to live simply, live quietly, study good books (never read cheap novels), practice calmness through control of the senses and emotions, and meditate much of the time.

·         Right Attitude Toward Wealth

·         People shy away from the idea of renunciation, yet they renounce so many things of true value – not the least of which are peace of mind and even sometimes their very lives – for the sake of money, which is perishable.

·         If you learn to share with others, you will see that God is ever with you.

·         Learn to be very active in this world, doing constructive work; but when you are through with your duties, turn off your nervous motor.  Retire to the center of your being which is calmness.  Mentally affirm to yourself: “I am calm.  I am not a mere nervous mechanism; I am Spirit.  Though I dwell in this body, I am untouched by it.”  If you have a calm nervous system, you will have success in everything you undertake, and, above all, you will succeed with God.

·         The Nervous System Connects You to the World and to God

·         The life force in man’s body ordinarily flows outward from the brain and spine through the nerves to the senses and their external experiences.

·         When in yoga meditation that energy is reversed to flow inward, it draws the consciousness to the subtle spiritual cerebrospinal centers of divine perception and God-realization.

·         ..your nervous system is then connected with super consciousness.

·         The Spiritual Physiology That Makes Man Unique

·         There is a spiritual physiology underlying the nervous system that makes man a unique vehicle for the highest stages of the evolution of consciousness.

·         Man alone is capable of advanced levels of discrimination; and ultimately, of God-Realization.  The greater the amount of thought…the greater the complexity of the cerebral convolutions.

·         The mind, the source of thought and discrimination, is a process of consciousness, not physiology; it triggers the physiology.

·         An exercise that is very good to stimulate the energy in the brain is to rap the head gently but firmly with the knuckles.

·         The Spiritual Eye:  Epitome of Creation.

·         …this eye of astral light, which can be seen in meditation, is an epitome of the creative energy and consciousness of which man’s body is formed and by which it is enlivened.

·         The point of origin of the single eye is in a subtle spiritual center in the medulla oblongata (at the base of the brain, where it joins the spine).  The energy from this single eye divides at the medulla and pours through the brain into the two physical eyes, through which the world of duality is perceived.

·         Throughout history, man has instinctively associated white with purity and spirituality; blue with tranquil omnipresence, as in the blue sky or heavens; and gold or red with energy.

·         How the Intricate Human Body Evolves From Spirit.

·         The underlying spiritual physiology relates to the projected thoughts of God.  The first manifestation of God the Creator is thought, Intelligence itself.  When God began to “think” the body of man, it produced tentacles of thought – a thought is a linear projection.  These became rays; the rays became fibers; and the fibers became nerves through which energy is conducted throughout the nervous system to the twenty-seven thousand billion bodily cells.

·         Color is Important in Your Life

·         Because the material body is a condensation of the multicolored rays of light of the life-giving astral body, color is important in your life.  The point is, you are affected by color because colors are manifestations of specific vibrations.  You should always try to wear  and surround yourself with, colors that are harmonious to your nature.  And for the reasons I have mentioned, gold, blue and white are good for the nervous system.

·         The Best diet for the Nerves

·         …all forms of meat of higher animals, especially beef and pork, are harmful to the nervous system; they are hyper stimulating and cause aggressiveness.

·         …alcoholic beverages and drugs destroy the nervous system; stay away from them.

·         Attunement With God:  Greatest Cure for Nervousness.

·         Remember that the greatest healing of nervousness takes place when we attune our lives to God.  The highest commandments given to man are to love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength; and secondly, to love your neighbor as yourself.

·         If you follow these, everything will come in its own way, and in the right way.

·         Loving God with all your heart means to love Him with the love that you feel for the person who is dearest to you.

·         Give that kind of unconditional love to God.  Loving God with all your soul means you can truly love Him when through deep meditation you know yourself as a soul, a child of God, made in His image.  Loving God with all your mind means that when you are praying, your whole attention is on Him, not distracted by restless thoughts.  In meditation, think only of God; don’t let the mind wander to everything else but God.  That is why yoga is important; it enables you to concentrate.  When by yoga you withdraw the restless life force from the sense nerves and become interiorized in the thought of God, then you are loving Him with all of your strength – the whole of your being is concentrated in Him.

·         Live Like a God, and You Will Attract Godly Friends

· love…you are here on Earth in this lifetime for just little while. You have come here before in numerous incarnations, interacting with many different souls.  Who are your real relatives?  To the wise man, everyone is his relative, everyone is his “neighbor.”

·         One should seek and associate with the highest diamond like mentalities.  Take time to find true friends. Good souls attract good souls.  Live like gods, and you will attract godly friends.  Live like animals on the sensual plane, and you will attract animalistic companions.  Do not mix closely with those who lower your ideals and create materialistic nervousness in you; but at the same time do not exclude anyone from your love.

·         In addition, be not only a giver of love, but also a peace-maker, that wherever you go you bring harmony, calmness, and upliftment.

·         When by Kriya Yoga I open my spiritual eye, the whole world drops away from my consciousness, and God is with me…. “God seeks willing hearts that He may give His bounties to them…”

·         ..when you can truthfully say to Him, “Lord, there is nothing in my heart but Thee,” He will come.  For a while He will play hide- and- seek with you; but if you are persistent, you will begin to see wonderful things happening, mysteriously, that you know come from God.  In time, you will receive His clear response in the form of direct answers to your prayers, or in visions of the saints.  Then at last He will come to you openly.  You will be able to talk to Him; you will be able to touch you once you are permanently anchored in the realization of God’s Presence.



Divine Harmony


·         Disharmony is misery and death; harmony is the joy of life.

·         We Live in Two Worlds

·         The outside world is the one in which your life engages in action and interaction.  The world inside of you determines your happiness or unhappiness, and also your fitness or unfitness, expressed in the world outside.  The hand of the One who made these worlds tuned them to harmonize with each other.  Harmony is their inherent nature.  If they seem discordant, that is the fault of those who misuse and abuse the potentials of these divine creations.

·         People are convinced that their own personal perceptions are “fact” until contrary evidence eventually proves otherwise.  Who can persuade biased individuals that the whole universe moves in an eternal cosmic rhythm, and that all irregularities are misconceptions due to limited or distorted vision?  Those who can hear, hear; those who can see, see; those who have a perceptive heart perceive the divine harmony that runs through all creation.

·         To penetrate into the soul of creation, yoga insight is required.

·         There Is Harmony at the Core of Disharmony

·         Things are not what they seem.

·         Consider everything that happens as a note in the symphony of the Cosmic Conductor.

·         Only those who partake of the harmony within their souls know the harmony that runs through nature. Whosoever lacks this inner harmony feels also a lack of it in the world.  The mind in chaos finds chaos all around.

·         How can one know what peace is like if he has never tasted it?

·         But he who has inner peace can abide in this state even in the midst of outer discord.

·         Harmony is born of love and wisdom.  These, in turn, are offspring of a heart that is pure and outreaching.  A pure heart is the result of pure thoughts.

·         Mental purity comes from a selective process by which the mind sorts good thoughts from bad, rejecting the latter and dwelling always on the former.

·         By repetition, and by reinforcement through application to action, discrimination becomes a virtuous habit.  When the mental conflict of divergent thoughts ceases, owing to the elimination of wrong thinking, there arises in one’s life an outward as well as an inward harmony.  Therefore, whenever your thoughts engage in a family quarrel among themselves, mediate their differences with wisdom and behold! Distressing conflicts will disturb you no more.

·         The mind is nature’s incinerator wherein you can burn to ashes all mental dross that is not worthy to be saved:  your waste thoughts and desires, your misconceptions and grievances, and your discords in human relationships.  There is not a single relationship, however estranged, you cannot reconcile, provided you do so first in your own mind.  There is not a single problem in life you cannot resolve, provided you first solve it in your inner world, its place of origin.  Be not intimidated by consequences, even though they be drastic.  Before you act, if you first harmonize the situation with the discriminative wisdom in your mind, the outcome will take care of itself.  A harmonized mind produces harmony in this world of seeming discord.

·         Inner harmony is a prolific source of power; it breeds strength.  Things that you think you are unable to bear, you can not only bear but change and improve.  To you is given the power that can move the world and alter the face of fate despite inharmonious outer circumstances.

·         Harmony conserves mental energy; disharmony dissipates it.

·         Harmony manifests itself as a natural goodness.  A man who cannot get along with others is one who does not get along with himself, he is always at war inwardly, ill at ease with his own nature.

·         Those who cannot find peace in their own hearts will not find it elsewhere either.

·         Harmony is the Secret Principle of Life

·         Good judgment is a natural expression of wisdom; but it is directly dependent on harmony within, which is poise of mind.  When the mind lacks harmony, it has no peace; and without peace it lacks both judgment and wisdom.  Life is full of bumps and knocks.  In the hours of trials, which demand your keenest judgment, if you preserve your mental equilibrium you will attain victory.

·         This is equally true in any type of organization – any structure that has interacting parts, from nature as a whole to human relationships to corporate businesses and spiritual societies.  Harmony is the soul of organization; disharmony is death.

·         Harmony is the fruit of common understanding.

·         Efforts to establish harmony among human beings or nations solely on the basis of economic equality of equivalence of military preparedness are sure to fail.

·         What is necessary is an understanding of the common higher necessities for the preservation and true happiness of the bodies, minds, and souls of all beings.

·         Love and forbearance are essential to the growth of harmony. Love nurtures all things that grow; it harmonizes and unites.  Hatred agitates and separates; and indifference destroys what could have been made good and beneficial.  Love is harmony and harmony is love.

·         “People have time to worry and to suffer, but feel they have no time to meditate and work toward being truly happy.”  Throw off difference and cultivate love, forbearance, and wisdom. Build your joys on the sure foundation of inner harmony. Cherish no thought that does not harmonize with the love and lawful ideals of God.  Thus will your whole life be flooded with the light and bliss of the Divine Harmony.



What Is Truth?


·         Truth is relative, and truth is absolute.  It passes through many evolutions in the relative stages before it reaches the absolute state.

·         Truth Is that Which Gives Permanent Happiness

·         In the absolute sense, anything that contradicts true happiness is untruth; and that which gives permanent happiness is truth.  Permanent happiness refers not to the temporary thrill that comes with material success and pleasure, but to the joy found in the soul’s Attunement with God.  By this standard, you can judge any action you perform as to its projected end result – whether or not that action will promote lasting happiness.

·         The ultimate truth is God; and God is the ultimate truth. 

·         The universe is upheld by this Truth through the operation of the Lord’s cosmic laws.  These laws are basic truths that are eternal and not subject to man’s manipulation.

·         For instance, the absolute truth is that since God is templed in every creature, it is wrong to kill or to harm another.  In the relative sense, however, the lesser of two evils may be to use force to protect the innocent from an evil person, or to kill a lower form of life to save a higher form of life.  But to destroy anything just for the sake of killing is wrong.  The universal law is unity through love, necessitating the practice of tolerance and amity.  If you want to find truth, your thoughts and actions must be true physically, morally, and spiritually in accord with the eternal divine principles.

·         …there are three ways of arriving at truth:  through sense perception, through inference, and through intuition.

·         In order to apprehend the truth of anything, you depend on your sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch, plus the power of the mind.  These, however, could not be ultimate proof of the truth; because if the senses lie, the mind will lie.

·         Your mind draws its conclusions from what the senses perceive, and the senses are extremely limited.  Jesus therefore conveyed truth to the masses in parables.

·         Only by the development of intuition can you know what is truth.  Intuition is direct perception.  It is the all-knowing pure comprehension of the soul.

·         Errors in judgment are a result of not having developed intuition.  Most of you have had the feeling that you could be great, and do great things; but because you have lacked intuitive power, that potential has, for the most part, remained dormant.  To progress and to avoid the misery of mistakes, you have to find what is the truth in everything.  This is possible only if you develop your intuition.  That is the practical truth of the matter.  That is why I am asking you to cultivate and use intuitive power in everything.  In your relationships with others, in your business, in your married life, in every part of your life, intuition is essential.

·         By not developing the faculty of intuition, you make wrong decisions, pick up the wrong business associates, and get caught up in wrong personal relationships.

·         …intuition will never make such a mistake.  It will not look at the magnetic power of the eyes or at the attractive face or personality of a person, but will feel and perceive accurately in the heart what that person is really like.

·         As you develop, intuition comes as a certain feeling or a still voice.  Because ladies are more receptive to feeling than are men, they usually have more intuition – except when they become emotional.  Men are generally ruled more by the reason than by feeling, but if they have fine intelligence balanced with feeling, that leads to intuition.

·         If you use your intuition, you will know they very purpose for which you exist in this world, and when you find that, you find happiness.

·         True happiness is possible only if one plays his part rightly, and not otherwise.

·         On the last day, God shears every person of all possessions and titles.  What you have acquired in your soul is all that you take with you.

·         …it is not the part, but how we play it, that concerns God.  Never be discouraged when your role is difficult.

·         Intuition Develops Through Meditation.

·         The only way to know and to live in truth is to develop the power of intuition.  Then you will see that life has a meaning and that no matter what you are doing the inner voice is guiding you.

·         To keep your daily appointment with God you must reserve the time for Him.  Meditate and pray deeply; and wait for His response.  If you repeatedly call on Him with ever deeper concentration, He will answer your prayer.  A joy and peace will strike your heart.  When that comes, you know that you are communing with God.  If you make the effort, you shall contact that Power.  Give yourself that opportunity.

·         You cannot succeed unless you try.

·         If you spend your life in constant excitement, you will never know true happiness.  Live simply and take life more easily.  Happiness lies in giving yourself time to think and to introspect.  Be alone once in a while, and remain more in silence.

·         And don’t think so much about reforming others, reform yourself first.  The greatest field of victory is your own home.  If you are an angel at home, you can be an angel everywhere.

·         The sweetness of your voice, the peace of your behavior, is needed in your own household more than anywhere else.

·         You will find that Power works in everything to make your life complete; your health vibrant with cosmic energy, and your mind keen with the focused clarity of concentration.

·         You will realize that your soul is a receptacle of God’s unfailing, ever-guiding truth and wisdom.

·         God is the Fountain of health, prosperity, wisdom, and eternal joy.  We make our life complete by contact with God.



The Omnipresent Consciousness of Christ and Krishna


·         India ’s divine teachings were sent here by God-realized masters in communion with the great saints and Christ.  On the universal path of Self-Realization there is no reason and no room for prejudice and division, for through one’s own Self-realization we come to know that there is but one God and that we are all His children.

·         Jesus proved by spiritual development a great scientific truth:  the body is indestructible energy. It is not the physical solid that it seems.

·         The ultimate goal is to realize that the body, and all else in this universe, is essentially Spirit.

·         All men can similarly expand their consciousness to infinity, through devotion and scientific meditation on the Lord.  “God is a Spirit:  and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit.”

·         The universe consists of Materialized Thoughts

·         ..once you realize, as Jesus did, that there is essentially nothing in the universe but mind or consciousness, you can do anything.

·         The intangible God can be similarly “frozen” by your devotion into the visible form of Krishna or Jesus or any saint whom you yearn to behold.

·         In order to know that Jesus you must know his spirit.

·         If you can’t imagine this, close your eyes for a moment.  You do not see your body anymore.  Yet in your mind you can travel millions of miles in any direction without the use of your body.  Mind is the creator of everything. 

·         When you know the nature of the mind, you have control of everything, for all is mind.

·         Expand Your Consciousness and Know the Real Christ

·         When you learn to feel for others as you do for yourself, you grow spiritually.

·         That is what God wants you to do.

·         The Father is trying to establish oneness in the universe and that can come only through love for all.  We must grow spiritually. 

·         We must love all nations as our own.

·         Real Christianity means that you become Christlike, loving all impartially.



Spiritual Selfishness Versus Evil Selfishness


·         ..evil selfishness is that which you think you are doing for the good of yourself, but which goes against the interest of your true Self.  Good selfishness, spiritual selfishness, consists of those actions by which the pure Self within you can be realized, it helps you continuously to manifest the perfection of that innate image of spirit.

·         Selfishness is characterized by different gradations.

·         …my experience was that if I shared with others, then I enjoyed more – the joy received from sharing was even greater than the joy I got from the thing I had shared.

·         The Idea of Possession Is a False Notion.

·         Whatever you give out, you will attract in kind.

·         You cannot own anything.  You are only given temporary use of things on this earth.

·         “That person realizes peace who, relinquishing all desires, exists without craving and is unidentified with the mortal ego and its sense of “mine-ness.”

·         The World Family Is Your Greater Self

·         Through interchange God wants us to think of others.  It is a grave error to live only for oneself.

·         Whenever you think of your own happiness, think also giving happiness to others.

·         God intended that man should thereby be truly spiritually selfish, serving his greater Self in others.

·         …in seeking your own comfort, reach out to provide comfort for others also.  Since you yourself do not like misery, you should assist those around you in order to allay their misery.

·         Keep yourself ready to help others, and find happiness in giving happiness to whoever crosses your path.

·         …feel that what you are doing is for your own pleasure – the joy you find in removing the unhappiness of others,  physically, mentally, or spiritually.

·         First came stone clubs and then bows and arrows to protect one’s own selfishness against the selfishness of others.

·         The boil of evil selfishness must eventually come to a head.  But more bodies will have to be broken before man comes to the realization that national selfishness is just a evil as personal selfishness.

·         The right ideals must begin with the individuals; and you must begin with yourself.

·         Selfishness that seeks happiness with no consideration for the happiness of others, or that tramples on and destroys the rightful interests of others for its own ends, proliferates unhappiness. 

·         That is what is happening in America today.  Everybody had good jobs and there was plenty.  But now the big industries are taking prosperity from the little ones and the little ones are trying to undercut the big ones.  Profiteering is a great mistake.

·         Communism, which on the surface expounds the good of the masses, will not work because it is based on suppression and force. 

·         But what Jesus and all truly great ones teach is unselfishness based on spiritual willingness to share. 

·         That method avoids evil individual selfishness in business and communities.

·         When your neighbors and your nation will be your own self, then you will have spiritual selfishness.

·         Your must harmonize the working of the entire body.  Similarly, the brain (executives) of the nations must work harmoniously with the hands and feet (labor).

·         When they are divided in their interests, there is bound to be disorder and suffering.

·         You do not want labor to take control, for then you will have communism; and you do not want the capitalists to have sole rule, for then you will have dictatorship.

·         There must be a balance, and that equilibrium will never be perfect without individual unselfishness.

·         Start with that spiritual selfishness in your life; do away with evil selfishness, which it the root cause of all trouble, whether individual or national.

·         Unselfishness Expands the Consciousness

·         As soon as you think kindly of somebody else, your consciousness has expanded.

·         In time, loved ones will be taken away; it is a reminder that the purpose of human relationships is to stretch the consciousness by sacrificing for others and sharing with others.

·         My goal is the happiness of others for the happiness of myself.

·         The world got away from spiritual selfishness, which takes care of the entire man properly, and fell victim to evil selfishness. 

·         But you can help to reestablish that divine kingdom again, provided you make the effort. 

·         Every one of you, start by applying the rule of selflessness.  Live it.  Don’t be afraid for yourself.  Suffer a little if it is necessary; but don’t give up that ideal of unselfishness. 

·         Live for others; don’t think first of yourself.  Show the example by giving to others.  This doesn’t mean that you are to reduce yourself to poverty; it means to be caring and sharing.

·         I am seeking souls who have a real desire of God.

·         I have done all this organizational work because it was the wish of the Masters.  I am not personally seeking anything from anybody. 

·         When I leave this earth and this body, nothing will belong to me. 

·         Therefore, I have mentally and materially renounced everything now for God.  All I want from you is that you live the life of God.

·         …love God with all your feeling and with all your concentration in meditation, reversing the searchlights of your energy and attention from the body and the world back to God.



Did We Meet Before?


·         It is a most wonderful experience to meet and recognize someone you knew before – someone with whom you have traveled the same pathway of life in former incarnations.

·         …when you love God truly, you know all that he knows.

·         Many Lives Needed to Build the Mansion of Friendship

·         Not one whom you think yours is yours.

·         No one is owned by another.  Our karmic destinies have each their individual course, and no one can own or control anyone else.

·         Recognizing Those You Knew Before

·         …you find souls whose faces and personalities draw you much more strongly than others, it is likely that you knew those souls before.

·         True friends want nothing from you except the joy of your presence.

·         Those who were your true friends in other lives will have an unconditional love for you.  No matter what you do, they will always be your friends.

·         That kind of friend you should be, also.

·         …you find that you begin to know how that person will feel or respond, even before he reacts.  If you can do this after only a short acquaintance, certainly you knew that person before.

·         Be a friend to all, but don’t expect all to be your friends, unless they have passed these tests.

·         Most people are self-centered.  They want to please others for what they can get from them.  Such person are “yes” people, led by the expediency of the moment.  Never give up your freedom of will or compromise your conscience and ideals for self-again. Hold fast to right principles.

·         Sincerity Plus Thoughtfulness.

·         No matter how well you think of someone, or how close you are to that person, it is important to sweeten that relationship with good manners and thoughtfulness.

·         If you mix with people with real sincerity, thoughtfulness, and love, then you will attract those whom you knew before. Otherwise, you will never find your real friends.

·         You have to be rid of all hypocrisy and insincerity.  And never willfully hurt anyone.

·         Never antagonize your friends, or given them cause to be angry.  Never abuse or take advantage of a friend.  Never give counsel unless asked for; and when you do give it, do so with help each other with constructive criticism.

·         …even through enemies God tests us.

·         Great ones reflect the nature of God.

·         The great man doesn’t think he is great.  Those who say they are great are not.  And those who are great are too busy being great to think about their greatness.

·         The point is: be sincere. Live it in your life.  Never try to deceive others.

·         ...never pretend to be what you are not.

·         And don’t try in any way to deceive God.

·         Every human being is endowed with the desire for an individual life and a social life.

·         God wants us to maintain evenness in balancing our individual and our social life.

·         Importance of Getting Along With Yourself.

·         You do not like anyone or anything if you do not like yourself.

·         ..first and foremost you must learn truly to appreciate and love yourself.

·         Love yourself because you are a child of God with divine potentials, it is your love and concern for this potential self that inspires and inspirits unfoldment of your true soul-nature.

·         Some people live in the worst circumstances and are wonderful in their ability to get along with themselves.

·         Others have every opportunity in the world, but they cannot get along with themselves, they are constantly at war within.

·         You must not wait for your circumstances to change.  If you wait for that, you will never make any progress.

·         …it is up to you to strive every day to find out whether you are at peace with yourself.

·         Your Conscience Will Help You Get Along With Yourself.

·         There are several practices that are necessary in order to know how to get along with yourself. One:  Anyone who is extremely emotional or is restless with bad habits can never get along with himself.  If your conscience tells you all the time that you are wrong, how on earth can you expect to get along with yourself?  And when you meet others you will find that they will not extend their trust and their goodwill toward you, because a person who goes against his conscience mistrusts himself and that reflects in his character.  Man’s conscience speaks to him all the time and is constantly prodding him to change and to behave rightly.

·         So always listen to your conscience, the voice of your inner self; it is there to help you get along with yourself.

·         Even mindedness: The Right Foundation for One’s Existence

·         Secondly, evenness of mind must be practiced.  No matter what experiences you face in life, do so with an even mind. 

·         Evenness of mind, evenness of disposition, brings great happiness, not only to yourself but to others.

·         …practice calmness.

·         “We should study the lives of truly great ones.  When we understand them, we will know how similarly to pattern our lives.

·         The next point in getting along with yourself is control of your thoughts.  Learn to practice deep thinking.  Learn the art of concentration so that when you put your mind on a particular thought your attention does not become restless, hopping from one idea to another.  Most people live on the surface of life.  But it is by deep-sea diving in the ocean of thought that you receive the pearls of knowledge.  Deep thinkers are happy people because they can get away mentally from the disturbances of their environment.

·         If you go deep enough, a solution will be forthcoming.

·         There is no sin greater than ignorance. That is why I say, do not pass your time in idleness.  Do something useful in life, something worthwhile, constructive, that will deepen and broaden your consciousness, and you will be nearer to God.

·         Common Sense Puts Deep Thinking Into Action.

·         ….you have to develop common sense – that is, sense that is common to all, an intuitive sense.

·         …no one can teach you common sense.  It is an intuitive feeling that readily tells you what to do.  Common sense is present in every soul, but very few people know how to develop their ability to tap that source of discrimination.

·         Lastly, in order to get along with yourself, you must control desires.

·         The true master is one who controls his senses.  When he says no to temptations, he means no.  And when he says yes to right action, he means yes.

·         Never kill time. It is too valuable to waste on useless things.

·         The consummate purpose of life is to find God.  So do not waste your time in uselessness.

·         Getting Along With Others Begins at Home

·         If you learn to get along with those in your own home, you will be better equipped to get along with the rest of the world.

·         Do not sacrifice your ideals to please others.

·         Getting along with other means getting along first with your conscience and with God, and then with people.

·         Develop the habit of being pleasant.

·         First, make sure that …matter what the provocation nobody will be able to get…mad.

·         Persons who do not have their emotions under control are their own worst enemies.

·         There Is a Time to Remain Quiet but Firm

·         Refuse to fight.  No one can quarrel with you if you non cooperate.  Never supply more fuel to anyone’s anger.

·         Great men seldom argue; they smile and say, “I don’t think so,” but they don’t fight.

·         Use tact; persons are not unfeeling stones.

·         In a religious organization, two classes of people are clearly distinguishable – those who are trying to change themselves for the better, and those who are quarrelsome and start trouble by trying to change everybody but themselves.  The latter seem to take pleasure in trying to make others uncomfortable.

·         …getting along with others cannot be done only by tact.  It also requires example, calmness, evenness of mind, sincerity, joy, doing everything in an honorable way; not clinging to pride and egotism; and not governing your actions by what everybody else does, but doing those things that please God. 

·         Find your peace by meditating regularly and deeply, and you will be surprised to see how your relationships with others improve.

·         Also develop your power of usefulness.  That is love.

·         Learn to be serviceful to others –useful with positive thoughts; useful with your speech, useful with constructive suggestions.

·         But not give advice where it is not wanted; if your suggestions are unwelcome, have the control to remain silent.

·         When you feel like being alone get away from people; be by yourself.  Do not keep company with people unless you are prepared to give them your full attention.

·         I wish these truths were taught in childhood.

·         Do you know what are the signs that you have not gotten along with God?  They are restlessness, unhappiness, and an uneasy conscience.  But if you are getting along with God, your conscience is at rest; and you are drunk with inner happiness and contentment all the time.

·         Mastering the art of not being touchy, of avoiding oversensitivity, is important in the development of spiritual consciousness.  An analysis of the psychology of touchiness shows that it is the result of misunderstanding, inferiority complex, and an governed ego.

· be touchy is to make oneself miserable, and to create a negative vibration that also adversely affects others.  To be always to spread an aura of goodness and peace should be the motive of life.

·         At last, I made up my mind that no one would be able to destroy my peace.

·         If you are sincerely kind and respectful to others, and return any courtesy they show to you, you will always be treated respectfully.  And do not paralyze the goodwill of others by being touchy when they offer constructive criticism.  Cooperate whenever anybody tries to help you.

·         Persons with well developed spirituality can clearly see the faults in others.

·         …a clear sighted well-wisher

·         One should be able to control his moods instantly.

·         Sensitiveness is a nonspiritual habit, a nervous habit, a peace – destroying habit that takes away your control over yourself and robs you of your happiness.

·         There is a difference between emotional sensitiveness and spiritual sensitivity. Those who are spiritually sensitive are discriminatingly watchful of their own feelings and are keenly perceptive of the feelings of others, but they remain aloof from the disturbances of psychological impulses.

·         The face is the reflector of your inner self; the heart, the source of feelings, is the basis of that reflection.  Your face should be an inspiring sermon.  Your countenance should be a beacon for others to follow, a lighthouse by which shipwrecked souls can find the way to safety in the harbor of peace.



Why Love Succeeds Where Jealousy Fails


·         There are two forces in this world – good and evil.  Wherever there is good, there is also evil.

·         Those who refine their spiritual sensitiveness will feel the awakening of universal Christ Consciousness in their expanding love.  Cultivate it by first practicing godliness with the people around you. Always think of others before yourself.

·         The duty of friends is to continuously help each other to develop themselves.

·         Always strive to be an angel within, no matter others behave.  Be sincere, kind loving, and understanding.  Anyone who does not respond to goodness is not worthy of your attention.

·         The way to find Him is to follow someone who knows Him.  Attune yourself with the great ones who commune with Him; only they can show you God.

·         The law of cause and effect governs all human beings.  Just by the act of coming here to these services, see how much you change.  Study the Self Realization Fellowship Lessons, and you will find the answers you are seeking.

·         That new understanding will change your whole life.

·         Great Masters are the diamond mentalities after whom we should pattern our lives.  To follow them is to find quick and direct exit to divine liberation.

·         We love anyone who is useful to us; therefore we should love God supremely, because He is useful as nobody else is.



Invite the Christ Consciousness Within You.


·         The primary difference between Jesus and most other beings is that he conquered the tests that they have yet to go through.  He attained the divinity of Christ Consciousness by continuous effort and will power to overcome all mortal temptations and attachments.  That Jesus was like us give us courage and the desire to be like him.

·         This consciousness is far beyond telepathy.  It is awareness of the perceptions of every being.  That is the meaning of Christ Consciousness.

·         Remember, your enemies, too, are children of God, and are loved by Him as dearly as you are.

·         Another reason you should love your enemies is that transgressors for the most part are ignorant of their erroneous doings, feeling fully justified in their behavior.

·         No thinking person wants to do wrong; most people simply do not realize the error of their ways.  They act on impulse, with no clear vision or power of reflection.

·         Such persons actually do great harm to themselves, and therefore should be objects of our sympathy.

·         First, you must carefully prepare your consciousness in order to bring Christ into your body-temple.  Then, wherever you go, whatever be your need, the universal law will work with you.



What Is The True Equality of Man?


·         Without intelligence, it is impossible to understand anything properly.

·         If ones does not make an effort to discover truth beneath any and all perplexing veils, then one will never even know his own real nature and will remain the sport of outside forces and the slave of circumstance.

·         Mankind has only one real enemy-ignorance.  Let us all work together for its annihilation, helping and cheering one another along the way.



The Need for Universal Religious Principles

Reply to Questions of a Truth-Seeker


·         Yoga is the science of how man descended from Spirit into flesh and became identified with the body and its senses and possessions; and how he can reascend to God.

·         God does not talk openly to novitiate spiritual seekers; their intuition is not yet developed, and so inner guidance is not infallible.  God therefore guides through the instructions of a guru who communes with Him.  The preceptor must have divine Attunement.

·         Something cannot come out of nothing.  There has to be Something that is the cause and source of being.  That something is Spirit, Eternal Consciousness, God the Father-Mother of Creation.

·         …the negative state of peace, or the absence of these agitations.  By deeper yoga practice and meditation, he goes beyond the vale of peace and experiences the positive state of ever new Bliss.

·         …deep seekers of God are brought by Him into contact with fully realized gurus who are able to commune with God and to serve as channels in imparting divine guidance.  It is their duty to introduce the devotee to God.

·         The true disciple, finding a true guru, becomes magnetically attracted to him and recognizes him as the one sent by God.  This is the law.

·         All worthwhile goals and ennobling ideals should be introduced to the world by spiritual example and good methods, not by brute force and war.

·         Political power without spiritual principles is dangerous.

·         By spiritual principles I do not refer to doctrines of specific religions – which may also be divisive – but to dharma or universal principles of righteousness applicable to the well-being of all humanity.

·         If all nations helped one another through love, the whole earth would live in peace with ample opportunity for promoting the well-being of all.

·         When he will realize the necessity of universal brotherhood, he will create a world of great prosperity and happiness.

·         Because of ambitious and evil politicians, the earth has suffered two world wars, and faces the prospect of a third world conflict.  If the money spent on destruction were instead collected in an international fund, it could remove the slums of the world, eradicate hunger, and greatly advance medical science, giving every man, woman, and child a better chance to live in the peace of God-centered life.

·         Two kinds of prophets come into the world. 

·         There are qualitative prophets, who mold their faithful disciples into great souls.  And there are quantitative prophets, who influence the masses, so that vast multitudes are inspired and receive some light from the presence of such a master.

·         Some masters do both; but by these qualitative and quantitative standards we may judge all the prophets of the world.

·         …since the time of Christ there has been no single individual whose life and ideals have influenced the masses more than Mahatma Gandhi’s

·         …when you looked into his eyes, you could see the universality of his soul – then a vast concourse of spiritual thoughts overpowered you.

·         God sent him into the world as a prophet who for the first time…went beyond his flock and influenced the great masses of people politically – even thick-headed politicians who had always believed that violence and brute force can conquer.

·         Brute force destroys itself.

·         As Jesus Christ and Gandhi said, “If you see the sword, you will fall by the sword.”

·         ..remember, nothing can bring about that constructive use of atom-power unless man realizes that he is not a brute, entitled to use brute violence, and concentrates instead on brotherhood.

·         Only brotherhood, the warmth of brotherhood, can melt the colossal ever-increasing snowball of war karma.  So this is the time to preach brotherhood.

·         Only by love, by adhering to the principles of Christ and Mahatma Gandhi, can this be done.

·         …his son recently announced:  “Father has not left us anything.”  I am going to write to him:  “Your father has left to you, to us, to all the millions of people in India, and to every nation, the riches of the spiritual truth he proved; that political freedom can come to four hundred million not by the sword not by the firing of a single shot, but by the power of love.” 

·         Mahatma Gandhi’s son has received freedom; all India has received the freedom, by spiritual means through Gandhi.

·         Mahatma Gandhi has left a richer world today, a world in which the practical power of these spiritual truths of love and understanding, which was laughed at before, has been effectively demonstrated before the mouths of cannons.

·         World War II was being fought for the freedom of India and all downtrodden nations.

·         ..because people believe in war and create karmic causes…

·         The devils kill themselves by using power wrongly. 

·         But we find that Mahatma Gandhi conquered by the literal application of the methods of Jesus Christ.

·         He is even more powerful today than when he was alive.

·         Gandhi is living today in the hearts of men, to remind them that violence is the law of the brute.

·         …remember that if the strong destroy each other, the meek shall inherit the earth.  The spiritually meek shall never be destroyed. 

·         Their weapon is Christ’s method: loving the enemy, and conquering the enemy by love.

·         …democracy and practical material power combined with…prevail  and conquer the world.

·         …in the hearts…there is no love of violence.

·         Wars of aggression and suppression are heinous crimes against the heritage of humanity as freeborn children of God.

·         A war thus motivated is unrighteous action by the aggressor, and it is not unrighteousness to defend ourselves against such evil.

·         To protect one’s country and its helpless citizens against evil is righteous action. Spiritual power is the greatest force; it should be the bulwark behind every form of resistance and defense. 

·         The first line of action should be to use all spiritual and moral power possible to counter evil; and to strive to change the world’s inclination to war and violence by removing the causes that strengthen evil –poverty and hunger, disease, injustice, greed, and selfish interests. 

·         If, in the last, evil force has to be met with righteous force, the Bhagavad Gita advises the Kshatriya, the soldier, to not water but fulfill bravely his God-given duty.

Nations, Beware!


·         …as soon as one nation starts fighting with another, or selfish industrial gourmands  try to devour all prosperity for themselves, it brings depression.

·         …patriotism can be evil when it doesn’t mind its own business. 

·         When, instead of being used to keep intact the prosperity and happiness of its parent nation, it gets into international complications by wanting to spread its territorial influence, it destroys its own national well-being - the very thing for which patriotism stands.

·         National selfishness that disregards the international disaster.

·         All nations should unite to non cooperate in every way with those nations that want to start wars of aggression.

·         Because of man’s political and industrial selfishness, which is against the divine laws of cooperation, mutual service, and sharing God-given prosperity properly among the nations of the world.

·         The politicians are blinded by their patriotism, selfishness, and love of fame.  Disregarding the divine laws laid down by God and voiced by great saints, they are bringing an avalanche of miseries upon the nations of the earth.  Follow the dictum of saints who are the true children of God, and not the dictum of Satan.

·         We wish every true child of God of every nation would non cooperate with Satan and war, and work in every way to establish constructive, international peace and prosperity and spiritual happiness in their own nation and in all nations.

·         “The sudden cataclysms that occur in nature, creating havoc and mass injury, are not acts of God.  Such disasters result from the thoughts and actions of man.  Whenever the world’s vibratory balance of good and evil is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations, the result of man’s wrong thinking and wrong doing, you will see devastation….



A United World With God As President


·         …our inner eye of intuition is open.

·         The great ones are the models.



Is  God a Dictator?


·         Man came on earth uniquely endowed with individuality and free will.  He was put here to evolve his intelligence, and thereby rediscover and express his true nature, the soul:  a reflection of Spirit. 

·         He was to gradually develop his innate intelligence, not merely through books or lectures and sermons, but also through his own efforts to exercises his mind and improve the quality of his thoughts and actions.

·         Though the light of God is in all equally, we cannot deny that it is more manifest in some than in others.

·         Looking back through history, we see that as some individuals developed more intelligence than others, they stood out from the crowd and became leaders.

·         Though presidents are elected by the citizens’ vote, the system is flawed by graft and other inequities.  Often the best talker gets elected.

·         Where is the standard of truth with which to measure each politician?  None has been established.

·         The system of voting for candidates is spoiled when money, rather than merit, can make the difference in getting someone elected president; and politicians, unfortunately, have a reputation for seeking out the moneyed people for help.

·         Proven merit through good works should be one of the criteria for the election of leaders.

·         A truly great president is one who looks to the good of the nation first, and includes in that the well-being of the whole world.

·         He is responsible for us, because we are trust into this world without being asked if we want to come, and without being told why we are here.

·         Yet we can see that His purpose must be good.  This whole creation shows that it is the work of some great Intelligence.

·         Gandhi is a spiritual dictator. He leads through love, not force, and people follow him out of love, not fear.  Similarly, I think God can be said to be a spiritual dictator.

·         God has created this universe to run according to law; if we break one of the cosmic principles, we punish ourselves.

·         If God spoke to us directly, we would in that instant lose our free choice, because we would immediately feel impelled to obey Him; we couldn’t resist His wise and loving influence.  For the same reason, no saint has been permitted by God to exert spiritual force to change the world.

·         God does not allow any saint to draw souls to Him by the use of spiritual power in a way that imposes on the free choice of those souls.

·         He does try to keep us from harming ourselves by speaking to us through His laws and through great souls.

·         Through the misuse of our freedom we have made our earth what it is.  Once we understand this, we have the explanation of everything that takes place here.

·         The cumulative actions of human beings within communities, nations, or the world as a whole constitute mass karma, which produces local or far ranging effects according to the degree and preponderance of good or evil. 

·         The thoughts and actions of every man, therefore, contribute to the good or ill of this world and all peoples in it.

·         If all world leaders were educated to be like Gandhi, or Lincoln, or Christ, there would be no more wars.

·         They should be given not only academic education, but also the highest education in cultivating soul qualities and spreading by example the brotherhood of man.

·         Leaders of men should be guided by great souls.

·         Great saints look upon the whole world as their kingdom

·         ..spiritual patriotism.


We Have to Make a Start Somewhere


·         People have not been educated into this kind of unselfish thinking.  That is why it is not possible yet to have a Utopia on earth.

·         Merchants of wisdom would bring such understanding between nations that all participating countries would learn how to exchange and share material commodities without fighting.

·         This must come to pass.

·         We must begin now to put into effect new concepts, spiritual ones.  Don’t minimize your own abilities, for the almighty Father is within you.

·         The world has come to the state wherein it is essential that we be schooled not only in patriotism, but also in divine brotherhood.  Jesus said:  “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

·         Every nation must love every other nation as its neighbor.

·         You will no suffer so long as you follow His laws, even though you have totally forgotten Him.  It is only when you break His laws that you punish yourself with suffering.  But God’s laws are subtle:  It is difficult to avoid breaking them without seeking His help.

·         We have no one to blame but ourselves if we don’t use that intelligence rightly.

·         God will eventually give freedom to everyone, but it won’t come to you until you have used rightly your free choice.

·         …even though He is almighty, He can’t do anything for us that will interfere with our free choice.

·         Therefore, because He keeps Himself out of our decisions, remaining quiet, hiding His power, He is not a dictator.



Receiving God’s Answers to Your Prayers


·         All those who know how to receive Him can realize the divinity sleeping within them by expanding the powers of the mind.

·         …the greatest gifts of God:  freedom of the will, and power to reason and to act accordingly.

·         …the cup of human concentration and human faculties must be enlarged in order to comprehend God.  Receiving denotes capacity acquired by self-development; it is different from mere belief.

·         Demand Versus Prayer

·         As sons of God, we must believe that we have everything the Father has.

·         We do not have to beg, but to reclaim and demand form our Father that which we, through our human imagination, thought to be lost.

·         …use the spontaneous language of his heart.

·         To reestablish your unity with the Divine Father as a son of God is your most important demand.  Realize this truth, and you will have received everything.

·         Once you feel, through intuitive knowing, that you are a son of God, then by the steady effort of mental discipline and devotional meditation you will have dominion over all things.

·         Some Practical Hints

·         …one must use his own intuition and devotion to bring forth their inner illumining flame.

·         …mentally picture the meaning, visualize the imagery of the figure of speech, and meditate deeply on it, until the fiery essence emerges, free from world limitations.

·         …repeatedly try to feel the deep inspiration behind and within it, he will spiritual that prayer.

·         …one with your heart’s demand - and be thoroughly convinced that He has listened to you.



The Wisdom Way to Overcome Karma


·         …the real meaning of the word karma is any action you perform; and the sum total of all your actions, both good and bad, present and past.

·         There are two ways you work:  prompted by your own free choice and by influences.

·         It is rare to see a truly “free” man.  Most people think they are free, while their minds are utterly fettered by psychological chains.  These are harder to get rid of than ordinary chains; for in their subtlety they are difficult even to recognize, not to speak of how to destroy them! It requires a great deal of knowledge to cut those psychological restraints.

·         I am subtly telling you how to overcome your karma too: always remain universal in your attitude and habits of life. Then you become free.

·         Remain in the company of spiritual persons and you will think spiritual thoughts.  Environment is stronger than will power.

·         I believe you can destroy any karma you want to.

·         ..if we realize we are gods, we will be free from that karma now.

·         You must salvage your freedom.  When you have made certain resolutions, have you been able to carry them out?  If you have not, you are bound by karma.  But if you have been able to do things you wanted to do, guided by your discrimination – and not because of the influences of your past or present karma, or because of your national or social or family life – that is freedom.

·         Judge everything from the standpoint of discrimination and wisdom.  Let not your actions be governed by habits or blind obedience to social customs according to what other people think.  Be free.

·         Be actuated by wisdom alone.

·         If you lack the wisdom to discern what is right, then tune yourself in with the wisdom of a wise man.

·         Guru is one who is sent by God to free you.

·         …tune in my will with his will.

·         By surrendering thyself (to the guru), by questioning (the guru and thine inner perception), and by service (to the guru), the sages who have realized truth will impart that wisdom to thee.

·         A guru’s only interest is to help your progress spiritually.

·         The master’s only desire is to give, not to take.

·         Always think, “I and my Father are one.  I have no karma; I am free.”

·         Refuse to be bound by karma; it is an old superstition of the ignorant to believe you cannot change your destiny.

·         Every night keep a mental diary.  See if your habits have crushed you.  Whenever a person does wrong and says he can’t help it, he is a slave.

·         I only discuss wisdom with you.  I do not divert you from the real purpose of religion: to know God.

·         God has given us the methods to destroy karma: Guide your actions by wisdom, not influences; be self-disciplined and follow the wisdom-guidance of a true guru; believe in your divine inheritance as a child of God made in His image; associate with good company, such as coming here to church regularly; and practice the techniques that will give you actual personal experience of God.



Realize Your Christ Immortality!


·         …all you have to remember is to play your role, small or big, cheerfully and well.  That is all.



Increasing Your Magnetism


·         What is important is self-reform: for if we ourselves have reformed, we shall reform thousands by our example.  Example does speak louder than words.

·         Begin by begin kind to all..

·         To be truly attractive, you must be attractive mentally and spiritually as well as physically.

·         The eyes are one’s most significant physical feature.  You should learn to make your eyes beautiful.  How?  The eyes clearly reflect what you are within.

·         So there is but one method they can beautify the life and expression in the eyes:  the inner cultivation of beautiful thoughts and feelings.

·         At the end of each day, analyze yourself:  How have you lived this day: To be really living is to strive constantly to improve oneself; physically, mentally, morally, spiritually.  A person who has not become stationary, but continues to change for the better – day after day, year after year, develops magnetism.

·         …divine inner strength is the source of our magnetism.

·         The Power of Good Company and Deep Attention

·         Ordinarily, we receive knowledge through the senses of sight and hearing; by reading books or listening to discourses. 

·         But greater than these is direct contact with a man of wisdom.

· can receive another’s magnetism through the mental channel of thought.

·         …Attunement with divine ones does not come about merely by thinking of them for a few moments. 

·         It is only by meditating day after day on a great saint that you will begin to receive the spiritual vibrations of that saint.

·         There is also great value in visiting places where saints have lived.

·         Direct association with a God-realized man of wisdom may be through personal contact or deep meditation.


Preparing for Your Next Incarnation


·         Life is teaching you all the time; you are a bad student if don’t pay attention.

·         The ideal is to do your best, but be objective, non attached. 

·         Pay attention to the studies life places before you. They contain the lessons you must learn.

·         The divine man enjoys everything, but is not bound by anything.

·         Suffering is a good teacher to those who are quick willing to learn from it. But it becomes a tyrant to those who resist and resent. 

·         Its lessons urge us to develop discrimination, self-control, non attachment, morality,  and transcendent spiritual consciousness.

·         There is suffering inherent even in the satisfaction derived from human love.  Devoid of the quality of divine love, human affection is a blind alley that entangles and limits us.

·         …love the Love behind the human love.

·         Friendship – The Purest Form of Love

·         Spiritual Ideals for a Fulfilling Marriage

·         Balancing Feminine and Masculine Qualities

·         The ideal is to balance reason and feeling in one’s nature.

·         Life is meant for God-Realization.  Don’t live in a one-sided materialistic way.  Have self-control, master all of your senses, act with wisdom, conquer life, and find freedom.



The True Signs of Progress in Meditation


·         Superior intelligence

·         …was given that man might understand the meaning of life and find soul freedom.

·         God-contact becomes possible when by meditation one has attained mastery over the restlessness of the mind.

·         Wherever your heart is, there will your mind be also. 

·         If you can control your feelings and sensations, then you can put your mind on God.  Having God, you shall have everything else.

·         …man must make the effort to realize that Divine Consciousness and to manifest the Lord’s infinite goodness within himself.

·         The results of meditation come slow, but sure..

·         Real visions come by prolonged and steady spiritual advancement.

·         …it is helpful during meditation to keep the eyes half-open and fixed firmly at the point between the eyebrows – the seat of concentration and super conscious perception.

·         The true signs of progress in meditation are the following:


ü      An increasing peacefulness during meditation.

ü      A conscious inner experience of calmness in meditation, metamorphosing into increasing bliss.

ü      A deepening of one’s understanding, and finding answers to one’s questions through the calm intuitive state of inner perception.

ü      An increasing mental and physical efficiency in one’s daily life.

ü      Love for meditation and the desire to hold on to the peace and joy of the meditative state in preference to attraction to anything in the world.

ü      An expanding consciousness of loving all with the unconditional love that one feels toward his own dearest loved ones.

ü      Actual contact with God, and worshiping Him as ever new Bliss felt in meditation and in His omnipresent manifestations within and beyond all creation.



Focusing the Power of Attention for Success


·         Success has a relation to the satisfaction of the soul in the context of the environment in which one lives; it is a result of actions based on the ideals of truth, and includes the happiness and well-being of others as a part of one’s own fulfillment.  Apply this law to your material, mental, moral, and spiritual life and you will find it a complete, comprehensive definition of success.

·         Even the greatest of saints are not fully redeemed until they have shared their success; their ultimate experiences of God-realization, by helping others toward divine realization.

·         This is why those who have that attainment are dedicated to giving understanding to those who don’t understand.

·         Those who have attained eternal success we call siddhas which means those who have been judged successful by the Master of the Universe.

·         Such a one is completely happy in body, mind and spirit.  He may have few or no possessions, yet he has great wealth – mental contentment, and spiritual understanding of the correlation of the soul and Spirit, and of the body and its essential relationship with the Cosmic Life.

·         There Is More to Life than Mere Existence

·         God didn’t create this earth as a place for us to just eat, sleep, and die, but to find out His purpose.

·         …when you use life’s experiences as your teacher, and learn from them the true nature of the world and your part in it, those experiences become valuable guides to eternal fulfillment and happiness.

·         Life Should Be Simplified.

·         Heaven Is Within, Not in Things

·         With all that you have here, many of you are just as miserable with your possessions as you would be without them.

·         …it is not wrong to have possessions, but it is wrong to be possessed by possessions.  You must be free from attachment.

·         I see that if it were not for my inner joy, the problems of the heavy responsibilities I have undertaken here could make me so unhappy, I would like to run away.

·         Control your life, make it as simple as you can.  Have money in the bank for needs and emergencies. Save more than you spend on unnecessary “necessities” And always include someone else in your happiness.

·         Your Success Is What You Have Attained Within.

·         …moral success – freedom from the dictates of wrong habits and impulses – gives more happiness than material success.  In moral success there is a psychological happiness that cannot be taken away by any physical condition.

·         …peace and happiness are in the mind, not in things.  If you do not also devote time to the discipline of your mind, no amount of material prosperity will satisfy you.

·         …it is much better to have the satisfaction of my conscience than the approbation of people.  Conscience is intuitive reasoning, reporting the truth about yourself and your motives.

·         When your conscience is clear, when you know you are doing right, you are not afraid of anything.  A clear conscience mirrors a certificate of merit from God.

·         Put Your Duties in Proper Perspective

·         …it is much greater to be able to be in the world but not of it- to perform your true duties for the benefit of others while keeping your mind on God.

·         You must think of greater and lesser duties in proper perspective.  And don’t let one duty contradict another..

·         “If one duty contradicts another duty, it is not a true duty.”  If you seek financial success at the cost of health, you are not fulfilling your duty to the body.

·         We should remember that we could not perform all duties without power borrowed from God.  So it is to Him we owe our first allegiance.

·         The ideal is to perform all duties with the sole desire to please God.

·         To speak of seeking God and material fulfillment together sounds good; but unless you meditate deeply and regularly so that you anchor your consciousness in God first; the world will claim all your attention and you will have no time for Him.

·         …if you guide others with since love, you can be a king of hearts.  Of course, your love is reflected more in true hearts; and when you love all impartially, you can recognize those who respond to that love.

·         Divine Love Is Unsurpassable

·         Never ignore the Lover behind all lovers.

·         The Practicality of Seeking God First

·         Faith is intuitive conviction, a knowing from the soul, that cannot be shaken even by contradictions.

·         The practical purpose behind the scriptural injunction to seek God first is that once you have found Him, you can use His power to acquire the things your common sense tells you are right for you to have.

·         Have faith in this law.  In Attunement with God you will find the way to true success, which is a balance of spiritual, mental, moral, and material attainment.

·         Transfer your attention to the more important concerns in life.  Too much time is wasted in superficial interests.

·         In the early stages on the spiritual path, you must seek quiet places where you can regularly get away by yourself and be free to think of God.

·         …don’t mix too much with the “social set.”  There is no happiness in it.  Be selective about your company.  Choose a wise man or some good friends who will instill spiritual thoughts in you; and get busy with God.

·         Meditation Removes Mental Limitations

·         Reading worthwhile books is much better than spending time on foolishness.  But better than reading books is meditation.  Focus your attention within.  You will feel a new power, a new strength, a new peace – in body, mind, and spirit.  Your trouble in meditation is that you don’t persevere long enough to get results.

·         That is why you never know the power of a focused mind.

·         …most people do everything half-heartedly.  They use only about one-tenth of their attention.  That is why they haven’t the power to succeed.

·         …when you convince your mind of its accomplishing power, you can do anything!

·         By communing with God you change your status from a mortal being to an immortal being.  When you do this, all bonds that limit you will be broken.  This is a very great law to remember.

·         As soon as your attention is focused, the Power of all powers will come, and with that you can achieve spiritual, mental, and material success.

·         When a problem thwarts you – when you find no solution and no one to help you – go into meditation.  Meditate until you find the solution.  It will come.

·         I know the focusing power of attention never fails.  It is the secret of success.

·         Concentrate, and don’t stop until your concentration is perfect.  Then go after what you want.

·         Connect your concentration with God.  Concentration is everything.  First go within; learn to focus your mind and to feel the power of God.

·         Seclusion is the price of greatness.



Quickening Human Evolution


·         Life’s Purpose Is to Grow in Knowledge and Wisdom

·         …one field needs to be your first concern:  You must find your vocation.  By contact with the Cosmic Vibration in meditation, you will be led to the goal that is right for you; you will be led to the work you ought to do.  Concentrate upon making yourself proficient in that.

·         Why can’t we accelerate human evolution as well – to learn how to weave lives more quickly into all-round success?  How is the human brain going to acquire in a lifetime all knowledge and wisdom?

·         In sixty years of existence, it is possible for a human being to develop so that he can be a center of all knowledge.

·         It is not a pumping-in from the outside that gives wisdom; it is the power and extent of your inner receptivity that determines how much you can attain of true knowledge, and how rapidly.  The man who has the power of receptivity quickly grasps everything.

·         How can you increase your receptivity, and thus quicken your evolution?

·         By consciously condensing all your experiences through the power of concentration.

·         Concentration means to gather in your attention, focusing it to one point; condensation means to use that concentrated attention to do something quickly that ordinarily would take a long time.  By concentration you can condense each experience and garner whatever wisdom is to be learned from it.  By condensation of individual experiences you can compress all your experiences, and the wisdom they contain, into a shorter length of time and thus gain much more than if you go through life haphazardly.

·         Concentrate, and then ask Divine Power to help you.

·         …start from within to bring knowledge out, and not from without to pump knowledge in.

·         …tap your inner source, which is omniscient?

·         You won’t find God anywhere unless you find Him within.

·         Find Him within, and you shall find Him without, everywhere.

·         If you find Him in the temple of your soul, you find Him enshrined in all temples and churches, and in all souls.

·         Kriya Yoga:  Scientific Method of Accelerating Human Evolution

·         Revolving this current around the centers of divine life and consciousness in the spine and brain develops their receptivity.

·         In a  year of such practice – even twenty minutes a day – you can get the result of many years of natural evolution.

·         When by concentration and practice of the above-mentioned method all the fine spinal and brain cells are tuned to the cosmic source, they become highly magnetized charged with divine intelligent power.

·         “The ancient rishis discovered that man’s earthly and heavenly environment, in a series of twelve year cycles, push him forward on his natural path.

·         The scriptures ever that man requires a million years of normal, disease less evolution to perfect his human brain and attain cosmic consciousness….

·         “The Kriya Yoga mentally directs his life energy to revolve, upward and downward, around the six spinal centers (medulla, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses), which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Man.   One-half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of man effects subtle progress in his evolution; that half-minute of kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment.”

·         The great scientific method of mental and spiritual progress is to magnetize the cells by sending life current around the brain and spine.

·         Whenever you want to know something, don’t start with data – retire within and concentrate.  Seek guidance from within.  When the mind is receptive, then bring the data; start working out the business or mental solution.

·         First, determine what your goal is; ask divine aid to direct you the right action whereby your objective will be fulfilled; then meditate.  Afterward, act according to the inner direction that you receive; then you will attain what you want.  When the mind is calm, how quickly, how smoothly, how beautifully you will perceive everything!

·         …start by increasing the receptivity of your intuition.  In you lies the infinite seat of all knowledge.  Calmness, concentration, and condensation of experiences by intuitionist perception will make you master of all knowledge.

·         Do everything with full attention, never in a haphazard way. 

·         Do not try to do too many things at a time; perform the most important duties of life first, with heartfelt enthusiasm and closest attention.



Proof of God’s Existence


·          Behind all manifestation there must be a guiding Intelligence Force that is the prime cause of all creation.

·         Behind all manifestation there must be a guiding Intelligent Force that is the prime cause of all creation.

·         All the miracles of life that we take for granted are proof of the existence of an omnipresent divine Intelligence behind the processes of nature.

·         …enchanting to behold.  But somewhere there is a fount of Beauty and Intelligence, even more enthralling, from which we have come and into which we shall merge again.

·         Everything in the universe is related.  And through the right use of our God-given human intelligence we begin to see that all life is linked to one Supreme Intelligence.

·         ..within us there is a spark of the divine Power, That which is creating and sustaining all life, just waiting to be kindled.

·         To attain a higher state of consciousness and divine perception, it is necessary through meditation to withdraw the mind from its continual restless activity.  In that interiorized state, spiritual sensitivity, or intuition, awakens. 

·         Intuition is that power of Spirit inherited by the soul by which truth is perceived directly, without the medium of any other faculty.

·         Man’s consciousness must be expanded if it is to hold the illimitable ocean of truth.

·         The ultimate proof of God’s existence will come through your own experience in meditation.



Doubt, Belief, and Faith


·         Everything in the Lord’s creation has some specific utility.  All matter, however insignificant, has a particular purpose and effect. 

·         This is true also in regard to the thoughts or sentiments that present themselves to our consciousness and then pass away.

·         If Man Could Not Doubt, He Could Not Progress.

·         The predominance of matter before our eyes in the form of objects and beings prevents of the whole of truth.

·         It is by doubting the preeminence of matter that the existence of God is established.  If matter, a conglomeration of atoms, is all there is, then how do these invisible particles hold a parliament and bring forth and govern such an organized universe?

·         It is impossible that inanimate atoms could put themselves together and produce intelligent beings.  So the acceptance of God, an Intelligent Consciousness as the creator of this world, was established from materialism by applying the constructive, progressive element of doubt.

·         This constructive element is the scientific current of thought by which we question in order to know what is true.

·         …structure for the housing of divine principles that can be proven essential to the welfare and happiness of human existence.

·         Constructive Doubt Moves Us Toward Truth

·         Religion, like science, should be given a proper test.  That is how the God knowing rishis of old attained their realization:  they investigated, found, and proved for themselves those invariable principles that demonstrate and make manifest the Eternal Reality.  The great masters ask us to believe, but they do not say we should not use constructive doubt to question.

·         Apply the test of reason. If you can analyze ideas with unprejudiced respect and discrimination, you will more readily apprehend truth and discern what is untruth.

·         Faith Begins With Constructive Belief

·         Belief and faith are often used synonymously, and thus not always correctly.

·         Faith is something much more that mere belief, as will be shown.  In belief, as in doubt, there is a constructive and a destructive element.

·         Applied constructively, adherence to valid beliefs leads to realization.  Noumea truths cannot be understood by the sensory mind.  Phenomena can be interpreted by the intellect from sensory experience, but not the substance, or Noumea , underlying it.  This requires inner enlightenment.  Thus does the teacher who has attained realization say to the undeveloped disciple, “Until you are able to understand, believe and follow me.”  That does not mean blind acceptance.

·         Constructive belief has reason within it.  Reason and feeling confirm that there is some truth behind every valid belief.  If one can gain access to his inherent discriminative intelligence, he can arrive at that truth - the inner comprehension of truth that is attainable only by the spiritual development of the soul’s intuitive powers of perception.

·         Until then, there might be contradiction between the devotee’s reason and the master’s realization.

·         So true masters must ask their disciples to believe, to take for granted certain concepts on their authority, knowing that in time they can realize those truths for themselves.  Such is the principle of any investigation.

·         The Fundamentals of Belief

·         Belief is a state or habit of mind in which trust, confidence, is placed in some person, thing or doctrine; such as a persuasion of the truths in religion.  Belief is a conviction or feeling of the truth or reality of that which is believed.

·         The elements of belief are assent, credence, assurance, reliance, persuasion, conviction, faith.

·         Belief and faith differ chiefly in that belief as a rule suggests little more than intellectual assent, while faith implies total trust or confidence – as in one whose persuasion or belief has ripened into faith.

·         Implicit in belief are the elements of will and imagination.  Without willingness one cannot believe.  And since belief is an uncertain waiting in the hope of obtaining a result, it involves also imagination.

·         The elements of will and imagination in belief make it a powerful force for good or ill.

·         Injudicious Beliefs Seem a Wastage of Good Energy

·         …in material things wrong beliefs are liable to be less wasteful, since our minds are bent toward tangible results.

·         In contrast, concerning spiritual matters, our mental attitude often remains vague and visionary.

·         …belief and faith in connection with religious life are least understood.

·         An erroneous belief, if held to without scrutiny, develops into tenacious dogmatism.

·         The Genesis of Faith

·         What is needed is investigative belief with sincerity and reverence, followed up with persistence in true beliefs, or at least in those beliefs that constantly manifest convincing results.  Through the aperture of patience, drop by drop, the chemical of truth and crystallizes such belief into solid faith.  But unless belief is founded on truth, it will not sustain the conviction that produces progress toward faith.

·         The result of faith is the stable quality or state of faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty.

·         Life, its substance and purpose, is an enigma, difficult yet not unknowable.

·         …there will always remain certain conditions introduced on this planet – infinite and guided by an unknown Intelligence, operating without our initiative – which preclude our control.

·         In every department of life there seems to be, in spite of our instrumentality, an inevitable Divine dependence without which we cannot get along.

·         Exercise absolute fearless surrender to that Higher Power.

·         …absolute surrender to God is the criterion of faith.  This surrender is not laziness, expecting God to do everything for you – your utmost effort to bring about the desired result is also necessary – rather, it is a surrender through love for God and veneration of His supremacy.

·         Faith Is Ever Secure – Direct Perception of Truth

·         The soul’s realization of truth expresses itself to us through intuition, and the resultant knowing is faith.  Intuition is that point wherein a conviction suddenly changes into the direct perception of the truth of that belief.  It requires no intermediary, no proof from the testimony of the senses or reason.

·         Intelligence directed to the outward world interprets phenomena; faith turned inwardly interprets by its contact with Noumea the intuitions of the soul.  All things can be brought to light by the power of faith.

·         When developed sufficiently, intuition brings immediate comprehension of truth.  You can have this marvelous realization.  Meditation is the way.

·         Go within the Self, closing the door of the senses and their involvement with the restless world, and God will reveal to you all his wonders.

·         Beyond the senses and intellect, intuition manifest in the calm consciousness as feeling, perceived mostly through the heart.

·         When such feeling comes in meditation, you receive through it a definite sense of right direction and unshakable conviction. 

·         Increasingly you will be able to recognize and follow this intuition.

·         That doesn’t mean you give up reason.

·         Calm impartial reason can also lead to intuition. Use common sense.  But remember that arrogant or emotional reasoning leads to misconceptions and mistakes.

·         In the calmness of meditation your consciousness will be able to focus on truth and understand. In that state faith develops; through unfolding intuition you receive “the evidence of things not seen.”



Visions of India :  Evolving the Higher Self


·         …physical and material comfort without mental and spiritual peace and solace is not enough.

·         Those scientific mystics and seers – who have known Truth by their own effort and experience rather than remaining satisfied with ordinary, personally unverified beliefs – can show others how to develop their intuition and bring forth the fountain of peace and satisfaction from beneath the soil of mysteries.

·         In order really to know the truth contained in scriptural stories – and in order to understand what is erroneous or right, literal or metaphorical, in scriptural writings – one must use reason, discrimination, and the power of intuitionist verification developed through meditation.

·         In order to know the truth of a given doctrine, we must live it and find out if it works or not – give it the acid test of experience.

·         The law of service to others is secondary and corollary to the law of self-interest or self-preservation, which may be termed “selfishness.”  No sane man ever does anything without a reason.

·         The real reason behind the scriptural injunctions to “Serve thy fellowmen,” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” 

·         Is that the law of service to others is to be obeyed by all devotees who would expand the limits of their own self.

·         No action is performed without reference to a direct or indirect thought that is selfish; the very giving of service is indispensable to receiving service.

·         To serve others by giving financial, mental, or moral help is to find self-satisfaction.

·         …immortal sons of God, and all martyrs and saints, make a good investment  - they spend the little mortal body to gain immortal life. 

·         Nothing worthwhile is gained without paying a price.

·         It is logical, therefore, to say that higher selfishness, or acting for the good of the higher Self – rather than service to others without thought of Self – is the motive of life.

·         Three Kinds of Selfishness – Evil, Good, and Sacred.

·         “Solitude is necessary to become established in the Self, but masters then return to the world to serve it.  Even saints who engage in not outward work bestow, through  their thoughts and holy vibrations, more precious benefits on the world than can be given by the most strenuous humanitarian activities of UN-enlightened men.”

·         True and good selfishness motivates a man to seek his own comfort, prosperity, and happiness by also making others more prosperous and happy.

·         Good selfishness takes everybody along with one’s own self into the circle of brotherhood.  Good selfishness brings many harvests – return services from others, self-expansion, divine sympathy, lasting happiness, and Self-realization.

·         Good selfishness should be practiced by the businessman, who, by sincere, honest, wholesome, constructive actions and labors, enables himself to look after his own and his family’s needs and provides a useful service to others.  Such a businessman is far superior to one who thinks and acts only for himself, with no regard for those he serves or those dependent on him for support.

·         The latter is acting against his own best selfish interests, for according to the law of cause and effect, he himself will in time attract suffering.

·         To avoid the pitfalls of evil selfishness, one should first follow and establish himself in the pattern of good selfishness, wherein one thinks of his family and those whom he serves as part of himself.  From that attainment, one can then advance to a practice of sacred selfishness (or unselfishness, as ordinary understanding would term it) in which one sees all the universe as himself.

·         Being Sacredly Selfish

·         Feeling the sorrows of others and reaching out in order to make them free from further suffering, seeking happiness in the joy of others, constantly trying to remove the wants of increasingly larger numbers of people – this is being sacredly selfish.  The man of sacred selfishness counts all his consequent earthly losses as sacrifices deliberately and willingly brought about by himself for other’s good, and for his own great and ultimate gain.

·         He lives to love his brethren, for he knows they creed, for whenever he thinks of himself, he thinks not of the small body and mind of ordinary understanding, but of the needs of all bodies and minds within the range of his acquaintance or influence.

·         His “Self”  becomes the Self of all.  He becomes the mind and feeling of all creatures.  So when he does anything for himself, he can only do that which is good for all.

·         He who considers himself as one whose body and limbs consist of all humanity and all creatures certainly finds the Universal All – Pervading Spirit as himself.

·         He does not act with any expectation; but with his best judgment and intuition, goes on helping himself as the many, with health, food, work, success, and spiritual emancipation.

·         Working with good selfishness and sacred selfishness brings one in touch with God, who rests on the altar of all-expanding goodness.

·         One who realizes this works conscientiously, only to please the ever-directing God of Peace within.



Miracles of Raja Yoga


·         Raja Yoga, the “Royal Yoga,”  is the science of God-realization, a step-by-step means of reuniting the soul with Spirit-man with his Creator – develop by the rishis of ancient India , with proven and uniform results.

·         It combines the highest from all other yoga disciplines: devotion, right action, physical and mental self-control, and divine communion through scientific techniques of concentration and meditation.  The fulfillment of the path, God-realization, “makes all things possible.”  For it teaches how to make the mortal immortal.

·         The real development of man consists of the development of his mind power.

·         It is through divine simplicity and humility that one can attain great breadth of power and vast wisdom.

·         Miracles are nothing but the operation of super mental and cosmic laws.

·         Yoga unites mind power with cosmic power.

·         The superiority of acquiring “miraculous” mental powers over the acquirement of business skill is that the former has no limitations as does the better.

·         Everything is governed by the law of cause and effect.  If you try and have tried repeatedly and still do not succeed in curing your physical and mental ills, you must find wherein lie your limitations.

·         Behave as master of yourself, guided not by habits, but by free will and the wisdom of God-realization.

·         “A man of realization does not perform any miracle until he receives and inward sanction,”

·         “God does not wish the secrets of His creation revealed promiscuously.  Also, every individual in the world has an inalienable right to his free will.  A saint will not encroach on that independence.”

·         …faith, works, and knowledge of super mental law can work miracles, where physical efforts of man fail.

·         “Spiritual advancement is not to be measured by one’s displays of outward powers, but solely by the depth of his bliss in meditation…

·         “After the mind has been cleared by Kriya Yoga of sensory obstacles, meditation furnishes a twofold proof of God.  Ever new joy is evidence of His existence, convincing to our very atoms.  Also, in meditation one finds His instant guidance, His adequate response to every difficulty.”

·         Thinking and knowing are two different things. If you follow the lessons of this Raja Yoga teaching of Yogoda, you will have something you never had before in your life – direct perception of truth.

·         You must have the strength of conviction born of realization; then even mountains of obstacles cannot stand in your way.

·         It is your own fault if you let yourself be deceived.  Seek wisdom!

·         You cannot remain without doing something; be busy doing something worthwhile.  That is what my Master taught me.

·         His whole interest was to bring us in contact with God

·         God is the storekeeper of the universe; seek Him, and the whole store will be open to you.  It is your actual experience of God and truth-realization that will bring you there.

·         Success, wealth, cure of chronic disease, control over habits – all can be attained.

·         Open the inner door and vitalizing spiritual power flows in…Why not awake to God’s help?

·         Put your questions seriously and feelingly from within, send them to God in your deep meditations, and most truly, you will receive your answer.

·         The Lord can be coaxed nearer to us only by the law and by love, by real communion from within with unceasing yearning until there is response from Him.

·         “I and my father are One, He in me, and I in Him.  Peace, bliss, omnipotence, reign in me – in the God in me.”



Resurrection: Renewing and Transforming Your Body, Mind and Spirit.


·         Resurrection means any beneficial change to an object or to a human being.

·         You cannot remain at a standstill.  You must either go forward or backward.  That is a great and inspiring truth, that in life you cannot remain stationary.  Either you must accept changes that are harmful to you or those that are beneficial to you.

·         As mortal beings, we are controlled by something that operates like radio –the intelligent active and vital energy let loose by God in the creative laws of Nature.

·         Gradually, we understand the way to resurrect the body into the Spirit, by spiritualistic the body and mind to become fit instruments for the expression of Spirit.

·         Resurrection means to free the soul from the cage of ignorance; to uplift and release the soul from the bondage of mortal consciousness.

·         We are afraid to try the skies of limitless consciousness.  We ha lived too long identified with the body; and now we shrink from entering our infinite omnipresence, frightened to resurrect the omnipotence and omniscience of our soul.  To resurrect our innate wisdom from the bondage of the body is spiritual resurrection.

·         To resurrect yourself from disease by right living is extremely necessary. After many years of deep study, I found “in a nutshell”  how to express health  - by contacting Cosmic Energy.

·         We must also understand about food values.

·         Vitamins are absolutely necessary.

·         …an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, not denatured by improper cooking or storage, and nuts, whole grains, and some dairy products.

·         Practice of Self-realization Fellowship techniques, particularly the Energization Exercises, enables one to recharge the body with this cosmic energy, or universal prana.

·         Right Food Must Be Taken

·         The Wisdom of Fasting

·         …every week you should fast one day on orange juice to rest the internal organs.

·         Once a month fast two or three days consecutively, living only on orange juice.

·         When you fast on orange juice it scrubs every cell.

·         To make the body spiritually fit, not only right eating but moderation in all things and sunlight and exercise are just as important.

·         There is a close relation between the mind and the body, so destroying the consciousness of disease is vitally important.

·         You must resurrect your mind from the consciousness of disease – from the thought of disease.  You are the invulnerable Spirit; but the body now rules the mind.  The mind must rule the body.  Then the body will not accept suggestions of environmental and suggestions of heredity.

·         You should always remember that is Spirit were to withdraw the intelligent  “radioed”  energy that activates creation, you would drop dead.

·         You must give the whole credit of God, remembering that you are living directly by His power.

·         Resurrect yourself from the consciousness of physical disease.  God did not create disease.

·         Resurrect yourself from the disease consciousness that has been handed down by your forefathers.

·         You should help to resurrect those who have buried themselves under their wrong living.  In order to do that, you must be able to smile from your own resurrected soul.

·         Trials do not come to destroy you, but to help you appreciate God better.  God does not send those trials.  They are of your own making – the effects of conscious or unconscious actions in the past, somewhere, sometime.

·         All you have to do to overcome your trials is to resurrect your consciousness from the environment of spiritual ignorance.

·         Those who receive God are those who develop their mental powers by serious application of spiritual laws.

·         When your mental powers expand, your cup of realization will become big enough to hold the Ocean Knowledge.  Then you have resurrected yourself.

·         Resurrect yourself from the littleness of life, the little things that disturb you.

·         Live every second in the consciousness of your relationship with the Infinite.

·         Open your “bank account” with God, - it will never be lost.

·         Resurrect yourself from anger, from melancholy, from failures.  You must succeed to know that you are God’s child.

·         Spiritual resurrection means metaphysical relaxation, to withdraw the consciousness from the tenacious habit of identification with your body.

·         You must resurrect yourself while living in this body.  You do it every night in sleep, which is unconscious resurrection.

·         We should train ourselves to think in grand terms: Eternity! Infinity!

·         Resurrect your soul from all dreams of frailties.  Resurrect your soul in eternal wisdom.  What is the method?  It includes many things:  self-control, proper diet, fortitude, an undaunted mental attitude, and relaxation of the consciousness from body identification by faithful daily practice of scientific concentration and meditation principles.  Refuse to be defeated.

·         You have unlimited power, you must cultivate that power, that is all



Oneness in the Infinite Christ


·         We are here to play our parts well, but without becoming so enmeshed in and identified with our roles.

·         To him who has opened his inner eye, everything is One.

·         Diversity is the basis of Nature, and self-evolution is one means of maintaining this diversity.  By the law of cause and effect, action and reaction, we make of ourselves what we presently are and what we will be.

·         It is only when we take life too seriously that we suffer.

·         That universal state of consciousness is very hard to attain unless one has Self-realization, the knowing that we are souls and that all souls are a part of the One God.

·         Realize the tremendous spiritual power and beauty of the life of Christ, and try to live as he lived.

·         Try to feel that brotherhood with all nationalities.

·         Your outer life also must be clean – pure in word, thought, and action.  Be kind to all…

·         Hurt no one; judge none else but yourself.  Destroy moods…

·         You should learn to guide all of your actions by the inner will of your conscience attuned to the will of God, and not by your emotional feelings and instincts.  When first met my Guru, he said, “Allow me to discipline you.”

·         When I tuned my will with Master’s it became strengthened and guided by wisdom.

·         God’s will is governed by wisdom and justice.  Those who are in tune with Him are not bound by any dictates of whims and habits.  They live in the freedom of God, their will governed by His wisdom and justice. 

·         So it is important for the spiritual novice to tune his will with those who are in tune with God.

·         Such obedience is not negation of one’s own will.

·         It requires the cultivation of tremendous will power to become attuned to wisdom.

·         Use your God-given free choice to seek him.  Then you shall surely find freedom.

·         And remember that it is of the utmost importance to surround yourself with the best company, those who will inspire you and strengthen your discrimination and will power.

·         Cast out of your life all that keeps you from God.

·         Remove all impediments in your path – anything that obstructs your spiritual development.

·         All saints who have merged in God have the power to do again the forms that they once had on earth.  How few people realize the immanent presence of the angels and the great masters.

·         When a great teacher comes on earth, his presence bestows power and inspiration, filling his disciples with much joy.  But after he leaves, they may feel bereft and lost if they have no motivating spiritual power of their own.

·         This is why meditation and divine Attunement are necessary, that seekers may learn how to recharge themselves with inspiration and joy.


Be One With Christ Consciousness


·         What is the purpose of celebrating, if not to experience the birth of Christ Consciousness in ourselves?

·         …the purpose of Christmas, which is to worship Christ in spirit.

·         Make every day a new birth of Christ Consciousness in your life.

·         …think how engrossing must be communion with God, the most entertaining Being in the universe!



Make New Determinations:  Be What You Want to Be!


·         Failure to keep to your schedule of improvement means you have paralyzed your will.  You have no greater friend and greater enemy than yourself.

·         It is your will power that is going to determine what you are able to do.

·         Let nothing weaken your conviction that you can be whatever you want to be.

·         There is always a way to be found if you think hard enough.

·         It is thought that brings energy into the body.

·         Cast away all negative thoughts and fears.

·         Retain evenness of mind under all circumstances.  In every situation be calmly active and actively calm.

·         Your trials did not come to punish you, but to awaken you – to make you realize that you are a part of Spirit.

·         Bad habits are the worst enemies you can have.

·         Every day should be a transition from old habits to better habits.

·         …keep only those habits that are for your highest good.

·         Make up your mind to succeed.  The mind is everything; it is all-powerful.  Mind can control life and death.

·         You are the master of your own fate.

·         All around you, in so many ways, you will find conscious guidance.

·         Never compare yourself with anybody else.  You are what you are.  Nobody is like you.  Nobody can act your part as you can.

·         Whenever you think of yourself; think also of others.  When you think of seeking peace, think of others who are in need of peace.  If you do your utmost to make others happy, you will find that you are pleasing the Father.

·         Be always with people who inspire you, surround yourself with people who lift you up. Do not let your resolutions and positive thinking be poisoned by bad company.

·         First, in the temple of silence He comes as peace.  If you go deeper, then in the temple of samadhi, or Oneness you meet Him, and touch Him, and feel His bliss within you and in omnipresence.  Without the internal perception of God, it is very difficult to love Him.

·         If we look at life impersonally, we find it to be wonderful.  We see it as a show; every day a different moving picture.  We would not like to see the same film over and over again; it would be pointlessly monotonous.  If life did not have its ups and downs, its victories and hard knocks, it would hardly be worthwhile.  Only do not take it too seriously, for then it becomes extremely miserable.  If you want to attain the unchangeable, imperturbable state of spirit, be thou always of even mind.

·         If you never get angry at life’s reverses, or at their human instigators, you can see your way more clearly through whatever is going on around you.

·         That is why your peace is to be guarded above everything else.

·         One who loves God lives in the soul, his true Self.  He does everything for God, nothing for himself.  He loves everybody, because he sees the world as the Lord’s cosmic show.  He can never be provoked to say or do anything in anger or with egotism, but only with desire to be of help to all.  That is the attitude you must have.



Love People,  but Not Their Faults


·         It was only when Master…said to me, “You would not have received this wisdom if I had not give it to you,”  that I dedicated my life to teaching.  As my Master gave this truth to me, so did he encourage me to give it unselfishly to others.

·         If you would be a teacher, you must be sincere.  Whatever you say, you must feel from within.

·         It is easy to be a master in words, but it requires a tremendous amount of strength to be a master living with people.  Everyone sees and judges you according to his own mind.

·         What you are before God and your own conscience, that is what you are.  Even if the whole world misunderstands you, nothing is lost; you are what you are.  To stand criticism is a very effective way of becoming a better individual.  Though it is easier to criticize others than to find fault in yourself, it is of prime importance to correct yourself first.

·         If you want to prove to somebody your sincerity, let your actions speak for you.

·         Only Spiritual Relationships Are Lasting

·         …learn to do for others as you would do for your own.  One day, again, Master asked me, “Do you love the whole world?”  I just said, “I Love” And he smiled and said, “Your work is finished.”

·         Only the divine love of great ones is born of wisdom.  That love is infinitely greater than parental or any other form of human love – Jesus gave up his life for the world.

·         Real love is when you are constantly watching the progress of the soul.  As soon as you cater to someone’s physical desires and bad habits you are not loving that soul anymore.

·         You are just pleasing that person to avoid ill will.

·         Never agree with anyone who is wrong, not even those who are nearest and dearest to you.

·         So this is my prayer to you, that all of you learn how to be true friends, how to be truly loving souls.  If you have that divine attitude, you will be conquerors of hearts.  There is nothing more satisfying than that.  You will never be alone, for you will attract to yourself real souls.  Even if you are left alone, you are with God.

·         …attachment spoils family love, and all forms of human relationships, because it excludes others and is blindly possessive.  Disband attachment and learn to give true, sincere love to all.

·         We must learn to love our family purely, to love our friends purely, to love our country purely, and to love all mankind purely.  Patriotism is wonderful; but if it leads to aggression, then it is wrong.  Patriotic egotism is bad.  Nations should beware  of egotism.

·         …that is the love of God, when impartially you are ready to live and to die for all.

·         So shall we leave “footprints in the sands of time” –spiritual footprints of good vibrations, which those who come after us will feel.  If we increase those vibrations by our love for God and service to His work, think how wonderful will be what we leave behind us.

·         Cooperate With One Another for the Good of All

·         In an institution the law of freedom depends on a common law.  In a community – be it a hermitage, a meditation center, a family, a business – everyone should sacrifice his own desires and egoist for the good of all.  When you are together, the laws of doing things together should be respected.  It is not a question of who is greater or lesser  - the ideal is to cooperate with one another.  In this I hope you will do your part.  To be able to follow the common laws of an institution is the way to create strength and harmony.

·         It is so wonderful to be good and to be humble.  Egotism repulses, humility attracts.  When man behaves in a humble way, he strikes a beautiful chord in the hearts of others.

·         A man of humility easily exercises a spiritual influence on others. Such a one has the satisfaction that he has done his best on this- earth.

·         The more humble you are, the stronger you will be in Spirit.

·         “Whatever I Have Said, I Have Said From My Heart.”



How To Quicken Your Spiritual Progress


·         Whosoever loves God can never think of turning back.

·         …doubt.

·         ..lack of determination.

·         If one listens to a master, he can change that self-created blueprint; he can overcome his karma.

·         …when doubts come, they should be abolished by faith and will.  Cling to one who has found God.  That is the sure way to succeed on the spiritual path.

·         The Blind Cannot Lead the Blind

·         A true guru has no personal ambition for name or fame; his one desire is to serve others with the realization of God.

·         When you are steadfast in the principles of the guru-disciple relationship, the spiritual path becomes very easy.  You cannot then go astray.  No matter how delusion tries to pull you away, the master who has experienced God knows your trouble and will help you to steady yourself on the path again.  That is what the guru does for you if you are in tune with him.

·         God is not to be acquired; He is to be realized, for He is already yours.

·         Meditation plus keeping your mind with God during activity is what is necessary.

·         Practice even minded calmness all the time.

·         Moods are your greatest enemy.  Don’t indulge in them; destroy them.

·         Never get angry.  Never try to get even with anyone.  And don’t find fault with others; correct yourself.  The whole world may mistreat you, but why should you mistreat yourself by wrong behavior?

·         Do Not Accept Limiting Influences

·         …when you realize your oneness with Him, that you are made in His image, you have no karma either.  That is why I do not stress too much the theory of karma.

·         Want Naught Else but God

·         The way to God is not through the intellect, but through intuition.  Spirituality is measured by what you experience intuitively, from the communion of your soul with God.

·         Ultimately, you are wholly dependent upon God.  You could not utter one word without the power of God. He throbs in your heart.  He thinks through your brain.  He knows your every thought and action even before you do. Why do you doubt Him?

·         Talk straight to Him.  Speak to Him.  He will not disappoint you.

·         Conversation with people requires audible voice. Conversation with God requires silence.

·         Those who inwardly converse with God are outwardly more silent.

·         Because the devotee has plenty to say to God, he has very title to say to others.

·         We are souls individualized Spirit; that is why we must turn back toward God. We must think of ourselves as souls, not as fleshly beings.



Realizing God in Your Daily Life


·         The true devotee, even when enmeshed in many doubts, never loses his devotion and determination.

·         The Lord of Universes is so humble that He does not speak, lest in so doing He influence the devotee’s use of free will to choose or reject Him.

·         …you have to prove your unconditional love for God in order to know Him.

·         …only fools are attached to this world.

·         You must cease to think you are a mortal being if you would find lasting happiness.

·         You must first resolve in your mind the importance of God.

·         If you do not make an effort to control the mind it will go on doing as it pleases, no matter how long you sit to meditate.

·         Next, practice long meditation with depth.  That is what takes you to His kingdom.

·         Delusion is destroyed by good company, by the company of saints, and by devotion to the messengers of God.

·         It is not personal association so much as Attunement of thought with the messenger of God that destroys delusion.  The true guru has no desire to place himself in the hearts of others, but rather to awaken in their consciousness the consciousness of God.

·         Along with periods of meditation you should think day and night of God.

·         It is good to resolve to do a thing and then follow through.  You must develop a strong, silent, cool will.  Never give up your good resolutions.

·         God Responds When We Make the Effort.

·         …if you choose to be happy, no one can make you unhappy.

·         It is we who make of life what it is.

·         ..if you strengthen your will by practicing self-control and meditation, it becomes free; and as soon as your will is free, you are master of your fate.

·         Of greatest help in your development is the habit of mental whispering to God.  You  will see a change in yourself that you will like very much.  No matter what you do, God should be constantly in your mind.

·         …your mind is continually thinking how you can get those things?  Until you fulfill your strong desires, your mind will not rest; it ceaselessly works toward fulfilling those desires.

·         Do Not Accept Your Bad Karma

·         Bring the light in and you will feel that darkness never was.

·         So will our faults and weakness vanish when we bring in the light of God.

·         Christ Consciousness:  “Christ” or ‘Christ Consciousness” is the projected consciousness of God immanent in all creation.  In Christian scripture it is called the “only begotten son” the only pure reflection in creation of God the father, in Hindu scripture it is called Kutasha Chaitanya or Tat, the cosmic intelligence of Spirit every where present in creation.  It is the universal consciousness, oneness with God, manifested by Jesus, Krishna , and other avatars.  Great saints and yogis know it as the state of samadhi (q.v.) meditation wherein their consciousness has become identified with the intelligence in every particle of creation; they feel the entire universe as their own body.  See Trinity.

·         “To keep company with the Guru.”

·         “is not only to be in his physical presence ( as this is sometimes impossible ), but mainly means to keep him in our hearts and to be one with him in principle and to attune ourselves with him.”

·         Intuition:  The all-knowing faculty of the soul, which enables man to experience direct perception of truth without the intermediary of the senses.

·         Master:  …Proof that one is a master is supplied only by the ability to enter at will the breathless state….and by the attainment of immutable bliss.

·         Men of God-Realization ….are devoid of the ego-principle …and its uprisings of personal desires; the actions of true masters are in effortless conformity with Rita, natural righteousness.

·         …ignorance.

·         …intuition.