Joanna Santa Barbara is a child psychiatrist practising in Hamilton. She is a faculty member of the Dept. of Psychiatry and a member of the Centre for Peace Studies of McMaster University.  She is currently president of Physicians for Global Survival - Canada, an organization which works for the abolition of nuclear weapons, the prevention of war and for nonviolent resolution of conflict. She is a past vice-president of International Phsicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, and for the last 4 years, has participated in an annual dialogue with NATO on the nuclear weapons issue.  Joanna teaches Confllict Transformation in the Peace Studies progamme at McMaster, and is active in the development of the "peace-through-health" programme of the Centre for Peace Studies. She has been engaged in work on mental health and peacebuilding in relation to war-affected children in Croatia, and is now involved in a similar project in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan work also includes peace education for adults, especially focussing on national reconciliation and nonviolence.  Peaceful childrearing is another current interest.