Entries in 2001

December 2001

Name:                 anurag gangal
Email:                anuraggangal@yahoo.com
URL:                  http://120874649.home.icq.com/index.html
City:                  jammu,
ProvinceorState:      jammu and kashmir
Country:           India
Age:                  43
Other:                i am a Reader/Associate Professor in politi cal science in jammu university, India.
Comments:        Professionalisation of politics is needed for establishing mor permanent peace in human minds,action and among nations in the world.
                           Click on this link to read more detailed comments.

Name:                 A.M. Goto
Email:                amgoto@email.com
URL:                  http://www.geocities.com/amg0t0
City:                   San Francisco
ProvinceorState:      CA
Country:            USA
 Comments:       Great site!  I feel that racial and ethnic animosity and hatred, past and present, have a common underlying cause.  I have created a web page in which I express my belief as to what this underlying cause is.  Please check it out.  You may find it interesting.  Thanks.

I had just gone online to research the YMCA Peace Medallion (an award that has been given here in Orillia, Ontario since 1987), when I came across your www.peace.ca website. Please accept my congratulations on the excellent site and all the other important work you are doing. I will share the website address with others here in this part of Canada.  Pax, Don Evans

Name:                Stephanie Scott           
City:                  St.John's
ProvinceorState:      Newfoundland
Country:           Canada
Age:                  15        
Comments:       I believe that the world revolves around money. Just imagine for one second every single thing in this world was free, whether it be a good or service. Everyone could co-operate go to school and work at what they are good at. Then each person of this world could help the other..in an endless circle. Also if all the rich people in this world donated a lot of their money, and bought less expensive houses and valuables, to the poorer countries of this world they would have a lot more money than what they have now and they will be able to feed their people. give proper shelter and health care and so on

November 2001

Name:                 Marvin G Davis
Email:                mgdavis@hotvoice.com
City:                 Banjul
ProvinceorState:      Serekunda
Country:              The Gambia
Age:                  28
Comments:             I work for a small peace and human rights organization here in the gambia. Your web site is a great resource center for peace ideas, materials and other important documents.  I was really happy today when I hit the site. It was striking gold.  Thanks.  Marvin

Name:                 Frank
Email:                9-11patriots@JoinMe.com   
URL:                   http://members.tripod.com/~chinosfoot/911patriots.htm
City:                 brooklyn
ProvinceorState:      ny
Country:              USA
Age:                  34
Comments:             These sites are dedicated to our Firemen, Police officers, Armed services, Vets and to all the GOD fearing Americans.....You may not agree with us  but we tell it like it is. We have no regrets. Go to every link before you pass judgement.  Remember also these are articles are from all over the world.

Got Peace on Earth? 
Read LEARNERS: On the Move from WeaponWorld to PeaceWorld.
Invite some friends.
Who knows what could happen.
[Username] = Mark Mulligan
[UserEmail] = markmull@nwlink.com

Quotable Quotes sent in by H.G.Liem:
"If a country persecutes and terrorizes its own citizens who embrace other ideologies that are peaceful and value-adding, it will also persecute and terrorize the world if it has the power to do so" H.G.Liem
"To counteract hate and evil at the source, we must propagate love (agape) and goodness in the world" H.G.Liem
This is how to make the world better: "Love your fellow human beings" (Confucius the Analects 12:22)

Name:                 Abe Enosa
Email:                aaenosa@excite.com
City:                 Nairobi
ountry:              Kenya
Age:                  38
Other:                Student
Comments:             Peace is when we can look at the enemy in the eye and say 'you are unkind'.  Bin Laden is very unkind and to tell him that needs the whole of humanity.  We should now call upon all humanity to tell Bin Laden one thing: He is a brute.  We want him to change,now, peacefully.

October 2001

Well done!!!
An inspiration! Glad to see others out there feel this is a very important subject.
 From R. Billman
 Esher, Surrey

These past few weeks the focus in the popular media has assumed that Canada's role is "weak" compared to the US.  In reality, our history is different  -  we have been strong historically in our health, public education, and income security programs, while the US has been week in these areas due to public funding of the private arms industry.
Emily Drzymala Ph.D.
City:                 Calgary
ProvinceorState:      Alberta
Country:              Canada

The time is coming when many will be asked to fight.
We are being primed for an epic battle, the enemy has been identified and duly villified.  It matters not what side of the conflict your are on, you've been told who the enemy is and that they are evil and you are good.  What can you do?  Say NO.
Name:                 Gord

I think peace is a excellent in principal.  I think a true test of your organizations resolve would be to send a delegation to Afghanistan and visit with the Taleban regime and Usama Bin Laden.  It is easy to send letters and demonstrate on the peaceful streets of Canada.  You would certainly gain my respect if you went to not so peaceful streets of Kabul.   
[Username] = Bob Hiebert
Our response:

Thank you for your comments.  Actually, a group did go to Afghanistan this
past February (2001).  I attach a copy of a news article below from the
Hamilton Spectator for your information ( http://www.peace.ca/mcmasterafghanistan.htm ).

Bob Stewart

Name:                 JESSE T.AMESIMEKU
Email:                fihdes_j@yahoo.co.uk
City:                 ACCRA
ProvinceorState:      GREATER-ACCRA
Country:              GHANA
Age:                  41

Name:                 A. Mitchell
URL:                  http://www.geocities.com/aempeace/world.html
ProvinceorState:      Hawaii
Country:              USA              
Comments:             Aloha,
Please pray for peace in your community, nation and world.  Peace must begin  "within"
oneself before it can be shared with others.
A. Mitchell

Name:                 www.universe-people.com
Email:                ashtar.asket@atlas.cz
URL:                  http://www.universe-people.com
Country:              Planet Earth          
Comments:             www.universe-people.com * Cosmic people of Light powers * You can set yourself free through love ! * ...because everything is a vibration * Cosmic people stay with us and they are prepared to help those, who accept the help * TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS * People, wake up ! * Do not be puppets of the lizards * They're preparing mind-control chips for you ! * Radiate love !!! * www.universe-people.com

September 2001

“Hope,hope and hope”

O Lord! we are walking with a cruel fire,
Look sharp! all the matters are in the tire.
Please close this file in the hour of trouble;
And take us out like a freshly bubble,
At no cost, we’ll lose our shinny hope
It is not only our request but also the belief of Pope.
Our happiness will be here with no fear
But don’t try to shed your bloody tear.
We have to stand and fight against the enemies
But quietly and peacefully, they will bend their knees
Who have forgotten our name and fame
They should be ashamed after playing this game
We’ll be far away from its bitter smell;
And we’ll be remembered from our inner shell.  

            By Dr.Nazish Tariq.


August 2001

[SubjectOther] = Marcus Gee
[Comments] = I do not understand how someone standing for peace can award an award to Marcus Gee, who certainly specializes in jingoistic journalism. I did read some of his quotes on the award page, but were you to read a few columns of his, you would be shocked. Marcus Gee is someone who is very supportive of the misdeeds of Israel. Look what the web site of the Canadian Jewish Congress says about Marcus Gee: 
"Marcus Gee is a noted Globe and Mail columnist and editorial writer on international and Middle East affairs, widely recognized in the Jewish community for his recent articles highlighting the responsibility of Arafat and the Palestinian Authority for fomenting the current crisis."           
[Username] = Amandeep Sandhu
[UserEmail] = sandhu@uvic.ca

July 27, 2001

Name:                     A.M. Goto
Email:                     amgoto@email.co
URL:                       http://homestead.juno.com/amgoto/files/index.htm
City:                       San Francisco, CA, USA        
Comments:             What is the underlying cause of all racial and ethnic conflicts?  As a minority, I have always been interested in the problems of minorities, especially the causes. I am particularly interested in ethnic conflicts, such as in Northern Ireland and have concluded that all such conflicts have a common underlying factor whether it is in East Timor, Kosovo, Bosnia, Mindanao, Somalia, Puerto Rico, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Tibet, Chechnya, Israel, etc. All minority groups are experiencing the same
underlying problem which has in turn resulted in the common desire for independence regardless of the geographic location or culture of these minority groups. I have created a web page in which I express my belief as to what this underlying cause is. Please check it out.  You may find it interesting. Thanks.

July 8, 2001

Name:                Jef Schultz
Email:                jefschultz@hotmail.com
City:                  Point Arena, Ca., USA        
Age:                  48
Other:                teacher
Comments:        Peace is a glimpse of tomorrow's possibilities as well as a fleeting presence at this very moment.  It's feeling safe with yourself and therefore with each other.  It's not harboring any grudges and learning how to prevent judgements from forming into offense.  Peace is pure joy and a relentless search for the truth as you see it and a willingness to not beat someone over the head with your version of the truth.  Peace can't be dictated by some higher authority in the end.  It's an agreement of the people to pursue right livelihood and compassionately comfront lifestyle choices which do harm in some way.  Peace is the George Bush's and Al Gore's of the world laying down their pretenses and continuing the dialogue for as long as it takes to go beyond the gridlock polarity of U.S. society.  Peace is opening a door for a stranger, smiling at a baby, and saying thank you.
It's recognizing that absolutely everything is a gift, even that which at this moment!    might not feel so special.  Peace is...

July 8, 2001

Name:             RIA
Email:             andromach@eudoramail.com
City:                malaybalay, bukidnon, Philippines            
Age:                16
Comments:      for me peace is a thing every person wants. Whether a
criminal or an ordinary person. peace can make you feel better and can make
you respect other people as well as other people can respect you. peace
should  be observed especially in my country where in mindanao peace is in
an improper situation. I just hope that peace will spread all over the world
so that we can be happy and free.

June 6, 2001

Name:             Juan Salgado
Email:              juan.salgado@unoy.org
URL:                unoy.org
City:                Purmerend, Noord Holland, The Netherlands          
Age:                27
Comments:      It is great to have you online!

June 2, 2001

Name:           Zeke
City:              Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
Age:              38
Comments:    I came to your site since I am an avid follower of COAT and Richard Sanders work but decided to curtail my visit after noticing your Nobel and Medecin Sans Frontieres links.  The Nobel prize is a big PR farce, nothing more and nothing less.
Medecin Sans Frontieres is a politically motivated organization that hasits on political agenda.  They expelled the Greek chapter for helping Yugoslavian civilians in that war our country was engaged in.  THAT is a political decision, NOT a humanitarian one.
Of course the list of other such politically correct groups is lenghty.   Greenpeace refused all actions towards the DU weaponry which was used in Iraq, Bosnia and Yugoslavia because it would have been 'political'.  Really? Damaging the earth and slowly poisoning people is political? Cowards! Selective peace for selected few is what most 'peaceful' organizations preach.  So far, COAT and the International Action Center (run by former US attorney-general Ramwey) are the two of the few groups I can support because they are brave enough and intelligent enough not to fall in the drolling idiots category.  Nobel peace prize! What a joke.
> zeke

May 26, 2001

Name:        Magic Rates
Email:        info@magicrates.com
URL:          http://www.magicrates.com
City:          Orlando, Florida, USA         
 Age:          35
Comments: Great site. Just surfed in.

April 30, 2001

Name:             Marjorie
Email:             sweetestsmile
City:                cagayan de oro city, camp alagar, Philippines          
Age:                19               
Comments:      Thank you...

February, 2001

[SubjectOther] = I see that you are desiring peace and not war .
[Comments] = Dear Sir,
 There is only one way in which we will be able to bring peace to Mankind.
Education in The Laws of Peace.
What this means is that we must teach our families delegently The Laws of Peace.
This is accomplished by our on moral examples. If we practise living by The Laws of Peace, then what others see in us will be a right example for how they should live. One Example: do not steal.
If we teach our children not to steal from others through education and being that example ourself , look at what
benefits that we would receive:
1. More people would be alive today because there would be no more abortions.
Living by The Laws of Peace would take our right to murder away from us. Those who would begin to love living by The Laws of Peace would no longer desire stealing that which does not belong to them. We do not have the Right to take away a persons life. That child in the mothers womb is very much alive.
  Those who go about fornicating and committing adultery do not have that true love and care for the woman that they tresspass on, which is also stealing because all women belong to someone else. That someone else is either their father or their husband.
 The Laws of Peace will teach us to Ask Permission first so that we will not bring harm on one another.
 The Laws of Peace will teach us that when we desire something that does not belong to us and is later given to us Lawfully ,that it is our responsiblity to take care of our possessions and if it is a life of a person such as a women or children, then we will know that we are to
love that person by seeing that their life needs are met. Also, we will be teaching them The Laws of Peace and when they get older they will not depart from those Laws.
Why? Because The Laws of Peace have been tried and tested way before me or you were ever born. Those Laws were established by the same person Who created you and Me. If we begin to teach The Laws of Peace through education, then
eventually we will turn iniquity away from mankind. It will not be accomplished instantly.
 For more information on The Laws of Peace, log onto http://www.peacefulsolution.com
or call 1-800-613-9494

February 7, 2001

Name:                 Achilles
City:                 Vancouver, BC, Canada           
Comments:             The Archaic Hellenic Cultural Centre (currently in development) is a private organization, located in British Columbia, dedicated to the revival of traditional Hellenic ideologies. The Centre's objective is to apply the principles and successes achieved by the Ancient Greeks towards our modern individual lifestyles. The organization will be offering activities to its members regularly, dealing with Hellenic art forms, Hellenic philosophy  (Pythagorean, pre-Socratic, Platonic, Stoic, neo-Platonic etc), and Mythology, as well as scientific lectures, symposia, public discourses, social and athletic activities. 
For inquiries please contact us at: hellenic_centre@hotmail.com