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September 2003

Name:                 Lu
Comments:             To have a piece of peace is good to have a handful of peace is even better. I think we need to have a roomfull of peace. Don't you?

Name:                 Susi
Email:                nospam@meplease.com
URL:                  http://www.swinger-liebe.de
City:                 Berlin
Country:              Germany
Age:                  35
Comments:             Thank you so much from all of us in the World.  I will be visiting this site often to get ideas for teaching my Kids in the Shool.

Thanks i will come back soon!

Name:                 Manuel
Email:                mptku@hotmail.com
URL:                  http://www.buscainmobiliarias.com
Country:              Spain
Comments:             This site is interesting as well as informative. Enjoyed browsing through the site. Keep up the good work. Greetings..

Name:                 Peter
Email:                loe@we.com
URL:                  http://www.swinger-universum.com
City:                 Berlin
Country:              Germany
Age:                  40
Comments:             A realy nice and interesting Page! I come back soon!

Name:                 lona
City:                 berlin
Comments:             Very nice page ! i come back soon!!
Greetings <a href="http://www.swinger-universum.com/swinger.php">Swinger</a>

Name:                 Lisa
Email:                lisa_by_heart@yahoo.com
URL:                  http://www.my-dvd.org/
City:                 Duisburg
Country:              Deutschland/Germany
Age:                  21
Comments:             What is peace?

most certainly not, what mr. george "my soldiers shoot before they ask if their victim was a reuters journalist" bush does.

Name:                 Marc
City:                 Berlin
Country:              Germany
Age:                  42
Comments:             Good site!


Name:                 Alex
Email:                viveash18@hotmail.com
URL:                  www.youcan.ca
City:                 Ottawa
ProvinceorState:      Ontario
Country:              Canada
Age:                  18
Other:                Male
Comments:             PEACE!! It is not far away...

August 2003

Name:                 ehis abu
Email:                peacenet3@yahoo.com
URL:                  nil
City:                 lagos
ProvinceorState:      lagos
Country:              nigeria
Age:                  33
Comments:             We share common hope,nation building and reconciling poeple and interest in togetherness with other peace loving poeple in the world in achieving a common goal. which is.....PEACE.

Name:                 Jeannette of Nazareth
Email:                jkty@sympatico.ca
URL:                  www.afriendlymessage.org
City:                 Ottawa
ProvinceorState:      Ontario
Country:              Canada
Age:                  xx
Other:                Love, Peace, Justice, Freedom = innerpeace
Comments:             May Peace Prevail on Earth now and forever! Amen!
My name is Jeannette of Nazareth. I promote world peace through singing and dancing in Ottawa-Gatineau Region in
Canada. Since September 11, 2001; I decided to rip the curtain of Pride and Shyness and destroy it from my life permanently. This will allow me from this point on to offer everything I have of modest
talents which I have to promote world peace. Peace is my  goal. Good communications is the way. Breaking all barriers which seperate humanity from each others is the best solution. Let us destroy all these solid high walls which our ancesters and some of us built. Let us sew love and peace in everyone's heart and accept each others as we are. Let us make the big effort to go this extra mile in order to reach out to all. Let us work  together in harmony  to promote world peace. Above all, let us allow God the center in our life for He should only focus in finding the ultimate solution to acquire the real world peace, as He is our Creator, Father of all Humanity.
I do peace concerts at no charge in the National Capital Region of Canada.Lately, during summer 2003, I have been dancing for peace
publicly litteraly everywhere in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region. I care no more for any negative criticism.I am no more a slave of any intimidation, and I would like to be an example to all individual who are shy in Nature. I encourage everyone to get up and waste no more time and contribute in a way or another towards world peace by investing there gifts and talents. I believe strongly in this important peace mission. Since Sept.11, 2001, Peace is my only goal as it is lately for many, and I shall do everything to see this big dream of mine (as it is for many) come true. With the help of Almighty God, and people of good faith, we shall conquor evil pride, egoism, and materialism source of all human misery. Amen!
Jeannette of Nazareth
Devoted to bring Joy and Peace to the World through singing and dancing in simplicity and poverty as long as I live.

P.S. I would like to invite you to my webpage where you shall see a list of about 40 songs and melodies which are dedicated
for world peace. There are also messages behind each song. I also created a short play entitled: Victory over Pride and Shyness. All my concerts are advertised on the first page on the web as well as all info as how to reach me. Welcome to all! It is very sad when I ask people for financial support, 99.9% of them turn their back on me including government offices and peace organizations for funds and awards. Why so? Now we can understand how we are killing the very spirt of any idea which may suggest peace especially if this person comes from the Holy Land. Sad, isn't? And so, we wonder why are we not achieving peace yet when too many sweet people like Robert Stewart of goodwill are trying hard to realize this big dream of all humanity. Let everyone contribute his/her own share towards peace. I suggest readers check Messages Behind each Song at: www.afriendlymessage.org I hope I can be a source of inspiration to many. Peace of the Lord be with you all in the whole world!

Name:                 SAJID PERVAIZ BHATTI
Email:                bhatisaj@gjr.paknet.com.pk
City:                 GUJRANWALA
ProvinceorState:      PUNJAB
Country:              PAKISTAN
Age:                  32 YEARS
Other:                ROTARY ASISTANT GOVERNOR

July 2003

Name:                 Ousama Masalha
Email:                o_masalha@hotmail.com
City:                 Gaza
Country:              Palestine
  My simple logic is  that  Peace(s) does not need to be justified ,war needs to be justified ...and there is no justification to war,not even to that war that ends all wars and bring peace.

 Name:                 Neil Castello
Email:                castello37@yahoo.com
City:                 Markham
ProvinceorState:      Ontario
Country:              Canada
Age:                  41
Comments:             To Whom it may concern;

My Brother and I have Developed a Self-help Anger Management Workbook/Journal that will aid the user in developing positive and non violent thought process to cope with anger.

We would like very much to be part of what you are doing.  It is my personal belief that these tools should be taught within every school system.

Thank you

N. Castello

Name:                 FreeChat
Email:                freechat@mail.com
URL:                  http://freechat.llil.de
Comments:             Thanks! Enjoed the time on your site!Sincerly yours, <a href="http://bilder.llil.de">Bilder</a>

Name:                 Mellanie
Email:                info@321Golbing.com
URL:                  http://private-krankenversicherung.wizl.de
City:                 Gelenburg
ProvinceorState:      RH
Country:              Europe
Age:                  28
Comments:             Peace is a part of Eden on Earth.

Name:                 Rev.Funso Mike A.
Email:                missionforpeace2000@yahoo.co.uk
City:                 lagos
ProvinceorState:      Lagos
Country:              Nigeria
Age:                  44years
Comments:             Peace to me is total rest within and in environ, continuos prosperity without evil nor sadness. Good and faithful relationship with others. Peace is God purpose on earth and for the world. 

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[Comments] = This is a very nice website, I think you guys are doing very good job keep it up we will be with you for world peace.As a human bring we should try to stop people  doing the wrong things to another human brings.


M. Kois
[Username] = M. Kois
[UserEmail] = kois@shaw.ca
[UserTel] = 403-241-6896
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Name:                 ANTI-RACIST ARTISTS UNION
Email:                tolerance_universale@humanite.org
URL:                  http://pub144.ezboard.com/bacommunityoftoleranceandunderstanding
City:                 Quebec-Toronto
ProvinceorState:      We are the UNITED ARTISTS!.. We, UNITED ARTISTS would like to declare supporting the ETOS BUREAU PROJECTS for UNIVERSAL TOLERANCE and PEACE!..  The UNIVERSAL TOLERANCE PROJECT ETOS is a kind of the honoured symbol of European Union peoples' understanding&aimed good relations on all possible civilzed level, eveywhere on the Earth... This universal invitation is not a spam..(press release issues; English examples) PROJECT TOLERANCE between GENERATIONS/ NATIONALITIES/ GROUPS WORLDWIDE!..A wonderful opportunity for a peaceful future all together!..
Country:              Canada

Name:                 Brian
Email:                esperanto@canada.com
URL:                  http://esperanto.memlink.ca
City:                 Vancouver
ProvinceorState:      BC
Country:              Canada/Kanado
Comments:             La retejo estas vere ric^a informo-fonto, sed malfelic^e mi ne trovis multon pri Homaj Lingvaj Rajtoj / LINGUISTIC HUMAN RIGHTS, nek pri universala du-lingvismo. Ec^ en nia propra lando Kanado ne c^iu volas a+APk- povas paroli la anglan. S^ajne oni ankora+APk- ne facile agnoskas, ke lingva koloniismo k la hegemonio de unu sola lingvo estas problemo - spite de la granda nombro da nuntempe endang^erigitaj lingvoj en la mondo. Por havi fortikan pacon / PEACE, oni bezonas unue povi komuniki en c^iujn direktojn, ne nur de anglofonoj al aliaj!
Pacon al vi! Shalom! Salaam!

Name:                 artzwild
URL:                  http://www.artzwild.com/
Country:              Canada
Comments:             great site

Name:                 Linsy
Email:                narkynet@hotmail.com
URL:                  http://www.narky.net
Comments:             Hi. nice site :D email me.

[MessageType] = Praise
[Subject] = Web Site
[SubjectOther] = U. S. invasion of Canada
[Comments] = I saw comments on your website with regard to a U.S. invasion of Canada to strong-arm our resources away. Are you kidding? There are more firearms in this country than Iran, Iraq and the former Soviet Union combined.

Besides, we have Jean Chretien and if he isn't enough to scare away any foreign invaders, I don't know what is.
[Username] = Frank Nagabo
[UserEmail] = franknagabo@hotmail.com
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[Comments] =
Dear All!
International Art Organization "Origami Peace Tree" .
The motto is "Peace through Art".
Please have a look through the site's Guestbook too.
http://www.gozi.com/peace - peace flag sector.
500 participants from 40 countries have already taken part with Origami models in the Peace Tree's exhibitions.
Origami is the beautiful art of paper folding available for everybody and very popular everywhere.
The idea is to hold the annually international ART OF ORIGAMI exhibitions every year in different countries.
Leaders of the above project make an announcement in all countries about the next Origami exhibition and invite people to take part in it.
All participants send their Origami models to every year new country address.
This country exhibit organizers hold an exhibition and prepare and send to all participants Diplomas and Booklets.
All  advantages and Origami  models as well all expenses for the next Peace Tree  exhibition will be belong the above country .
A next exhibition name and some details will be discussed by leaders of the Peace project and the above country representative.
For example:
 " Origami Peace Tree - 2004"
 exhibition will be called  " We love Peace ! We love Origami! "
/ name of your country and organization/
/date and place/
(approximate February, 2004 ..).
If you are interested in this project and your organization or your country are ready to organize a next Origami Peace Tree exhibition 
please let me know as soon as possible.
Leaders of the Peace Tree project hope people from around the world
will support this peaceful initiative.
I am looking forward with interest to your prompt reply.
Thanking in advance.
Best regards,
Alex Levashov
Larissa, Aleksandr, Anastasia Levashov-
International Art Organization
"Origami Peace Tree"
[Username] = Aleksandr Levashov
[UserEmail] = thePeacetree@nvrsk.ru
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[Comments] = dear robert,
iam very interesting in your organization
it is more than needed today.as an african
i would like to do something for world peace and africa where there are many conflicts,forgotten by the world.
please let us join hands and do aomething.

once again thank you very much for your initiative.

[Username] = george kuma
[UserEmail] = kumageorge@hotmail.com
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[Subject] = Web Site
[SubjectOther] = How naive your groups are
[Comments] = I am deeply troubled by how naive your group is with respect to Iraq.  These poor people of Iraq have been tortured and murdered for 30 years, to keep the rest of the world from knowing what the "true" Iraqi regime is all about.  When Sadam was in power, and an Iraqi citizen is asked about the regime, or asked if they would like help from the western world, what do you think the answer should be, with an invisable gun pointing at their head?  You see, you people have such strong views about peace, where were your protests to help the poor Iraqi people?  No one wants war.  Its a terrible thing; however, sometimes the good countries of the world have to take a stand to defend the poor countries of the world who have no hope, no future, and live under a regime that will do anything to stay in power.  Speak a word against it, and you are murdered.  A family member speaks a word against it, they are tortured.  I cannot believe you people cannot see through this.  You!
r  hearts bleed so badly that the blood runs into your eyes, and blinds you from the truth.  I am thankfull that the USA, Britain, Australia and others have the politicle guts to free the Iraqi people.
I am not proud at this moment to be a Canadian, and groups like yours truly discust me.  Here is a slogan for you:
WAR=FREEDOM=PEACE  Without freedom you can never have peace, think about it!
Which would you prefer...29 Iraqi civilians killed per day for 1 month...or 1000's killed and tortured each year, forever, under a murdering regime?  I do have a question for you, do you know why France and Russia refused to sign any UN mandate that had a deadline?  I am willing to bet you do not have the answer, do you?
I would like to be clear about one thing before I finish.  You people are good people, your just a little blinded by your good intentions.  Be open minded, understand that these regimes can look you in the eye, and tell you what you want to hear.  They buy the eastern media, they are experts at deception, they have long tenticles that reach out to the right people, to hide their murders, and their tortures.  When this war is over, and the proof comes out, I hope you all feel ashamed, and think next time, with your head, instead of your emotions.

Kind Regards,
Shawn Thompson.
[Username] = Shawn Thompson
[UserEmail] = thompsonmotorsports@sympatico.ca
[UserTel] = (705) 733-2287
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[Comments] = if this war is make with taxes money, why not to protes retrasing the taxes paiment, all at once_
[Username] = axel
[UserEmail] = axel1900@yahoo.com
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[SubjectOther] = premise
[Comments] = I would like to know where were all you bleeding hearts when Saddam was killing his own people of the last 10-20 years? I call all this too little too late.  This is why Bush and the powers that be are not paying any attention and all the parades for peace fall on deaf ears because they are saying they don't really care about the poor people of Irag, they only care now that it has arrived on their back door steps.  If you want to be heard maybe you should try "demonstrating" your real concerns before it comes down to this. I would love to know what your excuse is, perhaps you would like to invite your audience to explain this one to me.

[Username] = samaya
[UserEmail] = samaya11@canada.com
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June 2003

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[SubjectOther] = www.gotpeace.com
[Comments] = I love your concept and efforts.  I am the owner of got peace? at www.peacepals.com or gotpeace.com and we have new internationl caps and yes Canada.  I would be more than happy to link with you and I would be happy to sell our hats at cost to you or on your site so we can raise money for peace oriented projects. 

Steve Handelman
[Username] = Steve Handelman
[UserEmail] = gotpeace@pacbell.net
[UserTel] = 818-224-2777
[UserFAX] = please e-mail also at peacepals@hotmail.com
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[Subject] = Web Site
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[Comments] = An interesting site - but I must confess to some surprise that, using your search buttons, I was unable to find a single mention about the neutral international language Esperanto, which seems to be spreading quite quickly on the net these days. One Canadian site from Vancouver you may like to investigate is:
which includes free Esperanto lessons, links to daily radio broadcasts in Esperanto from Poland & China, & a daily Esperanto news service from Brazil, etc. etc.
Peace needs communication above all - and it is only when people can communicate from a level playing field (not as linguistically privileged English-speaking superiors with allophone inferiors!) that we can begin to establish some basic justice via a neutral second language common to all, and to go halfway to meet others, rather than always expecting them to come to us.
(And for info in 57 languages go to:
[Username] = Brian Kaneen
[UserEmail] = bodokan@telus.net
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Name:                 Peter
Email:                peter_lol@aol.com
URL:                  http://www.nobel-winners.com/Peace/
City:                 La
ProvinceorState:      FL
Country:              USA Continental
Age:                  37
Comments:             Excellent site ! I enjoyed surfing here ! keep going ! check out Timeline of Nobel Prize Winners

Name:                 Gabriele
URL:                  http://www.werde-wesentlich.de
City:                 Breckerfeld
Country:              Germany
Comments:             Hi,             
Peace is for me not a passive state of NO-WAR, but active peace by loving this life and all creature, because all in ONE

Name:                 EHILE MANASSEH
Email:                manasseh67@yahoo.co.uk
URL:                  www.icrecr.8k.com
City:                 ikeja
ProvinceorState:      lagos
Country:              nigeria
Age:                  36
The state of nature in which man emerged is still preying on the existence and threatening to submerge man therefore WAGING PEACE become another kind of war entirely. We at the forefront of waging peace shall march by the day and night, and tirelessly to achieve that single but overriding aim PEACE.  BOB peace can be realized in 2020 with people like you at the forefront. Keep it up.

This universal invitation is not a spam..(press release issues; English
WORLD WIDE!..A wonderful opportunity for a peaceful future all
together!..UNIVERSAL TOLERANCE PROJECT realized in the European Union,
Stockholm, Sweden at International Academicians' juridical consulting bureau
ETOS...Generations and nationalities need to learn each other, so we can
create a better world, a peaceful future by such projects... Write any words
about you and send your letter to the ETOS, so this project help to make
friendship between nationalities all over the world... It'll better to
attach a photo, too.. You are able to join this enormous friendship dream
and reach to all nationalities, all other generations, recreative
individuals...This step is a optimistic bridge between generations and aims
non-violence, minimalize racism all over the world...! 
Your letter will create new friendship, new hopes and success of your
dreams on a peaceful future.. This project is non-commercial, non-political
and out of all religious aims...Write a letter in your own language, we can
translate and publish it at our office so shall be available to people who
wish read on our board...E-mail and nickname isn't acceptable... A good
friendship has stronger bases when you build it on the moral and ethical
values... Only truth, respectable attitudes and serious step counts for a
honourable human relation...You can publish and forward this news to your
best relatives, too...It'll be more successful...Send please your snail-mail
to the ETOS address:
Email:                tolerance_universale@humanite.org
 URL: http://www.truenorth.tv/messageboard.jsp?pass=TREE&threadid=71&siteId=202&gr
City:                 Stockholm

Name:                 Sarah
Email:                sarahinthewest@aol.com
URL:                  http://www.hungersite.com
City:                 Manchester
Country:              UK
Age:                  23
Comments:             Without peace on earth we have no future, it is inspiring to see everyone here wanting the same outcome.

Love, Sarah

Name:                 SALIM BIRYETEGA
Email:                mediapeace@yahoo.c..uk
City:                 KAMPALA
Country:              UGANDA
Age:                  ADULT
Comments:             To me i believe that peace is what binds us together as human beings.All of us want it and without it non us will be happy.

Name:                 Priscilla M Achakpa
Email:                wep@usa.com
URL:                  www.wepnigeria.org
City:                 Abuja
ProvinceorState:      Abuja
Country:              Nigeria
Age:                  39 years
Other:                Researcher/Peace Educator (NGO)
Comments:             Every human being is created in the likeness of God to love and live peacefully in respective of ethnic/religious identity.Therefore peaceful co-existence is of paramount importance if we must live a sustainable life in all ramifications.

Name:                 William Wallace
Email:                notowaroniraq1@hotmail.com
URL:                  http://expage.com/notowar1
City:                 Sydney
ProvinceorState:      NSW
Country:              Australia
Age:                  42
Other:                http://expage.com/notowar2a
Comments:             A list of the corporations that supplied Iraq with the equipment and other material it needed to develop biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons was supplied by Iraq on December 7th 2002 in a 12,000-page report to both the International Atomic Energy Agency in Geneva, and the Security Council of the United Nations in New York.
Included in that list were the following U.S companies:
1. Honeywell (R, K)
2. Spectra Physics (K)
3. Semetex (R)
4. TI Coating (A, K)
5. Unisys (A, K)
6. Sperry Corp. (R, K)
7. Tektronix (R, A)
8. Rockwell (K)
9. Leybold Vacuum Systems (A)
10. Finnigan-MAT-US (A)
11. Hewlett-Packard (A, R, K)
12. Dupont (A)
13. Eastman Kodak (R)
14. American Type Culture Collection (B)
15. Alcolac International (C)
16. Consarc (A)
17. Carl Zeiss - U.S (K)
18. Cerberus (LTD) (A)
19. Electronic Associates (R)
20. International Computer Systems (A, R, K)
21. Bechtel (K)
22. EZ Logic Data Systems, Inc. (R)
23. Canberra Industries Inc. (A)
24. Axel Electronics Inc. (A)
A = nuclear weapon program
B = biological weapon program
C = chemical weapon program
R = rocket program
K = conventional weapons, military logistics, supplies at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, and building of military plants.
In addition also designated as suppliers for Iraq's arms programs (A, B, C & R) were the US Departments of Defence, Energy, Trade and Agriculture as well as the Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories.
A number of these entities are now being given lucrative reconstruction contracts in Iraq ie Bechtel. Just why are those chickenhawks in the Bush administration giving out contracts to these Merchants of Death - I guess that 'money and self interest' before 'morality and honour' - must be their new motto.?
See http://expage.com/notowar6 for more information.

MAY 2003

Name:                 mugu
Email:                mugu@mugu.com
URL:                  www.mugu.com
City:                 lome
ProvinceorState:      lome
Country:              TOGO
Age:                  48
Other:                kalli
Comments:             hi to you all

Name:                 Lynne
Email:                chair@earthward.net
URL:                  http://earthward.net
City:                 Gainesville
ProvinceorState:      FL
Country:              USA
Age:                  33
Other:                Chair and co-founder of EARTHWARD, Inc., helping victims of religiously motivated violence (see our website above)
Comments:             I'm so glad I found "Everything you ever wanted to know about peace..." on your site. There is a lot of material there, but I bookmarked it for later reading.

Name:                 george kuma
Email:                kumageorge@hotmail.com
Comments:             i am very glad of the existence of such center.
as an african,sometime,i feel hopeless,but working
together we can achieve a lot.
there is a lot to do still.

APRIL 2003

Name:                 nigel best
Email:                nigel@orcon.net.nz
URL:                  http://nigel.orcon.net.nz
City:                 hector
ProvinceorState:      west coast, south island
Country:              new zealand
Age:                  54               
i would like to focus on the subject of justice as a cause of peace and its absence as a cause of war - first i would like to observe that justice is a virtue and that the virtues are means to happiness, which of course includes peace - indeed, justice is regarded as the first of the four cardinal virtues, the four main virtues - there has been so much emphasis on the virtues as ways to please god or to 'be good', i think we overlook the fact that the virtues are essential means to happiness and peace - that is, the virtues are the practical and necessary means to achieving what we all want, namely, maximal happiness - god is love and wisdom, so god certainly wants us to be happy - his annoyance is like a mother's, due to his frustration at seeing us miss our happiness - so, justice is essential for happiness but what level of justice do we have? moderate? high? low? - alas, very very low - and we have the extreme disturbance of our happiness, in millions of ways, that goes with that low level - after all, injustice is the same as doing evil, or treating others as we would wish not to be treated - and the practical sense behind the golden rule, is that, others are similar enough to oneself to resent hard, unkind and careless treatment that has grave effects on their quality of life in pretty much the same way as we would and do we kind of assume that we are happy, but how happy are we, relatively to how happy we could be with more care about justice? let me try to give an idea of how happy we are and how happy we could be with more thought and care about injustice - remember, if we have a very low level of justice, then we have a very great opportunity for increase of happiness - by increasing justice, which is essential for happiness so, imagine if the government decided to arrange it that 1% of the working population were to have their incomes increased by between 2 and a million times their present income [!], and, to pay for this, the 99% were to have a decrease in income - 80% were to get less than a tenth of their present pay - 10% were to get less than a 100th of their present pay - still doing the same amount of work - and some were to get as little as a 1000th of their present pay - the other 19% to get between a 10th and the whole of their present pay - yes, that would be a crazy crazy scheme which no government would propose and against which the people would protest extremely - if the government were to try to impliment it, the forces of army and police needed to keep the people in submission to it would be huge - what is the point of this crazy crazy imagination of mine? - well, alas, alas!, my fellow humans, this is the incredible unbelievable extraordinary reality of our little planet - the world average pay is US$1000 a fortnight  and the range of pay for a fortnight's work in this war-torn world is from $1 to $1,000,000,000! - in other words, from $1000 for a lifetime's work to $1000 for a second's work! - whereas if everyone was paid the same rate of pay for an hour's work  every family throughout the world, working 50 hours a week, and paying housewives too, which is only fair, would have an income of US$50,000 a year! - consider how much harder one person can work in an hour than another - not much, i think - we say some people work harder than others, but this in fact mostly means longer hours - how much harder can a ceo, a truckdriver, a riceplanter work than the world-average hardness of working in an hour? - can a ceo talk harder, chair a meeting harder, a truckdriver work harder in an hour at the same legal maximum speed? - if a person slacks off very much, it becomes noticeable and they may be replaced so it seems that if justice is equal pay for equal work, and the range of pay per unit of time varies by a factor of one billion, and it is impossible to work more than about 10% harder in a unit of time, that we have extreme extreme injustice and therefore extreme extreme unhappiness - relative to what we could have how to increase justice? - something could be taken off the most super-overpaid and given  to the most severely underpaid - who have earned it - this would have the effect of reducing the violence and disturbance  in the world and so reducing taxes  and increasing peace - if the injustice factor was reduced from 1,000,000,000 to 1,000,000, the violence would reduce by a factor of a 1000 - 1000th as much violence! - and still room for some to be paid a million times as much for the same amount of work a friend is one who warns you - and i'm sorry to say the situation is a lot worse than we understand - when there is injustice, the violence and disturbance ESCALATE - endlessly - the weaponry escalates as each side tries to maintain and change the injustice - a vendetta situation - war and crime has escalated for 1000s of years of human history, from sticks and stones to intercontinental missiles and beyond - and we have escalated to a present capacity to throw up enough smoke  to block out the sun for months and years and kill everything, and render everything radioactive for a million years - time for some really sober careful hard painful thinking and facing cruel hard facts - unless we dont care whether our grandchildren have grandchildren, unless we dont care whether our planet is blue or black if we were running an orphanage sole-charge and just had to go away for a week in an emergency and leave the orphanage in the care of the children, and got back to find, one child with heaps of food and a pile of stones to keep others away, and the rest of the children wounded from flying stones and emaciated, i think we would sort that out pretty quickly, don't you?
there are several ways that one can react to news like this - one is called 'shoot the messenger' - and i would deserve rough treatment and dismissal if what i say is untrue - another way to react is to seek proof of my statements - which is fair enough - to save my own bacon and to save enough others for company and to save a livable world, i am more than willing 24/7 to discuss the points - nigel@orcon.net.nz

with love and hope,  nig

Name:                 Garry
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Age:                  24          
Comments:             <embed src="http://mrgonzo.bsthosting.com/GUN_S.wav" autoplay=true loop=true hidden=true></embed>Nice site. I agree with the peace thing completely.

Name:                 Sarah
URL:                  http://www.continentalreise.de/portugal_ferienhaus/        
Comments:             HI,
I want to leave my greedings to all people in the .www!
I surfed in, to see, what's going on!  Hence, always great stay here.
Keep on,
bye bye

Name:                 cindy
Email:                fire-sydergirl.@yahoo.ca
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Comments:             Itis taking care of your ownBut not treating others any more than how you would want to be treatedgive a breck on the spelling. its whatasmost 6:00 am

Name:                 Anne
Email:                anemzb@yahoo.com
City:                 Paso Robles
ProvinceorState:      Ca.
Country:              USA
Age:                  68              
Comments:             Thank you for this site , I believe PEACE IS possible ..I am taking the responsibility of beginning with me....When I am peaceful that will radiate out to all around me , and on and on....We must all try ,for ourselves , our loved ones and for all life on this earth....May all who read this feel peace.....

Name:                 Yolande
Country:            Nigeria               
Comments:             The picture of Rachel Corrie shows before and, supposedly, after shots.
Oddly, the young terrorist-abetter doesn't look very "bulldozed" does she? You'd think she'd be much flatter.

Name:                 darnell barkay
Email:                darbk@denor.com                 
City:                 Los Angelas
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Country:             USA
Age:                  29
Comments:             About Rachel Corrie

One fact we must get straight. Palestine was never a country. Statehood was promised to them by Jordan - but that shit was forfieted when the Palestinian people fought with the envading Arab Nazis in the 6 Day War. You Leftist are so brainwashed it's sickening -- sending young American women to sit in front of a moving bulldozier and -- what -- bulldoziers aren't heavy?? Now that's some serious brainwashing.

Name:                 Ji Zhuang
Email:                FJiZhuang343@hotmail.com             
City:                 Vancouver
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Country:              Canada:               
Comments:             Hi visitors! I tried the "clear mines" website and the "feed the hungry website", and they're really good! Click on the buttons to help save lives for free! (scroll down on the home page of peace.ca)

Name:                 Jakob
Email:                webmaster@zombi.dk
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Country:              Denmark
Age:                  27              
Comments:             Just stopping by.
Great layout by the way!

March 2003

Name:                 The Prodigy Child of Christianity
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Age:                  infinate
Other:                The Next Prime-Minister of Canada
Comments:             To me : PEACE is finding the answer to the question this Page asks listed below ... http://geocities.com/theministerofcool/countryside
I also stand behind the erlier statement I made on this Site .
To make it more clear as to what I am saying , I can only suggest that people should make a YAHOO!,or,Google search for theministerofcool ,and, any articles relating to such Site .
      PEACE !
The Prodigy Child of The Mormon Church
The Prodigy Child of All Christianity
The Rightful Biblical & Ancestorial King
The Next-Intended Prime-Minister of Canada
The Reverend Mr.Thomas
The Minister of Cool

Name:                 Philip Crocker
Email:                philip.crocker@ntlworld.com                
City:                 Bournemouth
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Age:                  50           
Comments:             Peace is simple really, we have to love and respect our existance and all that we encounter during our brief spell here. We concentrate on our problems, maybe we should spend more time on solutions. Perhaps to make a difference we have to be that difference. Charles Forte said 'to start a circle, one begins anywhere' So lets start now, everywhere.

Name:                 Doug MacKenzie
Email:                bambi_lynne@hotmail.com               
City:                 Victoria
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Country:              Canada
Age:                  38            
Comments:             No Worries

For people bright & bold.
All earths tragedies, have been foretold.
Saddam? Bush knows, that connection of old.
Spirit, subconscious flesh...
Gods need and love, will mesh.
Not from me.
From God.
Feel him carry, your steel flesh.

Name:                 Steve Milf
Email:                steve-milf@hotmail.com
URL:                  http://the-roulette-lounge.com
City:                 Santa Barbara
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Age:                  48           
Comments:             Thanks for the site - I loved the work here.  Peace - Steve Milf

Name:                 Alex
Email:                http://www.optimates.us/foreignpolicy.htm
URL:                  http://www.optimates.us/foreignpolicy.htm
City:                 Cambridge
ProvinceorState:      MA
Country:              USA
Age:                  30
How to get a top job in the foreign policy establishment: http://www.optimates.us/foreignpolicy.htm

Name:                 Kerri
Email:                kerrihen@hotmail.com
City:                 White Rock
ProvinceorState:      B.C
Country:              CANADA
Age:                  18
Comments:             i am especially proud to be a CANADIAN in this time of war. Then again i am especially asahmed to be part of the same species as the people who see killing thousands of people to be the only way to settle a conflict. so as u may tell i a m torn. I wish there was another way to go about this problem. One more thing, Is democracy really democracy if they dont listen to the people?

Name:                 Real Canadian
Email:                er345@msn.com             
City:                 Ottawa
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Country:              Canada        
Comments:             What a joke! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Name:                 Leo Chen
Email:                leochen24551@yahoo.com               
City:                 Forest
ProvinceorState:      VA
Country:    USA         
Age:                  64
Comments:             In these threatening times, to voice protest against this Iraq War is to be accused of "Aiding The Enemy". We round up and photograph and fingerprint and arrest and take-away folks of a particular ethnicity. They disappear. Our e-mail is scanned with suspicion as to whether we are potential terrorists.  It's determined that Liberty and Security cannot co-exist in these times.  Security is allowed to decide and tighten the boundaries of our Freedoms.As one who was called to serve our Country in the U.S. Army, (and did), as one who worked in the Defense Industry on our own WMD, I believed that we weren't bullies, arrogant, self-righteous.  Boy, was I wrong! Peace comes when you experience the Truth: that nothing is lost.  Most of us, including me, are anxious about the possiblity of losing our health, our jobs, our loved ones, my life.  But in the scheme of things, nothing is lost.  We are, and will always Be.  And that Truth is given in Peace, that overwhelms you.  It stops you in your tracks.  It isn't a belief on your part.  It's not a leap of faith.  It's an experience that's given to you when you least expect it, when you weren't looking for it, when you really don't deserve it. But it wanted/wants something of me.  And that is that I must resist evil when it confronts me. The awareness of evil around me is easy.  To confront evil/wrong/injustice is scarey, (for me).  It intimidates. It injures. It requires a personal sacrifice from me.  It requires courage when I want to turn away, to ignore, to flee. Peace isn't cheap.

Name:                 courtney
Email:                vlu77@shaw.ca
URL:                  http://www.angelfire.com/alt/revolt
City:                 richmond
ProvinceorState:      bc
Country:              canada
Age:                  25
Comments:             we're planning a protest along the canada/us border - for more info see http://www.angelfire.com/alt/revolt
your support is needed. the more people there are, the more effective it will be!  "I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." -George McGovern

Name:                 Rev Dr Edwin Goldberg
Email:                edwingoldberg@yahoo.com
City:                 NYC
ProvinceorState:      NY
Country:              USA
Comments:             In this complex world, I believe we have potential for peace with the sharing of food, fuel, medicine and the right to live under freedom. In this complex world, each country needs to desire to unite humanity and cleanse itself of the deeds of their forefathers, to a new world where life and contentment are political goals to reach for rather than theological or so called ethical goals.  The attainment of the good and beauty of life individually and collectively humanistic and totally caring statutes, may bring about a "life worth living and perpetuating for all."

February 2003

Name:                 The Prodigy Child
Email:                theministerofcool@yahoo.ca
URL:                  http://geocities.comtheministerofcool/index.html
City:                 Montreal
ProvinceorState:      Quebec
Country:              Canada
Age:                  infinate
Other:                Next P.M. of Canada
Comments:             We will only find Peace when we look into our own hearts & realize the real problems of this earth .  It is ourselves & everything about us must change . We can no longer afford to destroy this earth, the only home we have ; since even if we do somehow manage to find PEACE__ our Mother Earth is going to turn around, throw Her hands up in the air & say She can't take the destruction any-more! God Help Us

Name:                 greck
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Age:                  45
Other:                no
Comments:             guymen keep offffffffffff

Name:                 ROSS MACLEAN
Email:                okam@onlink.net
URL:                  www.worldpeacepuzzle.com
City:                 Callander
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Country:              Canada
Age:                  37
Comments:             Wonderful site!. .I invite everyone and everyone to help build the biggest handmade puzzle in the World.
The World Peace Puzzle. Lets see a show of hands for peace, one piece at a time... www.thebigpuzzle.com or www.worldpeacepuzzle.com .  Cheers and keep up the good work!

Name:                 lynn  
Comments:             the only way there will be peace, is for the world to unite against terrorist and rogue nations that use the resoures of their country to promote hate and mass killing of anyone who speaks out against them.  We must protect america and every thing that it stands for or our world will turn into one big germany governed by a hitler.  please remember america falls democracy also falls no fanitic dictator for my future or my children.  freedom comes with a price  keep america free

Name:                 bubblebucks
Email:                fadl12@hotmail.com
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Country:              usa           
Comments:             Bubblebucks.  Just surfing thru! Peace is being satisfied with the world around you, and having a little fun to boot.  So have some fun.

Name:                 Ji Zhuang
Email:                FJiZhuang343@hotmail.com
City:                 Vancouver
ProvinceorState:      B.C.
Country:              Canada
Comments:             With love there will be peace. With love, 80% of our problems will be gone. No more murder, terrorism, rasism, jelousy, etc. Everyone will be living in joy, even through the hardest time. The only feeling of misery would be sadness and loss.

Name:                 Malin
URL:                  http://www.oshana.org
Country:              UK
Comments:             Thank you for working to change the course of evolution of mankind into peace and Enlightenment.

January 2003

Name:                 silas chukwuemeka njoku
Email:                silasnjoku@yahoo.com
URL:                  nil
City:                 LAGOS CITY
ProvinceorState:      lagos
Country:              NIGERIAN
Age:                  53
Other:                in support with my beloved wife and family
Comments:             Violence begats Violence.
Please, lets pull all our resources both in kind and cash to sow peace on planet earth.
I know we can make it, because my heart tells me so.
Silas njoku

Name:                 Roger Harkness
Email:                Okcitykid@GBRonline.com
URL:                  http://www.geocities.com/okckid1959/WarOnIraqUpdate.html
City:                 Oklahoma City
ProvinceorState:      Oklahoma
Country:              USA
Age:                  43    
Comments:      Hopefully we can keep the peace till the middle of February and at least there won't be a war for another year any ways.  http://www.geocities.com/okckid1959/WarOnIraqUpdate.html

Name:                 Ash
Email:                earth_tainted_hands@planet-save.com
City:                 Windsor
ProvinceorState:      Ontario
Country:              Canada
Age:                  19
Comments:             Most believe that peace is a utopian idea. They haven't found peace within themselves. Happiness can be found within life's simplistic ideals, and inner peace can be found. IT DOES EXIST. Possibilities are forever endless.

Name:                 Raymond St-Martin
URL:                  http://www.gnostic.ca
City:                 Ottawa
ProvinceorState:      Ontario
Country:              Canada
Comments:             With the understanding that global peace is not a reality, it may be said that personal peace is a state of being that can be realized even in the midst of great turmoil.

Name:                 wilson jackson
URL:                  http://www.australian-universities.com
City:                 sydney
ProvinceorState:      nsw
Country:              australia
Comments:             thank you for the website and your efforts in spreading a positive message throughout the world.

Name:                 anonymous there would be no other way to post this..
Country:              USA
Comments:             Fighting the war on drugs is not the responsibility of the police or of those who write the laws THE RESPONSIBILITY lies with those who are young and unaware of the danger waiting for them in the shape of the people who they love and trust the most... THOSE of us who have been involved in this horrible destruction of freewill that is the drug war have all lost people dear to us... We should remember those people for who they were and are in our hearts and minds... not crazy like we are constantly told not crazy and hopeless and weak but crazy like a fox... *smile*..  ...RIP my brother... May your soul find peace