Gudrun Howard

Brief bio:
-received my post secondary training at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver
-classroom teacher for 24 years, teaching both English and French Immersion
elementary programs; currently on a leave of absence
-studied and taught a Human Values Education program to children from
impoverished backgrounds in Thailand for 2 1/2 months in 1999
-currently serve as the Editor of a BC provincial teachers' specialist
association, Teachers for Peace and Global Education
-currently serve as the National Coordinator for the Living Values Education
Program and am involved in organizing and presenting workshops to teachers
and other interested community members on this topic

Author of paper:

Living Values Educational Program by Gudrun Howard, Educator, Editor for Teachers for Peace and Global Education: A BC Provincial Teachers' Specialist Association; National Coordinator, Living Values Educational Program.  Living Values Educational Program is a comprehensive values education program offering a wide variety of experiential values activities and practical methodologies that enable children and young adults to explore and develop twelve universal values: Peace, Respect, Cooperation, Freedom, Happiness, Honesty, Humility, Love, Responsibility, Simplicity, Tolerance and Unity.  LVEP is a non-profit organization (not one paying position in the entire organization) supported by UNESCO and UNICEF and currently being implemented to varying degrees in 70 countries and 7000 sites around the world.  Gudrun is planning to bring books to show as well as explanatory hand-outs to the Conference.  You can email Gudrun at