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December 5, 1999
Name:                  Dianna   Whyte
City:                  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Age:                   14
Comments:             Your site really helped with my project about peacekeeping!
thanx  ~*/Di/*~

November 21, 1999
Name:                  Carole Berry
City:                  Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Age:                   55
Comments:             Peace begins with awareness.  Raising the coming year as the first of the decade for the Culture of Peace will take all of us to add a little.

As a Rotarian, I will bring this to my own club - and also to youth leaders through RYLA.   Building awareness in those who can make a difference.

Carole Berry

November 9, 1999
Name:                  Guy
City:                  Ashe-Vegas, NC
Age:                   30
Comments:             Bravo on your work.I am an ex-S.H.A.R.P.(skinheads against racial prejudice)member that got tired of throwing fuel on the fire by hating & fighting with hate groups-literally.Iv'e come to the conclusion that compassion is the way to push the feelings of hate from inside us all.I was really no better than any Klan member or W.A.R.member at all,I felt the same way they do-except my hate was directed towards them-other humans-not just to the ideals they carry.I think that if we teach our children what compassion really is,then hatred and intolerance can't get through that.Tip:next time the klan(or another group)decide to march near or in your home town-leave the rocks on the ground,as well as your fists in your pockets.When you feel that pain of hatred for these people/groups in you -then THEY WIN.Don't "fuel the fire" with them,once youv'e crossed that line into those feelings-your intelligence has been raped by the propaganda they bring along.Our kids ca!
 rry the answers with them,find out how they feel now,keep the dream alive!May you all be well.  Peace

Date:  October 18, 1999
Name:                  Sandi Butler
City:                  Tweed Heads
Province:            N.S.W.
Country:               Australia
Age:                   50
Comments:             I'm a high school teacher who is developing a Webquest for our Year 12 English students who have to do work on the issue of "War and Peace". I will include your site.I'm getting them to research Nobel Peace Prize winners etc. One point I will be making is how few Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers have won it! Peace and People Power go together May the force be with you !

Date:  October 13, 1999
Name:                  Leah Potter
City:                  Republic, WA
Age:                   16
Comments:             I think that what you guys are doing is awesome.  Our world needs to get back on track. Our world should not be about violence and anger, but of love and security. I know that God is smiling down on your work. Keep it up, and whatever you do, make sure it glorifies God.
In Jesus,
a child of God

Hello my name is Micheal Teal. I am a psychic/metaphysical practitioner in Southern Ontario Canada. My compliments on your efforts. In a world filled with violence it is heartwarming to see somebody making a concerted effort to provide people with the resources necessary to bring peace to their communities. The world begins in our own backyard. Congratulations and good fortune in all future endeavours. FOREVER IN PEACE, MICHEAL www.bardic.on.ca/ancient

Date:  September 7, 1999
Name:                  Cecily L.S. Nicholson
URL:                   http://www.nd.edu/~krocinst/
City:                  South Bend, Indiana, USA
Age:                   25
Comments:             I am a Canadian, doing my masters in International Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute here at the University of Notre Dame.   I am very encouraged to learn about the existence of the Canadian Cenre for Teaching Peace, and in particular,  of iniaitives involving the teaching of peace studies to children.

As for my chosen definition of peace:  I am inclined towards Galtung's holistic approach to defining both violence and peace, that is that peace occurs with the fulfillment of basic needs.  Further, peace needs also to occur between the human species and our environment.  What concerns me most is widespread impoverishment and the relationship between economic and social well-being and peace.    Actually, my interests are a lot more specific, but in the interest of berivity...

"if you want peace, work for justice"


Date:  August 9, 1999
Name:                  David Gunther
URL:                   http://dev99.advanced.org/25909
City:                  Yorktown, NY, USA
Age:                   17
Comments:             Check out War & Conflict - Past :: Present :: Future, a highly interactive and informational site which promotes a peaceful end to conflicts.  Please visit it at http://dev99.advanced.org/25909  .   Winner of numerous awards

Date:  July 26, 1999
Name: Sabina Krupic
City:  Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina           
Age:  24
First of all, I live in a country where war is normal -every 30 or 40 years another war.  And I'm asking you, what is peace?  Peace is not only absence of violence.   People need psychological, spiritual, mental and physical peace.

I'm part of a group of people that are founding a peace institute here in Sarajevo for all of Bosnia -including a center for peace research, center for peace studies and center for peace action.  If you're interested in helping us, let me know.

I have one wish:  Neka vlada mir. (Let peace rule!)

Date:  July 16, 1999
Name: Allison
City: Shoreline, Washington, USA
Age: 12   
I hope that in the near future people will help everyone they can, and cooperate with others everywhere. I also hope that there will be no more wars, civil or not. I will do everything I can to spread world peace.

Date:  July 12, 1999
Name:  Dragana Gloginic
City:   Belgrade, Serbia, Yougoslavia
Age:  43
Dear peacemakers from Canada,
I am exalted with your program .  But can you explain to me the conection betwen bombing at one side and peace and non violence at other side.
Your beautifull country has many movement for peace , but forgive me , I thing that is only  " verba volens".
One simply sentence is most important for teaching peace:
This first postulate of Cants ethics I understand as Gods will. 
Many respect from Serbia.
P.S We try to forget your bombs and 4,000 death people  God forgive them, they don't know what they done.

Date:  July 4, 1999
Name:                  Claudette Letendre          
URL:                   http://members.tripod.com/~petitchoux/index.html
City:  Me, Maine, USE    
Your quest for world peace is simply wonderful and on behalf of The World Harmony And Hug Movement, I would like to bestow upon your site The World Harmony Silver Angel Award.  Keep up your wonderful efforts on peace issues!

Date:  June 19, 1999
Name:  Patrick trotter
City:    Cave creek, Arizona, USA
Comments:        Heres a proposal:  2001 World's Fair -  "The True Millennium".   Theme: World Peace.   Contributers: people of the world place.  On Line ?

Date:  June 9, 1999
Name:  Kristen Hogan
City:   Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada     
Comments:       Peace is possible for all.  The sooner we realize this, this sooner we all can and will make change.

Date:  June 7, 1999
Name:  Ulrich L. (Len) McKenzie
City:    Brampton, Ontario, Canada         
Comments:  I wish you, and your project every success.

Date:  May 22, 1999
Maripat MonahanMaripat Monahan
Subject:  Problem

Peace Action
Hurray!  I was so excited to find your Web site.  I agree with everything you have said.  I have reached that 2nd part of my life when I'm ready to make a difference.  I have just begin a peace project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)and am very busy recruiting volunteers and getting connected with folks like you!  What a great resource you have provided...thank you thank you thank you!!! I will be visiting your site often and plan to
connect with you via Email.  I wonder if you would be able to put me in touch with Karen Spang of Hamtramck, Michigan.  It sounds like she has launched a campaign very similar to the ones I am planning.  Way to go Karen!  As you can probably tell from my message I am elated and ecstatic and have much more to say since I too am quite passionate about this topic.  Look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!!!

Date:  May 15, 1999
Name:  Robert Carlson
Subject:  Sorry

Question for NATO

When I was being prepared to go to Viet Nam, which I spent 2 years in, they gathered a few hundred of us into an auditorium and told us to look around at the other people because a certain number would not be coming back. But not to worry because we were involved in "doing good." I always appreciated that warning. It was honest and it was a honoring to those who were still alive
but would be killed before they were killed.
Since NATO has already admitted that innocent people would be killed and they have to keep apologizing after they have killed these innocent people I thought it would be nice if NATO would apologized to these people while they were still alive. This way the people who really need to hear "sorry" would get to hear it.
You could say something like. We are sorry to all of you people who are alive now but will be killed by us. Just remember that you lost your life for all the good that NATO is doing. Find comfort in the fact that you gave your life so NATO could live.
This would save a lot of apologizing later. One big apology and you would be done. From then on you would not have to say that you were sorry for anything.


Robert Carlson

Date:                   April 18, 1999 
Name:                 Ananda K. Voos
City:                  North Brunswick
State:                New Jersey
Country:           USA
Age:                   51
Other:                 unconditional pacifist
Comments:             I have been a "closet pacifist" for years and finally came out because of the current conflict in the Balkans. The madness of trying to "solve" a centuries old problem with more violence was so obvious to me that it just focussed a lifetime of moving in the direction of total knowing that violence NEVER takes care of a problem, only makes it worse.
One group that is doing a wonderful job of living the culture of peace is the Bahai Faith.   This new dispensation from God understands at a deep, deep level that "the human race is a single family of which all people are members."  The first revelations of this dispensation occured in the 1860's in the Middle East, and taught the equality of all "races," and of woman and men, the necessity of building a world of justice and peace, the need for spiritual solutions to economic problems, the essential sychronicity of all religions,love and care for the earth, and many other wise and compassionate teachings which the world very much needs today.
There are about 6 millions Bahais around the world (including myself).  That's a large "peace group"!  Please consider finding the Bahai Faith on the net or in your local yellow pages and seeing for yourself how fulfulling it is to be living the peace that you yearn for.
Posted for the benefit of all beings.
May Peace Prevail on Earth.

12:57:27 PM


Truly inspirational for any individual.

6/7/98 6/7/98
            8:37 PM

            Lisa & Tim Weedn

We believe this type of communication is essential to establishing a true and lasting peace. But it is only the first step. In order to create such a thing we, as a species, must first form a consensus of purpose. This is a rather simple thing to do.

JFK said " Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet... we all breath the same air... we all cherish our children's future... and we are all mortal...". This is not only a consensus of being but a simple fact. Once this mentality becomes second nature in everyone's mind then the consensus of purpose follows suit. What do we do with ourselves?...
Were are we going?... Simply put, our most basic purpose should be to better ourselves. Not in monetary forms or social stature but as a species whose intelligence allows us to do whatever we can imagine is possible.

History shows us that whenever we are confronted with adversity it only serves to strengthen our resolve. We are now faced with a series of challenges that may well decide whether we, as a species, will reach our potential or go the way of the dodo. We must learn to share this planet with not only ourselves, but every other life form that currently inhabits it. We must willingly lay down our arms in favor of cooperation. We must form a consensus of purpose, extinguish the fires of hate, and strive to reach common goals, whatever they may be, together. This is perhaps the greatest challenge our species has ever faced. But it is a challenge we can overcome if we simply decide to do it. Do it we can... Do it we must... For if we decide to destroy ourselves then all we have accomplished will mean nothing. What a waste.

Anyway Mr. Stewart greetings from Lisa & Tim Weedn. We are independent film makers doing research for our upcoming production "IMAGINE NATION". Our last film "EDGE OF UTOPIA" is currently airing on PBS here in the states and is now being distributed overseas by Film Option International ( a Canadian firm ).

It is our hope and desire to use these forms of mass communication ( ie the internet and television ) to bring a message of peace and understanding to the world. But we cannot do it alone. We hope to establish a dialogue with people such as yourself so that we may create the right message and impact that will change minds. We could go on and on but think that you already have some concept of what we are trying to do. If you are interested please e-mail us at lweedn@aol.com. or call us at (817) 237-2348. This project is in the early stages. Any input you could offer is sincerely appreciated.


Lisa & Tim Weedn
Pie in the Sky Productions


From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" <cfna@pullman.com>

Subject: A Moment To Simply Pause

As someone who's workday is happily filled with online activity, I find that it is rare for something to happen during work hours that will cause me to be distracted from my Internet professional activities. Today, though, the Springfield, Oregon, school shooting has become that rare mental disruption.
I realize my post here is very off-topic, particularly from someone who is not a lurker and who considers herself an active member of this discussion group's community. Perhaps that is the very reason that I'm posting. Or perhaps, it is because as a resident of Washington state, proximity to the shooting increases my disturbance, particularly given that this is the 5th such incident in nine months in the U.S. Or, is it the discussion that I had with my smarter-than-me 8-year-old this morning about the incident and his questions about adults and the internet, adults and TV? 
I asked my son this morning, as we drove down quiet roads to his private rural-based school, many questions about the incident, but for the sake of this list, the most interesting were focused on his thoughts on how the internet and TV influenced children.   I have pondered his words off-and-on this morning. After assuring me that the thought of shooting another human repulsed him, he said, "But, Mom, I don't understand something. If it's not ok to shoot somebody, why do grownups even make computer games where people are shooting other people? You know what, they're everywhere, even on the internet." So I asked him if he thought seeing those internet games would cause a child to shoot someone. "No. Not really. But what they do do is make it look easy. And, you know what, no one ever gets sad in those games when someone dies. Never. Have you ever seen one tear in a computer game? Ever? " Later on he asked me why grownups hadn't made a program that just would automatically bleep every bad word on the Internet anytime it was seen by some type of kid-dreamed-up program monitoring the net. His hands went wild in the air, explaining how this would be done. 
My son, even at his young age, is net- and computer-comfortable (something Gary learned when he found an email in his box from Sean, unbeknownst to me, telling him that news tickers were interesting for kids too and that he shouldn't avoid putting them on kid sites.) What he drove home to me, with his youthful words, is a reminder that as an e-marketer that our youth are watching us, the adults, and not only are they watching, but these short people are thinking thoughts and drawing conclusions from our actions and words. And those thoughts aren't always things I would have thought of (tears in a computer game? I, for one, never noticed!) I realized today that my job online is not only to be of assist to others and to, hopefully, generate revenue, but I also must be mindful of the fact that somewhere out there a short person might be watching, a short person in the process of forming his value system and set of principles. And what is most frightening, is a short person who's brain is spinning in thought faster than we give most of them credit for. 
Perhaps today, all of us on this list might stop just for a moment and ponder how as adults, whether parents or not, what we sell online, how we sell it, what we allow in chatrooms, how we speak to each other in email... influences, even in small incremental doses, the small people.  My apologies for the interruption. I simply thought it was   appropriate today to pause a moment and think, really think,  about our youth.

Sunni Freyer

~~~~~~~~C F N A, I n c ~~~~~~~~
Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer, President.............cfna@pullman.com
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8/17/98 8/17/98
            12.54 PM

            H.L. Ratan

A wonderful site.

Thank you so much from all of us in the World.  I will be visiting this site often to get ideas for my club's projects.

Thanks again and hope we can work together on this wonderful project.

Hari Ratan

9/1/98 9/1/98
            12.28 PM

            Jeff Mabe

I am member of Rotary in Reidsville, NC and strongly believe in one mankind, one God in teamwork for world peace. Our hearts and souls will burn brightly with Love from reaching out attempting to alleviate the pain and suffering here and thoughout our entire world.