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December 12, 2000

Name:                 JESSE T.AMESIMEKU
City:                 ACCRA, GREATER-ACCRA, GHANA
Age:                  40

November 30, 2000

Erin Brown:
My religion belives that you can't have peace without violence.  Now don't get me wrong, we would love for their to be world
peace, but when we do have it we won't recognize it and be able to praise God for the little we do have.  I think that instead of striving for world peace (which, by the way, to me, means no wars; violence; petty, childish fights; anything thats not in a friendly mannar) we should strive for a world without civil wars.  Human against human is the evil part of it all.  

November 25, 2000

Name:                 Billie Asay
City:                 Billings MT, United States
Age:                  50
Comments:             To:  Judge Diane G. Barz 1-406- 256-2916
Judge G. Todd Baugh 1-406-256-2922
Judge Marurice R Colberg 1-406-256-2901
Judge Russell C. Fagg 1-406-256-2906
Judge Susan Watters 1-406-256-2911
Yellowstone county attorney 1-406-256-2870
Yellowstone county sheriffs 1-406-657-8200,
Yellowstone county commissioners 1-406-256-2701
Governor's office           toll free 1-800-444-3468
City of billings police office 1-406-657-8457
City mayor and counsel 1-406-657-8296

I have had enough of the games played here in this community.  There does not seen to be an end coming.  I have had Billings Police cruisers pull out in front of me while I am driving on the street endangering my safety.  An organized group has been blocking me in traffic causing near accidents.  A sticking substance has appeared on my lips making it had to smoke and eat.  It also caused sores in my month and an infection.  I am living in a world created by mental health people.  Crimes are being committed and the way it appears there are no responsible authorities to report them to.  On September 20, 2000 I attempted suicide the first time in my life.  I am not proud of it.   I was drove to it.
What am I saying is GROW UP PEOPLE?  The mental health people know how to kill people.  I am a well person living in a world where there is not law.  No protection from crime.  On the other side, I have also watched a Billings police officer wipe tears from his face.  I have watched a police office lower his head in shame, shack it and drive off.  He knew what was going on.  It sickened him.  Police officers are not taught to control their emotions.  They are easy to read if they are caught at a surprise.  If a person could live through this it is clear he or she would be a survivor of a concentration camp.  I challenge anyone to investigate this and evaluate if they could live through this.  This is the world I live in.
I watched a video recently of two young children being forced to fight each other by the parents.  It was brutal.  The mental health people have had many years to study me.  Have the state of Montana public mental health officers decided I am too nice of a person or are they fearful people will take advantage of me? What violent sick act am I expected to commit before I can be considered normal?
 I am well.  I am demanding an answer in ten days "Tell me the true." 
If you cannot answer you are expected to send this to the appropriate source so that I may get on with my life doing the things I have learned to love and understand.  What I have learned is what I can expect from you is the basic public employee behaviors.
Footnote:  Judge Herman has opened a window.  I must ask you to looking in it.  Please do not get to close.  There are things happening in this window, which will surprise you.  The air coming from it is stale.  Your normal impulse will be to close it.
This is what is happen to me. Call these people and tell them you have recieved this message.

November 24, 2000

Name:                 JESSE TETTEY AMESIMEKU
Age:                  40 years

November 14, 2000

Robert W. Norris is a Vietnam War conscientious objector who was court-martialed for refusing his order to go to Vietnam. He is the author of two expatriate novels, a novella used as a textbook in Japanese universities, and several articles on teaching English to Japanese learners.  His web site includes information on his books (which include "Looking for the Summer," the story of a conscientious objector's adventures and search for identity on the road from Paris to Calcutta in 1977), his articles on teaching, and links to the 1960s and the issue of conscientious objection.

November 13, 2000

Name:                 Megan Burrows
City:                 Halifax, NS, CANADA
Other:                3rd year of Peace and Conflict Studies
Comments:             This is a fantastic resource. I am only sorry that I didn't find out about it sooner!

November 10, 2000

Name:                 Alison Truelove
City:                 Toronto, ON, CANADA
Age:                  36
Other:                Rotarian & Peace by PEACE President
Comments:             I believe that Peace begins with children.  It is our children who may experience conflict and/or violence at a very young age - in either their home, community or school environment.  We need to provide the children of the world with the skills they need to resolve conflict and build more peaceful communities. Every adult should lead by positive example!

October 18, 2000

Name:                 Latevi Anani-Bo LAWSON
City:                 New Westminster, BC, CANADA
Age:                  45
Comments:             Peace is the greatest religion worldwide but many people do not know it.I am soorry about that.

September 12, 2000

Name:                 Colin Campbell
City:                 Edmonton, AB, CANADA
Age:                  50
Comments:             Peace is realized when we teach it. In our world today,it is rarely found and can only be given by someone who has it. So be receptive,be aware of it's presence,as it becmes a practice in your life ,you will gently offer it to others!
 for further study see;A Course in Miracles.
 Blessings of peace to all!!

September 3, 2000
Name:                 Brian philcox
URL:                  www.fasworld.com
City:                 Toronto, ON, Canada
Age:                  63
Other:                Rotarian
Comments:             Working with fellow Rotarians on Urban Peace and Healthy Beginnings, I am convinced that nothing substantive can come of our work if we continue to see so many babies born with brain damage caused by alcohol use during pregnancy. In all industrialized nations, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)is the major cause of birth defects. This 'brain drain' diminishes our ability to cope with issues of domestic and international violence because of the loss of individuals who will never achieve their potential and the immense costs of dealing with the educational, social welfare and criminal justice needs of those struggling with FAS. It is our modern day hidden plague. Please join with hundreds of volunteers around the world on the ninth minute of the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month each year as we reflect on the need to avoid alcohol during the 9 months of pregnancy. FAS is totally preventable but not curable. For more information go to www.fasworld.com

 August 31, 2000 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing you from, Turkey. From such a distant country, I have the intention to express an extremely important objective in my opinion.  Even though countries over the world have many differences as to kilometers, races, cultures, religions and several other aspects, I believe that they all have a common makeup. This common element known as spirit makes the entire humankind similar to one another. All through history, people have been setting up the rules of this inner voice which is in essence very simple in internationally acknowledged conventions, declarations and numerous official forms. After that, leaders of all nations get together to discuss these in extensive congresses and draw conclusions. As a result of these huge organizations, every member of the entire number of nations, from their official departments to the fruit seller and the banker are summoned to live in peace. Despite the great significance of this call, people are inclined to think in a formal way because of the prevailing formal style.  However, concepts like peace, unity and love mostly lose their power of impression when spoken with formal words. Since such a way of expression takes out the sincerity adhered to these concepts. In that case, these words remain as a set of laws that are part of a convention or a declaration stated as a collection of letters written on paper, without any effect in people's souls.
Thinking that it is impossible to reach each one of the six billion people over the world, leaders of these states call their own people to peace and brotherhood in the name of their nations after making long discussions to place these concepts in hearts.

Wherever over the world, either in Nigeria or Alaska, people know what love, good manners, modesty, compassion, mercy, help, generosity and brotherhood mean. The member of a tribe in South Africa or someone dealing in commerce in New York City are grateful to a helping hand in times of difficulty. In other words, they can understand and appreciate righteous behaviors. Leaving aside physical differences, I think that there is only one way to reach every person who is one and the same in spirit. Actually, a writer gave me this inspiration. While making research on the Internet, I suddenly came across the web site of this writer. The books of this author, Harun Yahya, reminds people who may at any moment fall in bad manners to act in good morals. While doing this, he uses a very effective wording on one's soul. In any case, he had a deep effect on me, and the people close to me who I advised them to read. More than hundred books of this important author have been published in Turkish, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Bosnian, Portuguese, Urdu, Albanian and Arabic languages. This means in countries all over the world that are far away from one another, many people are reading the words of this valuable writer which open the way to being conscience and then to peace and brotherhood.

Dear  sir,  your organization  is a respected organization recognized in every part of the world. People not only know you, but appreciate and rely on your facilities. Definitely, many people visit your website on the Internet in order to learn more about you. What I kindly ask from you is to help in our world to get free of the dark clouds piling over it instead of brilliance, due to the lack of unity, tolerance and good manners. You may find the works of the author Harun Yahya, I have informed you of at http://www.harunyahya.org/Eng/homeeng.html in his own website. If you are sharing my thoughts would you consider opening a link in your website reaching to these books of the author?

I would be honored to receive your valuable comments.

Yours sincerely,
Jasmine Ak

August 29, 2000
Name:                 Yoshiharu  Masuda
City:                Onodashi, Yamaguchiken, Japan
Age:                  32
Comments:             Now, it is impriper if it doesn't try to become peaceful in God's feeling and the wish if it hopes peacefully. God feels sorry. Because, God doesn't have a country. First, it is improper if God's country isn't estabished. Where do you make the model. They are South Korea and North Korea.It is the unification of South Korea and North Korea. All the problems of the world are contained in the two countries.  It that is does to unity it to become peaceful how is made by true love! It which even loves to live in the benefit, an enemy loves is God's love! When it is compared to itself, it is the unification on the heart and the body. It is a problem if married couple's unification, each other are living in the benefit. A country and a country live in the benefit in the next. Then, the world lives for God. The thing which God is most hoping for is peaceful. It is praying yhat all the people live in Godd's wish!

August 27, 2000
Name:Ken Harris
City:                 Winterbourne, Bristol, UK
Age:                  62
Comments:             To have a peaceful society, man needs to educate its young people to have peaceful views and solutions to the various problems in this world.

August 16, 2000
Name:    John Challender
City:                 Comox, BC, Canada
Age:   60
Comments:     Bob Stewart's initiative is what is needed to mobilize like-minded people to motivate others to begin to make the difference that is needed if the world of our grandchildren is to be a place of peace and understanding.  As a Rotarian, I pledge to promote this movement.

July 31, 2000
Name:  Yoshiharu Masuda
City:                 Onodashi, Yamaguchi, Japan
Age:                  32
Comments:             God is parents.Parents think that allmankind is a child. Then,the thing of the child's grouth is the most afraid. It is always afraid that a brother isn't quarreling or it is respected to eath other.
I want to comfort it because it is suvh God.It meet God's feeling together,and glad to God life.It is because it is the central family of allmankind God.

July 26, 2000
Name:  Madeline Taylor
URL:                  http://heritagehill.hypermart.net
City:                 Wolfville, NS  Canada.
Country:              Canada
Age:                  59
Comments:    We at Heritage Hill Learning Centre have been offering a program that originates with Prof. Pierre Weil of the Holistic University of Brasilia called the" Art of Living in Peace",It was brought to Canada last fall by David Keith of Britain's Peace network.This program was offered in communities in N.S. through the last year and again David is coming to train people to rekindle peace with the self ,the other and nature .He will also train facilitators of this program .These programs are Sept 22,23,24, and 29 ,30, and Oct1,2000 .I am a trained facilitator of this program as is a collegue and we are available to come to communities to teach the basic course.They are also offered at H.H.L.C.in Wolfville. Contact us and we will arrange to teach this wonderful program in your community.It is a program that Teens can also undestand and the can be taught together with adults quite successfully.Love and Peace Madeline Taylor M.S.W. R.S.W.

July 21, 2000
Name:  Leo R. Sandy
URL:                  http://oz.plymouth.edu/~lsandy/home.html
City:                 Plymouth, NH, USA
Age:                  56
Comments:             I salute my Canadian brothers and sisters (my maternal grandparents were from Nova Scotia) in their pursuit of world peace and justice. I am a member of Veterans for Peace, Inc. and a Vietnam era veteran. I coteach a course called Philosophical Aspects of War and Peace at Plymouth State College. Your web site is a rich resource for all of us who want to transform the world nonviolently.

The human revolution

The human revolution is conscious evolution.
 We have reached a level of awareness were the responsibility for our
free will is squarely on our shoulder.
 We can no longer claim ignorance.
 We understand equity and fairness
 We know the difference between action and indifference
 We have been through the same challenges we have
 We learned from our mistakes
 Have we learned enough to remember and care?
 Do we have the wisdom to save our souls calling?
 Will we become a memory of goodness?
 Or will we become trapped in the snare of self-righteousness and
 We have an opportunity to create a reality of peaceful coexistence.
 We do not have to fall victims to ignorance
 We are a capable species with the power of free will
 We can use our free will to choose wisely how to build our future.

 Let us together begin the human revolution.
 A revolution to put behind our ignorant past
 To find what is good for all
 To eliminate war and unnecessary conflict
 To turn military resources to civilian assets of growth and healing
 To teach and learn from each other
 To stand by each other united in our humanity
 Let understanding and tolerance replace enmity and self-righteousness
 No one has a monopoly on the truth and moral values
 No one has all the right answers
 Together we can achieve what is good for all
 Let us not waste time being angry and unreasonable
 Let us use our time to learn and teach and experience the beauty of

At this level of evolution, humanity has the ability to decide its
evolution. We were given free will by the creator to use, not to claim
inability and impotence. We don't have free will so that we can sit idly
as our future is decided for us. We can create our own future. The
future we create must be different than our ignorant past because we
learned for our mistakes and suffering. We are intelligent enough to
know that peace is better than war, and to understand our common
humanity. We are intelligent enough to find peaceful solutions to
conflicts without resorting to war.
The human revolution is about declaring our human potential
And the right of all humanity to live in peace
We do not need politicians making decisions of war for us
Causing the death of our brothers and sister
We are all brothers and sisters in humanity
We refuse to allow war to continue to be part of our reality
We deserve peace not war
We demand an end to war on our planet
Earth belongs to all of humanity, who is its conscious
We refuse to be party to war efforts
We prefer to have a clear conscious
We do not want blood on our hands
We declare our commitment to eliminate war everywhere on earth
Those who say peace on earth is impossible are the cause of war
We warn the war enthusiasts; we consider you to be murderers
We do not need murderers deciding our future
If you are not for peace, stay out of the way
You will not have an audience in us
We will drown your ignorant words with our cries for peace
We do not fear to speak of our intentions to have peace
We will not be silenced any more
This is the human revolution for peace on earth
We shall prevail

From: "Naser Sandra" <salud2000@earthlink.net>

June 1, 2000
Name:                  katie
City:                  Dunnville, Ontario, CANADA
Age:                   14
Comments:              i i think that waht ypour doing is really great. im doing a grography project on                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
 peacekeeping and your site is really going to help me.i may only be 14 yrs of
age but i understand most concepts of what goes on around the world. I hate
war and it most saddens me to see the hopeful famnilies of the men and women
that went into war feeling down.i chose to do this as my grandfather was in the
second world war. he was noit killed but came back with nijuries. he died when i
was 18 months old. keep on doing what your are doing and i hope you can get enough
people to stop all causes of war.

June 12, 2000
Name:                  onyenkpa ifeanyi
City:                  festac town, lagos, Nigeria
Age:                   25

May 18, 2000
Name:                  Kelly O'Connor
City:                  Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Age:                   20
Comments:             This is a wonderful site!!

I stumbled on your it the first day I got back into town from the Million Mom March in Washington D.C.  The march has inspired me to put together a non-violent conflict resolution workshop to teach in an elementary or middle school in my area.  Children are not always learning at home that violence is not a solution, and someone must teach them.  I have no idea what I'm doing -- I'm not a teacher, nor have I taken any classes in education, but I feel strongly that this is something I can do to make at least a small difference.  I would appreciate any help or suggestions.  Thank you!

April 21, 2000
Name:                  Chukwuma Emeaso

Initially I took up the reseach as a way of helping out a friend in his academic work but have come to be overwhelmed by the whole idea and the committment of all.

At 33years I wouldn't say am young or have not achieve to get involve in
voluntary or non profit contributions like this,it's a thing of the mind.

Your web site have helped in bringing out a part of me that most likely
have hiden itself from me. I can as well feel I can do much, but how much
will I be able to do or go without much orientation is what I might need
help to do.

I will therefore be glad in any way your organization will be of assistance.

My grandfather once told me that every tree I see came from a single

February 7, 2000
Name:                  Eric Chia
City:                  Castor, Alberta, Canada
Age:                   13
Comments:             This is a cool page.  Peace is everything!!!  Everybody should have fun insted of having a war!!!