I Remember It Well lyrics


I went down to the airport.  I had time on my hands

And I watched the old mainliner come and land

And I watched the people gettin off that plane

And half a million memories flashed through my brain.


I remember watching sunrise and the sunset over lunch

I remember the sound of mukluks on the boardwalk going crunch

I remember how the midnight sun would keep me awake

I remember walks in springtime up the hill to Hidden Lake

And I remember it well.


I remember the smell of moose hide and the smell of burning wood

I remember Freddy Carmichael, the local boy made good

I remember Agnes Semmler with her warm and laughing face

I remember going to the Zoo, yeah that’s the wildest place

I remember it well…ye..es. I remember.


I remember delta roundup, I remember Paula Tuk

I remember eating oranges that cost a half a buck

I remember going up to Sachs and buying sealskins

And Father Adam in the morning praying for my sins

And I remember it well…


I remember howling sled dogs that send shivers up my spine

I remember parties at the legion where we sure had a good time

I remember people waiting for the barges to come in

And wishen that the ice cream didn’t always taste like Klim

And I remember it well…ye.es I remember.


The softball and the curling games that never seemed to end

The black flies and mosquitoes that would drive you round the bend

Those winds in Tuktoyuktuk where you couldn’t see or breathe

The stories ‘bout the bushman that the old folks still believe

And I remember it well…


I remember mother hubbards and the hondas and skidoos

The white kids in their moccasins, the native kids in shoes

I remember eating caribou and darkness at the day

And wonderin how those natives knew Aklavik wouldn’t wash away

And I remember it well… ye..es. I remember.


Now I’m down here in the city, the weather’s fine, the grass is green

But it’s colder friends in some ways than the north has ever been

I loved your life.  I loved your land, and I will not forget

The places that I traveled to. The people that I met

And I remember it well…ye..es.  I remember.