Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution

By Steve Rother & the Group

ISBN 1-928806-08-2, Lightworker Publications


5 star must reading.   [The following is what I highlighted during my read of this excellent book -- I recommend it on my Top-ten List of Peace resources.  My purpose in providing them is to interest you, the reader, and hope that you will obtain and read the complete work.  To properly understand the highlights, you need to read the book to put them in the proper context.]




·         ….a misdirection of energy.

·          “….Don’t think like a human”.

·         …discernment.

·         …accept or reject each message for the love content of the message.

·         If it pulls at your heartstrings, then take it as your own.

·         If there is anything less, then leave it without judgment, for it was simply placed there for another.

·         “Re-member”

·         1. The object of the Grand Game is to re-member who we are and why we came here.

·         2. When we re-member who we are, we can re-member our powers of creation and begin creating Heaven here on Earth.

·         3. The process of re-membering has to do with re-integrating the various parts of ourselves.

·         They also say that the way to set this process into motion is to re-unite with the members of our original spiritual family.

·         … not here to teach.

·         They simply offer information, and ask each one of us to filter it through our own discernment, and take from it what is ours.

·         ….it is only information and is useless unless we take our own power and incorporate it into our daily lives.

·         … we have passed the test and are now creating Heaven here on Earth.



Chapter 1

Help! What’s Happening to Me?


·          If you wish to change the world, you must alter the point which you perceive it.

·         The door leading to Home is within.

·         This is the basis of what you refer to as Lightwork.

·         Find the light within and make space for it to shine in all areas.

·         Do this and all else will come to you.

·         When you make the connections that allow you to see yourself through the eyes of another, then you have an accurate representation of God within.

·         …mirror.

·         …it is this change that is at the root of your fear.

·         It has begun in earnest.

·         The greatest gift you can give to yourself here is time to adjust.

·         In truth, these shifts will move you forward into a higher reality and closer to home.

·         Release the judgments and you will see the truth.

·         ..there is ample time for  all.

·         Give yourself the gift of time and judge yourself not.

·         Listen intently as your biology speaks to you.  It will tell you what you need for grounding.

·         This is a time when your diet may change.

·         Bathing in salt water.

·         Drinking increased amounts of water.

·         Intent is the most powerful tool you have.

·         Breathing..

·         ..three or four sacred numbers.

·         Incorporate these numbers into a breath pattern of deep and shallow breaths….

·         …stop and breathe..

·         Ask the Earth for permission to connect, then consciously take this cord and insert it into the Earth.

·         Hold each other’s hands.

·         ..treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.



Chapter 2

“Plan B”

Re-membering your Spiritual Family


·         Infinite simply means not having a beginning or an end.

·         The end was designed to occur right about now.

·         This was to be Armageddon – the much–prophesied end times,…

·         When that information was originally channeled it was very accurate.

·         It was pointing the direction we were headed at that moment.

·         In fact, it was this information that allowed us to alter the outcome.

·         It meant that the Gameboard of Free Choice just might make the evolutionary shift and forever change the paradigm of life throughout the universe.

·         …move into the next level of existence.

· your own heritage and powers of co-creation.

·         These are the tools that will readily move you….

·         The planet is rapidly approaching critical mass.

·         When this critical mass is reached there will be many leaving the planet.

·         …provide space for these master healers.


·         Number combinations are often used by spirit to activate these seeds.

·         This is the reason many are now seeing repeating numbers appearing in their fields.

·         ..trigger your biology to activate…

·         …allow your biology to balance itself..

·         …muscle tone..

·         ..the key is balance.

·         Seek out vibrational healers..

·         ..of colors.

·         ..aroma..

·         ..absorption.

·         ..manner in which you absorb energy.

·         ..shorter naps.

·         Each one of you is in the process of raising your vibratory level.

·         ..shadows.

·         There is an awakening process now in motion that is rapidly changing the face of the planet.

·         By looking through the eyes of those within your original spiritual family you could most easily remember your true heritage.

·         ..original seven houses.

·         ..when a family member enters your field you know their vibration well.

·         …send her healing energy as you would an ailing parent.

·         ..the angelical realm is real…

·         This is the re-membering of family in its deepest aspect.

·         This is who you really are.

·         …it’s going to be a wonderful time.



Chapter 3

Awakening the Master Healers

Finding your “Plan B” contract


·         The Grand Wizard of Time.

·         A Master Healer is one who creates space for others to feel safe enough to heal themselves.

·         The attitude with which one leaves this dimension will determine the trajectory of re-entry.

·         ..pain is an illusion.

·         ..speak to one who has returned from death.

·         ..make possible an easy transition without accumulating the extra burdens usually associated with this process.

·         There will be many leaving in the near future.

·         We ask you to celebrate their return Home, for they will be playing a grand part in this shift that is now in motion.

·         There is more to what you have termed Indigo Children than is presently understood.

·         ..there will be many facilitators needed as you take each other’s hands and walk forward together.

· central healer who is pulling the others together.

·         It is the task of this central figure to carefully monitor the energy distribution within these groups.

·         ..the main opposition will be from within the groups themselves.

·         ..issues of the unbalanced ego.

·         The primary focus of these central, aboriginal healers will be to create space where the central core of healers can balance between standing firmly in their own power and contributing to the whole.

·         …allow for new modalities.

·         The formation of these centers will mark the next step in understanding our true nature, for they will alter the paradigm for all things to come.

·         ..learning centers.

·         Many of these centers will float for a time until the cooperative energy of the area wil support them fully.

·         Some will start supporting speakers and offering classes only.

·         When we use the word center we mean a central energy vortex to which the main core of healers focus their energy.

·         ..allow space for all information to express itself.

·         These centers will also be some of the first to house the coming transition teams.

·         It is now time to walk in your own truth.

·         Because of the diversity of your personalities on Earth there is a need for many paths to the truth.

·         There are none that the right or wrong.

·         ..find the ones that resonate within you.

·         There is no greater homage that can be paid to God than to re-member the God within each of you, and to reflect this within your own life.

·         Often is your emotional turmoil that brings the greatest advancement for the planet.

·         Let these teach you to follow your heart in all matters.

·         …the key to changing the Earth lies within each one of you.

·         Changing the world lies within each of you.  Change yourself and you will change the world….one heart at a time.

·         The Game was to see if total Free Choice would work.


Chapter 4


Getting Along in the New Energy


·         Their message is one of empowerment.

·         …channeling

·         “conscious connections.”

·         The evolutionary process will provide us with the tools to connect with our own and each other’s higher selves.

·         ..information..

·         ..communication..

·         ..understand each other’s thoughts and feelings?

·         ..this will provide the basis the Heaven here on Earth.

·         The Group calls this “Earth’s next step.”

·         ..these personal shifts.

·         ..the higher self is in full agreement.

·         ..for the highest good of all concerned.

·         Release and allow

·         ..sacred spaces within you.

·         There is but one true relationship:  That is the relationship of You with Yourself.

·         You already know the truth within…

·         Learning to access that truth within is the challenge you face.

·         Unconditional love is what we would refer to as Universal expression of the Love energy.

·         …will make it possible for you to make the transition to the higher vibrational levels.

·         Here is the key. It is only possible to re-create home by finding balance within polarity.

·         …sub Games.

·         Some of these were about power and control and some were about self worth.  Others were used to obtain material assets and personal comfort.

·         …it is possible to change another by changing the way you react to them.

·         …the mirrors that welcome the opportunity to change….are the most like to shift to the higher levels.

·         This often requires forgiveness and understanding.  This illustrates the use of unconditional love and the Unity aspect of relationships in the new energy.

·         …there are direct matches for everyone on the planet.  Release the comfort of your loneliness and the judgment long enough for them to find you.

·         …you attract those into your lives who have the attributes you need to attain this balance.

· will appear to those around you that you have changed.

·         …it is you that will decide the next step of your relationships.

·         Here is the answer to all relationships.

·         Love first yourself

·         The need to focus attention on another to keep from feeling lonely will only shift the energy from loneliness to dependency.

·         To give love freely, openly and selflessly sends a message to the universe that automatically returns all of like vibration.

·         Unconditional love illustrates an understanding of this law.

·         It also represents a shift from polarity consciousness to unity consciousness.

·         “For as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

·         “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

·         These are illustrations of the law of attraction.



Chapter 5


Understanding the seeds of your past


·         …sex has become a form of power.

· can either start a new  or you can plant the seeds..

·         ..voice your intent  that all information will be carefully screened  for your highest  good, and so it will be.

·         Know also that there are no seeds that can be planted without your approval.

·         We encourage you to take your power, and give it up to no one including us, for you are the rightful heir to your own destiny.

·         Early on, when the Game was still new, there was a faction from a neighboring planet that attempted to control you as a race of beings.

·         At the time you called them ‘gods’

·         Because of your history of being controlled, you have a dichotomy with the issues of control and power which you express through sex.

·         Recognize this for what it is, and you will quickly gain the tools to move past it.

·         …many truths uncovered pointing to the spirituality of sex.

·         ..Tantra..

·         ..your individual lack of self worth has stopped you from manifesting your co-creations and experiencing joy.

·         One of the ways this joy can be experienced is through the honest act of sex.  Joy and passion are the road signs to your path Home that you placed upon your own path.

·         Find balance in all things.

·         ..the blending of your races on Earth is a most honored biological step in this evolutionary process.

·         …got the feeling that the only reason we were talking about this was to explain the seeds that were planted, and what to do about them.

·         This was a renegade group acting on its own, and there was even dissension on their home planet about their aggression.

·         God said that he did not care what Games we played because we could never really get hurt.



Chapter 6

Tools for Walking With Spirit

Balancing your ego for the journey home


·         ..asking our higher selves to lead us to our highest  good.

·         Learning to walk each step of your lives holding hands with your higher self is a process of conscious living that the Group calls Re-membering.

·         Your higher self is the piece of you that you call the God within.

·         This grounding process you call eating is highly honored, for it allows you to transform the ethereal into a tangible form, which is your highest objective.

·         ..bringing light to the Earth.

·         ..develop an internal focus of survival.

·         It is focus on survival that is the origin of many of the fears.

· has the job of ensuring survival, thus, it will stop at nothing to complete its prime objective.

·         The ego is simply a tool…

·         ..constantly check and re-balance the ego.

·         ..divide you from your power.

·         It is the ego that fosters most destructive forms of competition.

·         …the concept of lack.

·         Marking your progress.

· accurate use of energy.

·         ...judgment…

· a misdirection.

·         ..a higher vibration is more desirable than a lower one.

·         We tell you that this is not the case.

·         …ascension.

·         You are now in lesson to communicate with your own higher selves.

·         ..brethren from distant planets.

·         Christed.

·         ..a day of reckoning and…a time of transition.

·         …all are true.

·         …this way of life is available to you today.

·         What you have termed the ascension, has in fact, begun.

·         Change is honored and is always beneficial.

·         ..where all of your  hearts’ desires are magically attracted to you.

·         The Earth is also evolving to a higher level.

·         ..begin walking every moment in a conscious spiritual state.

·         …readily available to you.

·         ..purposely filter all of this information through your own higher self.

·         Dare to allow the power within you to show itself.

·         When that power begins to surface you will feel the flow of Universal energy.

·         Learning to live in harmony and power will pave the way for a very bright future on planet Earth.

·         If the words resonate within your own heart, then take them as your own and ground the energy in your life by using the information.

·         However, one does not spread Light by reading words, but by living the ideals expressed by those words.

·         …shift your perception and walk fully into your power.

·         Voice your intent aloud and set it into motion.

·         There is only one constant that bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth.

·         This is the constant of love.

·         …a critical mass.

·         With this new vibration your biology is experiencing “density drops” as it begins returning to its former ethereal state.

·         Ask that inner being to connect and move consciously with you once more.

·         …ceremony of marriage.

·         Much like your human marriages, the real work begins in earnest after the ceremony.

·         26 seconds to change your life…

·         Call on the part of God.

·         ..thoughts of the greatest possibilities.

·         What would you create for yourself this day?

·         ..connecting these fingers will instantly call spirit..

·         There are many healers here now to help you move past this stage of discomfort.

·         Your physical body is changing at the level of your DNA.

·         Eating with New Consciousness

·         …consciously send it energy.

·         ..for the highest good of your Spirit.

·         Releasing your Emotional Attachments to Food

·         …consciously express your intention that the food you are about to ingest be used only for the nourishment of your physical body.

·         ..for your highest use in the physical.

·         Trust in the process for it will lead you Home.

·         …to center on your desires in life as these will surely find their way to you.

·         Focus in everything.

·         ..locate the spirit within each one who enters your field.

· that this a Game.

·         The  intent was to have fun.

·         “If you don’t like your reality, then think again.

·         Their first caution was for me to watch my ego, check it, and balance it often.

·         They said that this, more than anything else, has ruined some perfectly good channels in the past.


Chapter 7

Co- creation

The art of manifesting with spirit


·         This relates to what we call astrology today. 

·         Subtle magnetic fields in the Universe at the time of our birth are carried within our biology as definable attributes.

·         One of the ways we can access these powers is through Co-Creation.

·         Co-Creation is the art of deliberate manifestation with the help of Spirit.

·         …your ego steps in to tell you that you are not worthy of….clearly see you for the masters that you are.

·         At the very basis of your powers is the …art of creation.

·         The scrolls containing this information have recently been uncovered, yet crucial parts are being withheld for the purposes of control.

·         …truth cannot be controlled or manipulated for very long.  Nature always finds balance.

·         Co-Creation is when man intends a manifestation and asks Spirit to carry it out. 

·         When Spirit intends a manifestation and asks man to carry it out, this you have called Co-Incidence.

·         Man has Free Choice in his manifestations, yet Spirit has a predisposition of light.

·         Therefore, all Co-Creations must be for the highest good, or they simply will not manifest.

·         All you need to do to win the Game is to “be”

·         ..judgments, or belief systems, are the single most important reason you have been unable to fully re-member your powers up to this point.

·         Changing these belief systems within you is the strongest expression of Spirit within.

·         …an attitude of acceptance attracts the reflection of energy that you call money.

·         Create the vacuum in the Universe by practicing the art of graceful acceptance in allowing your manifestations to find you.

·         …fifth dimension.

·         ..third dimension.

·         …all time lags are being reduced.

·         You will receive exactly what you ask for. We caution you to closely examine your words, because you will receive exactly what you ask for.

·         This is where you start the process of Co-Creation.

·         We share with you now the most valuable information about Co-Creation.

·         The Universe has only one answer to all of your requests.

·         “And so it is….”

·         Be conscious of the vibrations you allow into your field.

·         It is not possible at your stage of development to fully control all thoughts entering your head.

·         You are, however, in full control of the thoughts that stay there.

·         …the most powerful words that can be uttered for the purpose of Co-Creation:

·         These are words of Gratitude.

·         ..there is a point.

· give it to spirit.

·         This in itself is a very strong action, and requires the trust and faith to let go, and let God.

·         It is possible to create space for another to accomplish their visions, or to receive healing.

·         Yet in all instances it must be their individual choosing to walk into that space.

·         All things must first come from within.

·         You are on the brink of winning the game.

·         …nudging..

·         …our imagination.

·         …more people are beginning to channel now. As we share information we can make it easier for each other.



Chapter 8


Allowing room for spirit in our bubbles of biology


·         …we see you having already won the Game.

·         The work you are in the process of doing at this time has to do with softening the transition to the higher vibratory levels.

·         If you wish to change the world it can be accomplished within, one heart at a time.

·         Your Co-Creation was to heal the Earth.

·         As you remove the blocks within your emotional bodies you then become able to carry more healing energy into the Earth.

·         In this time of great change, those who are capable of releasing attachment to the outcome will feel most at ease.

·         This is a key to living in joy ….Become comfortable with change and your world will be seen through the eyes of a master.

·         ..reworking your outer, ethereal bodies.

·         …intensifying of the spiritual self.

·         ..other realities that surround you.

·         The next step in your evolution will be learning to control movement in these dimensions.

·         ..path for many to make these transitions with greater comfort in the future.

·         This is the real work of the Lightworker.

·         …setting the stage for what has been termed the ascension.

·         Those who are comfortable with shifting realities will make the best of each moment and will seemingly glide through life effortlessly.

· spirit to manifest your Co-Creation.

·         Change is not something that humans do well; yet it is the only way to bring you the things you ask for.

·         Relax in the process and understand that all change will only be for the highest good.

·         In all cases, change will lead to something better.

·         The first attribute to center within is clearly defining your own energy field.

·         To know where you begin, and another leaves off, will allow you to release all that does not belong to you.

·         If you allow your energy to be invested in others, your focus will scatter and there will be little of yourself to give to anyone.

·         Those that clearly define themselves will be the ones that others seek out for guidance.

·         This is the higher purpose of what you have called the ego.

·         The ego is a tool for personal energy balance.

·         …the next wave of teachers and healers.

·         …the greatest act is the Act of Faith.

·         …trusting Spirit.

·         ..the path of least resistance to find the joy in the things already within your field.

·         “Pain often accompanies growth, but misery is optional.”

·         If you misplace that vision call upon us, we are available to you at any moment simply by asking.



Chapter 9

The Illusion of Fear and Evil

Or, be careful where you point that thing!


·         …keep in mind how simple the universe really is.

·         “The Opposite of Love is not hate, it is Fear.”

·         1945 The Beginning of Plan B

·         Adolf Hitler’s departure from the planet represented an enormous milestone for humanity.

·         This date has great spiritual significance because it marks the start of our awakening process.

·         Now, when new leaders come forward and attempt to assume the posture of supreme power, that old vibration is no longer supported on this planet.

·         ..we are no longer willing to give our power away in that manner.

·         ..action of taking your power that set plan B into motion.

·         …the hall of records.

·         ..two forces.

·         One is that you have now begun to take your power and use it to define your own world.

·         The second main force at work is that humanity as a whole is becoming more comfortable with change.

·         The flow of Universal Energy is always seeking balance, and any attempts toward segregation are in opposition to that natural flow.

·         Enlightened ones soon coming.

·         In your work as healers and teachers we encourage you to act appropriately, for it is no longer appropiate to take the power of another, even though they may hand it to you freely.

·         Help those who come to you find their own power, and nurture them.

·         A fully empowered whole is what you would call Heaven on Earth, or Home.

·         …your three-dimensional world.

·         Darkness is not the opposite of Light, it is simply the absence of Light.

·          Fear is Only a Lack of Knowledge

·         …those with deep understanding and knowledge are very spiritual in nature.

·         …understanding leads to love?

·         In learning to use fear as a tool, we ask you to view it as an emotional signal that there is simply missing information.

·         …see it as an opportunity for advancement.

·         …this time is of great importance to the entire universe, ….

·         …there are times in what you would perceive as your darkest hours that often provide answers that could come in no other way.

·         Understand that you are never alone.

·         The ancient Hebrew word for evil is Aven, which literally means “Nothing.”



Chapter 10

The Children of Crystal Vibration

Live Channel, Sudbury , Ontario


·         …open the conscious channel.

·         Allow yourself to walk every day with spirit.

·         Plan A.

·         …the Death Star.


Chapter 11

The Flow of Universal Energy

Live Channel, at The United Nations, Vienna , Austria


·         …in order to chase out the dark with the Light one must first shine Light into the darkness.

·         You have seen entire countries misdirecting energy.

·         …such is the flow of Universal Energy.

· can either place yourself within that flow and ride….or you can fight that flow..

·         Understanding the process can help you make informed choices.

·         If  the energy is misdirected, then it will build until it is corrected.

·         A full global expression in this manner would result in the destruction of the Earth.

·         This is a conclusion to which you were heading.

·         …your perspective determines the reality.

·         The blending of energies is the natural order of the Universe

·         For this reason, you see that people, governments, organizations and businesses that oppose the blending process are destined to experience misdirections of  energy.

·         ..turmoil.

·         ..lesson of  humanity.

· your field of contrast it is necessary to have dark times to truly see the light.

·         ..citizens of the Grand Planet Earth.

·         Universal citizens..

·         …perspective will change once you see that you are not alone in the Universe.

·         As  more is known, as some of your own heritage is starting to be revealed, you will understand  more about your own nature.

·         You will truly become citizens of the new planet Earth.

·         .simply too intertwined.

·         ..from a field of polarity, or segregation, into a field of unity.

·         …the difference between selfish and self-first.  Once you place yourself first in the flow of energy, it is then possible to connect with all other things.

·         …you will achieve balance…

·         You will find that you are all one.

·         …open the barriers between these imaginary lines.

·         …cutting others off is selfish.

·         …to feed others is self-first.  You have nothing to give from an empty cup.

·         By placing yourself in the Universal Flow you have much more to give other people because you first your own cup first.

·         Seek to the direct purpose of these organizations through your own intent and thereby align that intent with the Universal Flow of Energy.

·         If you find yourself losing balance, please remember to reach out and offer a hand to the one next to you, for in doing so you will be strengthening your connection to All That Is.

·         If you look around you, you will see the evidence.  Globally, your crime rates decreasing.

·         You have becoming a gentler people. You are moving from a motivation of survival to a motivation of unity.

·         As you move toward that Unity your highest purpose will become apparent.

·         If you check your balance often it will be your best indicator of when to let go.

·         .. “fight” will no longer be used.  It will simply no longer be necessary.

·         When each one of you understands that you are all the same, then it will be easier to act as neighbors and support each other, even allowing for your differences.

·         …your greatest contract is to center your own energy and learn to create your own reality.

·         …achieve balance.

·         …unless that job consistently drains your energy.

·         If what you do for a living is a constant drain on your energy then you have only two choices.

·         You may change your job or it will change you.

·         ….when the synchronicities line up, take these as a sign from your higher self.

·         …have the courage to step into it….

·         …synchronicity is simply the means by which this higher self now speaks to you.

· adopting a synchronistic life style and leaving room for spirit to work in your life, you will most easily create your highest good.

·         Soon, the architects of the energy, whom you called aliens, will be returning to visit this planet.

·         They will have a very important role to play in redesigning the energy to support the higher vibrations on the Gameboard.

·         …there are many more than three of what you call dimensions.

·         The best way to speed up the process of re-membering is to reach out and connect with spiritual family.

·         Connect with others of like vibration.

·         …move into joy and stay there.

·         When you create Home on your side the veil, like vibrations attract and the separation between the worlds diminishes.



Chapter 12

The Crystal Grid

Humanity’s Connection to the Earth, Live Channel Elspeet, Holland


·         The restrictions that you have cleared within yourselves have created changes upon the planet.

·         You have grown and raised your own vibrations beyond survival as the prime motivation.

·         For the motivations fact is now one of carrying light and seeking unity.

·         Matching your thoughts with your feelings will be the very beginning of your mastership.

·         …moving further into unity, consciousness.

·         …always been one.

·         …this was to be the only Planet of Free Choice.

·         …help…parental race.

·         …there will be very much assistance offered in the very near future from your neighbors.

·         …accept them.

·         …knowing your own power.

·         ..Gaia energy.

·         …your brethren…. They are here for the lessons you will teach them.

·         …the Gameboard Earth will, as it was intended, become the grand library.

·         Beings throughout the Universe, of all types, of all natures, will come to the Planet of Free Choice to see how it was done.

·         …will set the paradigms for the rest of the Universe in all that is to come.

·         ….Holland.

· one of the central points of the new magnetic grid.

·         …there is a relationship to what you call crystal and what you call Christ.

· have had to experience much turmoil.

·         …carrying light.

·         There is only one solution to disconnected energy, and that is to re-connect it again.

· appropriate that this not be tolerated…

·         …it is not appropriate to allow the mistreatment of humanity in any form.

·         … “the meek shall inherit the Earth.”

·         Allow space for  the government to save face while making corrections.

·         …the many lives you have touched.

·         ..seeds..

·         …much like a spider web,..

·         …the HAARP project is not being conducted with healthy intent.

·         …slow down and redirect your focus and intent.

·         …could be used for great good.

·         First, become aware..

·         Speak your truth, write about it, share your concerns with another.

·         Humanity carries much more of the Light energy than that of war and destruction. 

·         The natural process is to find balance.

·         …first and foremost, ask your leaders; “what is this for?”

·         Bring light and attention into this situation and into these questions.

·         Make these questions public.

·         Present the information to each other and then make the decisions.

·         The systems that you know as your schools will begin to change.

·         ..System BUSTERS.

·         …examine your own choices, your own belief systems that limit you in the raising of your children, in the teaching of your schools.

·         As you begin to become more aware you will see more of these cosmic winks that will tell you that you are on your path.

·         …the light energy that we see as light is the highest expression of the love energy.

·         As you move into your light body,  you will no longer have an interaction of light within biology for you will be light and will have an interaction of biology within the light.

·         …there is only one way you can make life comfortable for your children. That is for you to move into your passion.

·         For as you do, you give them permission to move into theirs.

·         You are the role model, you are the person they watch.

·         Allow them to stand unhampered, yet assisted when necessary.  Let them feel they have support.

· they become stronger in standing on their own, reduce the support and move into your own focus.

·         …center your own energy within you.

·         This is also when you give the greatest gift to those around you, for it is not possible to give from an empty cup.

·         Fill your cup first. Create the life that you desire.

·         That will give EVERYTHING to your children.

·         …deliberately, altered the OUTCOME of your own existence.

· do this is for the greatest good of the universe.

·         This is the manner in which you can change your world one heart at a time beginning with your own.



Chapter 13


Re-membering the other side of the veil


·         It is your higher purpose to take ethereal forms and ground them into your three-dimensional world.

·         …everything you term as man-made is actually an ethereal thought form that you have run through your bubbles of biology to make three-dimensional.

·         Light into the Earth.

·         ..through human biology/

·         ..validation of..

·         ..claim your power and change your world.

·         …you can change your world, one heart at a time.

· process.

·         We watch as you experience the pain of being human.

·         We see the deep loneliness you experience, being far from re-member your direction or your power.

·         Guides.

·         …the role of service to others.  This is a most honored role, for it allows you to give constant love and support to the recipient.

·         …look within instead of without. Instead of listening for them to talk to you in voices different than your own, we ask you to pay attention to the gentle nudges that have been with you always.

·         Practice the art of listening, for it leads the way to your path of least resistance.

·         …the highest step of evolution prior to re-entering the God-head.

·         This tunnel is actually the internal experience of  the soul leaving the body through the pineal gland.

·         The passage through this tunnel must be of your own volition.

·         …the idea of Hell is entirely of your own design.

·         …ample rest between phases..

·         ..not overwhelm souls…


·         …when, you went inside and cleared the restrictions you had accumulated; the times when you not only gave love, but also allowed yourself to feel the love given to you.

·         Valuing yourself is one of the most honored acts.

·         …stretch and use more of your powers…all is possible with thought.

·         …is the sense of absorption.

·         …this beauty was always on Earth.

·         Connecting with your energy is the only way to find your place in the shifting dimensions of time.



Chapter 14

The Second Wave

A Return to Power


·         …1945.

·         …was the first indication that humanity was choosing to move back into empowerment.

·         The Second Wave… about moving from a pattern of follow the leader into one of individual empowerment.

·         This is the reason that very few of your organizational structures still accomplish their intended purpose.

·         Many of the systems intended to protect people have effectively separated them from their power.

·         ..the second Wave of Empowerment.

·         The task of those we call Lightworkers will be to lead the way to advancement, first through their own experience, and then through assisting others.

·         Yours will be the special task of lending a gentle loving hand to those struggling to step into their power.

·         ..find the power within.

·         Personal empowerment will in turn, focus global attention in new directions.

·         As more of you step into your power, your organizations and governments will expand to make room for the empowered human.

·         …Lemuria.

·         …a form of non-government.

·         As an employee is allowed the freedom to move into their passion and empowerment they will produce benefits for everyone.  This is most easily seen in the area of business because of the predisposition of these organizations to center their energy.

·         Most of these organizations are formed with the clear intent of profit.

·         Although this may appear selfish, it is this focus of centered energy that leads the way for its existence in the higher vibrations.

·         Private business will lead the way and governments will follow as the pressure builds to create an environment that enables individual empowerment.

·         The businesses of the world will soon provide a new standard for governments to follow.  The shift toward a global economy has been underway for some time.

·         The monetary system has accurately reflected the Free Choice aspects of the Gameboard. As result, free enterprise systems reflect the natural flow of Universal energy.

·         By emulating this Universal energy, a natural balance has begun on the planet through economics.

·         It is with great humor that we inform you that because of this balance, a global war is no longer possible on the Gameboard.

·         If  this were attempted it would soon be discovered that one was attacking themselves.

·         The fingers of economic interweaving have also set the stage for a global community to come forward.

·         Global economy is setting the stage for true global community.

·         …be a natural step to return to a system of government that not only makes space for empowered humans, but also makes space for other governments to co-exist peacefully, and even to nurture one another.

·         Less will become more in government as humans begin to hold their own power.

·         Humans will take responsibility for their own reality and refrain from leaning on their governments for their support.

·         The ease of transition to new systems in government will depend on the resistance to inevitable change.

·         One is only able to fall if one is leaning.

·         First, we ask you to find your passion and move into it fully.

· your own heart.

·         If one does not know their own position, even the best directions will not get them to their destination.

·         …it is not possible to give from an empty cup.

·         Think if this not as selfish, but as self-first.  This is centering your own energy.

·         …each one has a motivation that is self-first.

·         Center your own energy and do not become so entwined in another’s as to take it as your own.

·         To do so is a disservice to that person, for it keeps them from seeing their true reflection.

·         Approach this with compassion, for it will help you find your natural balance as well.

·         Work together with the Universe and in place of making it right for others simply help them interpret the feedback from their actions.

·         ..your path is not that difficult. 

·         Look for the possibilities that contain excitement and passion.

·         Moving into these areas of passion and joy is what will lead you to your highest potential.  Being in your highest potential will also attract your greatest abundance.

·         When you have the courage to center your energy on yourself and move into the areas of your greatest joy you will quickly win..



Chapter 15


Does anybody really know what time it is?


·         You have enough time to do everything you came here to do.

·         Start with regaining control over the daily tasks you know to be well within your reach.

·         Find something for which you choose to create more time.

·         ..set your intent to get more done in a smaller amount of time.

·         ..the mystical.

·         ..back to your natural powers as finite parts of the infinite Creator.

·         First, center your thoughts.

·         ..ritual.

·         …the marriage to your own higher self.  This re- union is what you have been calling the ascension.


Chapter 16


The Evolution of Humanity


·         In these difficult times it is helpful to connect with each other and support one another.

·         When you feel you are empty inside and have nothing of value, these are the times that we ask you to reach out and offer your assistance to others. 

·         It is this honoring of the connection to all other things that will allow you to see your own gifts more clearly in this grand new light.

·         From an energetic perspective, you are moving from a field of polarity into a field of unity.

·         As it stands at this moment, there is a need for the Earth to relieve stress.

·         ..earthquakes.

·         ..the natural movement of energy within the Universe from dense form to lighter form.

·         The sense of absorption is one that you use to absorb energy into your bodies.

·         …assimilating the energy of the Earth through what you know to be eating.

·         ..transition back into your original human form; to that which you have called Lightbody.

·         To set this into motion takes only the stated intent to walk into Plan B and write your next script.

·         The most important tool we can give you at this stage is to tell you to stay close to those around you.

·         This step into evolution cannot be taken alone.

·         An important part of this step is the strengthening of the connection between all things.

·         Separate yourself and the flow will be blocked.

·         …the nose has always been a source of electricity that …

·         As you inhale through your nose, the air rushes past the hairs and mounds of flesh, generating and electrical current.

·         This energy is then stored on the opposite side of your spine.

·         These electrical supplies feed the brain on the corresponding side where the charge is stored.

·         It is therefore possible to feed one side of your brain energy in anticipation of using that side.

·         …use it to their advantage.

·         The sensitivity of your nose is growing beyond your understanding, as this is also now used to absorb pranic energy.

·         …a new system of chakras.

·         Your sensitivity to this energy will be one of your greatest assets and will be a tool that you will use often as healers.

·         A balanced diet and exercise can minimize the challenges during these times.

·         Balance in all things is important, but we caution you that the base of your power will become an increasing challenge.

·         FEAR NOT. Set your tone and then walk purposefully into your future.

·         …sleep changes…heart palpitations…

·         ..magnetics.

·         Introducing an harmonic vibration can eradicate the disease, because it is not possible for two vibrations to occupy the same time and space.

·         …incorporated the overall body signature into the equation.

·         Healers of the future will work on a different basis than those in place at this time.

·         Your biology was designed to last for hundreds of your years.

·         …communication with your own higher self much easier.

·         …commonplace.

·         ..the ego could only operate with separation….caused by polarity on the..

·         By centering your own energy, it will be possible to experience full connection to all things without losing yourself in the experience.

·         Eventually you will need only brief rest periods to rejuvenate your energy.

·         …learning to channel energy.

·         Intent is the process that instigates change.



Chapter 17

The Quill of Re-membrance

Scripting your Plan B Contracts


·         ...with empowerment also comes responsibility.

·         ..2012.

·         A Healer is one who creates space for others to feel safe enough to heal themselves.

·         These are the ones will devise systems of governments and communities that will make it possible to live in harmony and peace,…

·         Architects of the Heart…

·         …balancing the heart center of the whole of humanity…

·         …through the implementation of projects and systems that incorporate the balanced male/female energies.

·         Architects of the Light are a special group of beings who will develop systems that will enable everyone to incorporate the higher aspects of Light into daily life.

·         Much will be needed in new systems and paradigms.

· support higher vibrational being.

·         …bring people of like vibration together.

·         …comfortably attracts others of similar vibration into their field.

· provide space for the re-union of spiritual family.

·         Netlinkers are a special faction of the Cosmic Connectors who find expression through the use of technology, they encourage advancement in all these areas.

·         Many of these are now finding ways to work with technology even though they are highly spiritual beings.

·         These will be the very first to understand the link between technology and spirituality.

·         Weavers of the Net, or “Laticeworkers”…

·         …are Universal energy workers that will move the Game to a fuller understanding of  the connection to the universal energy grid.

·         Will learn and develop techniques to energetically work with the Universal Energy Grid and make these adjustments.

·         Energy Workers are a group of people who are experts at observing and working in the natural flow of Universal Energy.

·         By placing intent in the flow at just the right location all things can be accomplished effortlessly.

·         Guardians of the Universal Energy are a select few that work in very high of organizations and governments.  They oversee the actions of these organizations to ensure they are in accord with the Universal energy flow.

·         Integrators of Love are people who are constantly searching for ways to ground the Universal Energy in our daily lives.

·         Librarians….

·         ..the Directors of Knowledge…..

·         …help others find answers..

· leading others to find their own truth.

·         ..find and use their own power.

·         Keepers of the Akashic are the historians who accurately keep the records so that mis-directions of energy need not be repeated.

·         Human history has a tendency to repeat itself if not constantly reminded of lessons learned.

·         Mentors of the Knowledge are educators.

·         ..integrate the highest of lessons into daily life.

·         ..teachers…

·         …helping others to locate and learn the tools to move forward.

·         Keepers of the Flame.

·         Mentors that focus entirely on the Children of…

·         Ambassadors of the Light are the ones who carry the Light to others. The have been seen as leaders, teachers, shamans, gurus and many other labels that you have used.

·         This process will move them from Teacher to Facilitator, and, eventually,  to that of Validator.

·         The incorporation and study of energy will open doors not yet imagined.

·         The Quill of Re-membrance…is used to ground the energy. We use it to script our next contracts and set them into motion by setting our intent in writing.



Chapter 18

The Return of Merlia


·         …the right to claim the true power that each one of you holds.

· expect greatness from one another would set the stage for that greatness to surface.

· ..was created for the empowered human.

·         The concept portrayed by the round table was that no one person was to be in charge.

·         The overall paradigm has now shifted from follow the leader to follow your own truth, as space is now made for the empowered human.

·         This is actually a system of non-government that will be brought back by the Architects of the Light as they begin to move into their new roles.

·         The power you hold is magical.

·         …stand firm in your truth to be fully in your power.

·         Movement into Plan B means moving from a field of polarity to a field of unity.

·         Some of your belief systems have been built on judgment rather than discernment.

·         Judgment is only possible within a field of polarity.

·         It is this movement that has cleared the way for the full expression of female energy to return to planet Earth.

·         It is with great pride that we tell you that the time of Merlia is now upon you.

·         …you have made it possible for the full feminine energy to return and unite with the whole.

·         You can clearly see that this reunion has begun on your planet.

·         The numbers on your planet have never been so large and yet your crime rates continued to decline.

·         You are making a difference and changing your world with each thought that enters your hearts.

·         Merlia is the Merlin energy returning to Earth in feminine form to offer the balance needed for the step out of polarity into wholeness.

·         They will help you to understand the full implications of walking hand in hand with your own higher self.

·         This will mark a time of peace on the planet that has never before been known.



Final Chapter

The Game Continues…

The Grand Game of Hide and Seek Part II


·         “A time of peace will now reign on the new planet Earth.