Introduction to the Process of Clarifying Canadian Values

Dear Readers,

I have indicated that I was doing a search and review to prepare for a discussion about Canadian Values.  Of course, this will be a major undertaking, ongoing, long-term, building upon existing work, etc.  However, each journey must begin with the first step.  To initiate some thinking on this process by our National Working Group, I copy below a suggested project overview which can be adapted from a typical management approach courtesy of the Blanchard Solutions Group.  For more background, I invite you to read the summary available online at (continue your reading of the site by clicking on 'More' and 'Next').  While it is written with respect to business, I believe it is a process readily adaptable to better understanding and 'forging Canadian Values'.  I believe that if we can make significant progress on Phases 1 and 2 below (Values Clarity and Values Communication & Comprehension) by December 31, 2000 we will have achieved very satisfactory results (in line with our results-oriented approach).


Bob Stewart

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