Dear Canadian Peace Researchers and "Concerned Others"

Re: November 25, 2005 Open Space Workshop; Theme: Issues and Opportunities for Hosting the 2006 International Peace Research Association Conference

As a result of discussions among many peace researchers in Canada, the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace will be hosting an Open Space Symposium with a theme: "Issues and Opportunities for Hosting IPRA 2006."

As you may know, the gathering of hundreds of some of the finest peace researchers and educators in the world in Calgary during the summer of 2006 is an unprecedented opportunity and event, first of all for Calgary but also for the province of Alberta and for Canada. We have such a splendid opportunity to play the role of gracious, supportive and enthusiastic hosts to a large group of people from every continent, to introduce them to Canada, Alberta and Calgary and to exchange with them diverse cultural values, understandings and perspectives, both theirs and ours.

The Workshop/Symposium is planned to commence at 9:00 am Friday November 25, 2004 at McMaster University in Hamilton, concurrently with the Fourth Annual Peace Education Conference in Canada. We will be utilizing an Open Space Technology program, and encouraging the participation of key stakeholders (institutions and individuals) whose mandates and professional interests impinge upon peace and non-violence research in our families, communities and the world. The simplicity and creativity of Open Space Technology is briefly described at: .  

Should more time be necessary for prioritizing and action planning, we may identify that for Saturday November 26th. In addition to University personnel we are inviting representatives from Federal Ministries, Provincial Governments, and other educational, religious, business, labour and non-governmental organizations.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our Workshop. The Earlybird Fee prior to November 9 is $50.00 for the day (Registration Form at ). The Fee is designed to cover our costs, and any surplus will be contributed to the Canadian Peace Education Foundation. Coffee and juice will be provided during the morning and afternoon.

You may also be interested to know that we are hosting five major concurrent events at McMaster University:

1. Second Annual Leadership and Peace Workshop, as an optional item November 21 - 23 preceding the National PE Conference

2. Youth Day Thursday November 24 (primarily Grade 6 to 12) (facilitated by Open Space coordinator Leslie Higgins )

3. ‘Best Cases/Practices’ in peace education Friday Nov 25 (we are in the process of lining up a lot of very interesting presenters)

4. The main part of the Peace Education Conference Saturday Nov 26 – Sunday Nov 27, utilizing a World Café type format.

5. A ‘Trade Fair’ to display and disseminate information about peace programs.

More information is available at 

You may wish to take some or all of these into account in your planning to visit Hamilton. Our Friday workshop/symposium is a rare chance for Canadians from all across the country to high-light peace research in Canada. We hope you can see your way clear to join us and/or advise your colleagues of this interesting and valuable opportunity and event.

Yours truly,

Robert Stewart, C.A., C.M.C., Co-Ordinator, founder of the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace