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10 Feb 2008

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Dear Reader,
Thank you very much for showing an interest in helping to build peace.

First, if you have not reviewed our web site at it contains a lot of relevant information.

 We do need a lot of help.  There is a lot to be done, and a lot of opportunity to tailor what a person can do to their personal and professional interests and backgrounds.  The way I like to put it is "Here is the status and needs as we see it (i.e. see ), what would you like to do and how can we support you?"  You might wish to do something independently, or in conjunction with our activities.

Here are some of my priorities at this time: 1. continue to build to be the pre-eminent virtual Centre for Teaching Peace in the world (eventually bricks and mortar sites as well); 2. promotion of the UNESCO Culture of Peace Program, COP2000 the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace, a National Culture of Peace Program for Canada and unification of peace groups; 3 developing a sustainable flow of revenues to fund worthwhile peace activities (including the marketing of peacebuilding); 4. television media program(s) using existing infrastructure.  Possibly some of this interests you.

This gives you a quick idea.  Please review the specifically identified needs below.   Tell me what you think at
stewartr [at] and I would be pleased to try to support you
Bob Stewart

NEWBUTTONPINK.GIF (519 bytes) An Inventory of Peace Things To Do - a comprehensive list of things that we need to do to start to build a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World.

We need help to create a Canadian Peace Education Foundation to help provide much needed financial resources for peace education programs at home and abroad. If you have read the pages of this web site, then you know the importance of peace education to building 'A World Fit For Children'.  Our immediate priorities are sponsorship of Annual Peace Education Conferences, creation of Distance Peace Education Programs, Training for Trainers, and Peace Resource Libraries ... to name a few.  Put bluntly, we need sponsors, fund raisers and money to do what needs to be done.  If you are able to help, and want to feel good about making a contribution to peace building, please contact Bob Stewart at  or stewartr [at] 

A Possible Class Project


Be a National Hero: Leaders and Sponsors wanted for World Centres for Teaching Peace.

** The following needs have been identified to promote a Culture of Peace:

  • a Culture of Peace television station; see microphone icon, soundCulture of Peace News Network
  • a Canadian Culture of Peace "museum" or centre; - in particular, we need a site. Peace Museum View our Peace Museum here and let us know what you would include in a Canadian Museum for Peace & the Future.


  • a Culture of Peace video;
  • a Culture of Peace audio tape/CD (i.e. a collection of old and modern peace songs);
  • a Culture of Peace school volunteers teaching program;
  • a fundraising specialist;
  • a marketing specialist or agency to help "Sell Peace" (the greatest marketing challenge).

These challenges may be of particular interest to people who's vocation is in the field.

If you want to support any of these programs, please contact us at stewartr [at]


Coming: A 6 part Canadian documentary series
view the introductory video and read about the preparations;
investment opportunities available

If you would like to actively become involved with the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, please contact Robert Stewart via email at stewartr [at]   We need motivated individuals with marketing ideas and experience to help spread the word on promoting such peace projects.


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