President,  Dr. Thomas C. Daffern, 4 Woollas Hall, Bredon
Hill, Near Pershore,  Worcestershire,
WR10 3DN, U.K. Tel / Fax. 01386 750965;  email:  or    


Why a New University ?

The founders of the Green University believe that education is the primary tool
we have to effect the transformation in global consciousness needed to reverse
the current crisis in world affairs Yet the conventional academic sector seems
unable to help solve the problems affecting world society. Indeed it sometimes
seems to have become part of the problem. Funding is scare and often has
political overtones, or industrial or business  overtones attached. Higher
education seems too often to be part of general socialisation and political
indoctrination into the status quo, and has lost the sense of academic freedom
and responsibility which the founders of the University tradition have fought so
dearly to establish. We are establishing the Green University as a new space for
independent and creative academic thought in which all those involved are
invited to get involved as equals, bringing their respective expertise,
knowledge  life experience,  to serve the common welfare of humanity and of the
planet as a whole.

There has never been a more urgent need for objective, concerned and informed
study and research into the fundamental issues affecting life on our planet:
ecology, human rights, peace, social justice, environmental responsibility,
prosperity for all and not just for the few, and based on sustainable economic
practices, the cleaning up of the pollution left by the era of nuclear industry
and out of date heavy industrial technology, the revitalisation of our
communities, the ending of the despair and depression caused by decades of
neglect and social deprivation, the tackling of the problems of  unemployment,
the crisis of global malnutrition, global health problems including cancer,
Aids  etc. international crime and corruption, political short termism and
Populism, militarism and the continuing proliferation of the arms race... all
these problems seem to be getting worse, not better.

Conventional academia has adopted the model of ethical indifference, of moral
objectivity and neutralism. the Ggreen University, by contrast, is definitely
committed. We are pro peace, pro social justice, pro global sustainable
prosperity, We believe that since knowledge is the route to power, it must
become the means of empowerment for ordinary people worldwide as well as the
global elites. Whilst pursing the highest standards of academic excellence and
professionalism, we at the same time advocate a profound ethical engagement and
commitment to the amelioration of human suffering, cruelty and ignorance on our

The Green University was formally brought into being during the eclipse on
August 11, 1999,  on Bredon Hill, England.

The Green University has come into being as a result of a feasibility Study
conducted at the University of London into the idea of establishing a new
College of Peace Studies, conducted at the Institute of Education. After an
exhaustive study of several years, in which a comprehensive global surevy of
education for peace and human rights and social and ecological justice was
undertaken, with innumerable leading educators from all over the world
interviewed, it was discovered that the conventional academic structures are
still not ready to embrace  the radical educational agenda which it is felt
necessary to help save the planet from its own follies. Too many academics are
still hung up about questions of status, power, control games, and seem more
concerned with trivialisation and the marginalisation of authentic inquiry than
in empowering their students and colleagues to genuinely push forward the
frontiers of knowledge.

Likewise, the governments' control of higher education, through financial
controls and through a multitude of subtle and overt manipulations, in which the
curricula and content of academic  life are subject to innumerable constraints
from politically controlled funding agencies, have militated against the
independent inquiry into solving the root causes of social and ecological
problems through concerted research and educational work.

Furthermore, business and industry have increased their stranglehold on higher
education funding mechanisms such that the corporate sectors now has an
inordinate power over the research agendas of most institutions of higher
learning in Britain, the USA  and throughout the world.

We believe that the time has come to stand up against these trends. It is time
to reinvent an autonomous and independent academic space for free and
responsible research and study, beyond the funding constrains of the status quo
and their corporate and political interests.

A large percentage of higher education funding in Britain and internationally
comes from the military establishments, from the Ministry of Defense and their
various quangos and equivalent worldwide.

How can we think through the necessary ways forward toward a nonviolent world if
our very institutions are clouded by military concerns and interests ?

The Green University will be totally free of all military funding and will place
research into peace  studies, conflict resolution, conflict prevention and
mediation at the very core  of its own research agenda.

The Green University policy and educational mission is guided by a council which
comprises senior eminent educators worldwide involved in leading edge
educational innovation, in environmental studies, human rights, peace research,
ecumenical spirituality, conflict resolution and mediation,  philosophy,
political science etc.

Mission Statement
The Green University is an alternative, radical, holistic educational forum for
higher learning, drawing on the highest standards of academic excellence, to
investigate, research, study, teach and disseminate knowledge and wisdom
relating to all aspects of green thought and activity.

praxis, including: environmental studies, ecology, spirituality, human rights,
peace and conflict resolution, participatory democracy,

To provide access to higher education in a green perspective
to bring together creative thinkers and activists from all areas of concern, in
a spirit of sharing and cooperation
To link people on a transnational and global basis
To serve as a new forum for higher learning in a genuinely cross cultural,
inter-faith, international  framework
To pioneer new forms of distance learning utilising the latest educational and
information technology
To prepare students through education to play a full part in shaping a new world
of peace, sustainable prosperity, social equality, and spiritual wisdom in which
the pursuit and attaintment of happiness becomes the fulfilled birthright of all
citizens of planet earth
To provide an intellectual framework to enable students to oppose all forms of
injustice and oppression and exploitation
To empower students to take an effective and informed stand again all
militarism, violence, organised violent crime
To educate students in the full range of traditional academic disciplines yet
with an added ethical  and spiritual dimension, pursuing deeper knowledge and
deeper wisdom than most traditional  academic  institions and Universities
To explore the full range of religious and spiritual and metaphysical frontiers
without enforcing any particular dogmatic paradigm or theological system on
students of staff, but encouraging open debate and research and experiential
work in the spiritual domain, free of all coercion and fear, in the belief that
unfettered research into the nature of ultimate reality is the ultimate purpose
of higher education, and that no one existing philosophical system has a
monopoly on absolute truth

The Green University is an experiment in cooperative learning, based on sharing,
mutual empowerment, mutual fascination and commitment to the pursuit of
The G.U. encourages students to become involved in practical aspects of
environmental conservation work and to tie in their studies with practical
activities in this regard
The G.U.'s mode of working varies uniquely from student to student depending on
their own needs and situation; add can include face to face tutorials given by
staff members and faculty, seminars, lectures, conferences, symposia; telephone
and email tutorials; written work - essays, dissertations, theses; practical
action research;

The Green University takes as its operating model imagery and practices from the
organic world;
key tutors serve to focalise different areas of study; departmental clusters
bring together staff and students interested in particular areas of knowledge;
we intend to pursue growth through a natural process of organic evolution, and
to adopt such organisational structures as may unfold in the natural course of
time, rather than imposing from the beginning an artificial structure and rigid
boundaries of planning; The University will be structured according to Nine
Faculties, named after the Nine Muses of Ancient Philosophy, as a conscious
reinvocation of the wisdom teachings of the classical world, which were the
foundation and bedrock of the classical academic world, out of which grew the
whole of Western education, academia and the University of the Medieval world.
Each of the Nine Faculties in turn is empowered to organise such other
departments and  centres as is deemed appropriate.

Decisionmaking is by a consensus model, drawing on state of the art models of
group dynamics and facilitation, in which the voice and higher insights of all
participants can be heard and listened to; in the event of any disputes of
conflicts arising internally mediation and conflict resolution procedures will
be followed, giving all parties a chance to air their views; the Green
University will encourage all staff and students to cultivate their inner self
knowledge and self awareness, and to develop compassionate intelligence,
avoiding doctrinaire and confrontational viewpoints, seeking flexibility,
humour, intelligence, wisdom, creativity, and empathy towards other fellows.


Faculty of Green Politics and Ecological Economics
Green Business: case studies and examples of successful green business practices
Green economics: economic theory, history and practice - physiocracy, classical
economics; Marxist economics and its criticism; socialist economics; utopian
economics; anarchist economic theory; capitalism and its critiques; ethical
entrepreneurial economics; revisioning profit theory; cooperative economic
theory; unemployment; global debt; agribusiness; the multinational corporations
Green politics: history of Green politics; philosophy of green political ideas;
history of political ideas;

Department  of  History
Department of Education
Education Aid is also housed within this department as an international
educational ;project whose purpose is to assist fundraising and research
development within the educational sectors worldwide

Faculty of Psychology
Love and creative altruism
history of psychology
transpersonal psychology
humour studies
analytical psychology
sexual therapeutics

Faculty of Visual Arts
Fine art
arts and crafts
clothes and fashion design
make up

Faculty  of Peace and Justice Studies
Human rights
conflict resolution
war and conflict and intelligence and security and strategic studies
founding institution of the Green University and has made available its archives
and library collections to form part of the resources of the Green university's
library - members of  IIPSGP are automatically entitled to studentship of the
and endorsed by the Green University, all are Green University students and
fellows are welcomed to participate in its development; the purpose of the TRC
is to help resolve and heal the differences and conflicts which have arisen over
use and access to Stonehenge in previous years, in such a way that all who wish
to become involved or have free access are enabled to do so

Faculty of Philosophy, Spirituality and Religious Studies
Interfaith studies
comparative global philosophy
religious studies
Roman Catholic theology
Anglican theology
Orthodox theology
Christian mysticism
new religious movements
Druidry -
sacred spaces and sacred landscapes
Pagan and primal religions
Ancient Egyptian religion
Ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian studies
Goddess traditions
Gender and religion
Universal theology and the nature of God in philosophical theology
theology and language
THE PAGAN ACADEMIC NETWORK is an educational initiative of the Green University
which aims to bring together all scholars and students of pagan and primal
religious traditions, to encourage networking and educational exchange of ideas;
to facilitate scholarly debate and research; to seek to revitalise thinking
among pagan academics; to recover the lost history of pagan scholarship; to
republish and rediscover wherever possible the lost classics and texts of pagan
antiquity which have lost to scholarship though persecution and  acts of violent
destruction (such as the destruction of the Library of Alexandria); to publish a
peer reviewed academic journal of pagan academic studies;

Faculty of Musical Arts
Subject modules offered: Musical composition and performance,
music history; philosophy of music; environmental musicology; music therapy and
music and spirituality

Faculty of Literature
History of Literature; Creative writing; Poetics; Theatre Studies;
The Order of Wandering Peace Poets is an international educational initiative to
bring together poets in an international fellowship for peace, healing and
reconciliation across cultural ,religious and geographic boundaries; founded at
the Struga Poetry evenings in Macedonia in August 1998, the Order is open to all
poets and lovers of poetry worldwide interested in seeing peace come to planet

Faculty of Natural Healing and Medicine:
History of science;
History of medicine
Philosophy of science
philosophy of medicine
drugs - history and therapeutics of cannabis
Shamanism and drug use - research into the nature of consciousness and
energy healing
alternative medicine
brain and consciousness studies
evolutionary theory
computer science
drug companies and pharmaceutical
genetically modified crops
genetic engineering
tobacco companies and their influence worldwide
alcoholism and alcohol induced diseases

The G.U. will conduct research in all areas of learning and will pursue the
highest standards of academic excellence and commitment to truth, in all the
areas of learning covered within the  Faculties of the University's work. Urgent
research is needed into many issues connected with contemporary problems in
world society, and it is also imperative to ensure that research is genuinely
fair, honest, transparent and methodologically rigorous. the Green University is
designed to act as a vehicle for bringing together the fruits of research in
diverse fields of knowledge, in new ways,. drawing on interdisciplinary and
transdisciplinary procedures, breaking new intellectual ground at the forefront
of knowledge generation. We hope to pioneer the new thinking which will be
needed for the new millennium.

The University  encourages excellence in teaching in all areas of study,
believing that teaching is a passion, an art, a vocation and a science, which
begins from inspiration, and develops through dedication, and is sustained
through commitment and discipline; the G.U. believes in the infinite worth and
value of teaching as a means of effecting the radical transformation of society
from ignorance to light, from suffering to happiness; from illness to health and
well being; The G.U. will develop training programmes for teachers who have
already received teacher education in the conventional academic sector to be
retrained with alternative and complementary skills which can bring benefit to
their conventional teaching jobs and responsibilities; the G.U. will endorse and
support a teacher training diploma for educators from across the teaching
professions; the G.U.  supports the work of teaching unions and professional
organisations and encourages their greater involvement in green activities and
environmental movements for radical grass roots amelioration of human suffering
through education; the G.U. endorses and actively promotes Education Aid as a
campaigning movement for schools and educational institutions worldwide to
become involved in fundraising for educational work in poorer and less
privileged parts of society and the world.

The G.U. supports a wide range of training courses and can recommend places to
go to achieve training in specific areas of work of relevance to its field,
globally. Our main training courses are in the field of teacher training, and we
are currently planning a two year  Masters  of  Education which will empower
tutors to work as full staff members of the Green University, and also to teach
elsewhere in different contexts. A variety of tutor training courses are also
available for teachers already working in various levels of education and who
wish to develop their skills further. These exist at all levels of the
educational sector, from nursery teachers, through junior high school, to senior
high school, undergraduates and in adult education. We believe that education
and training should be seen as parts of a process of  life long moments of
empowerment, in which love and wisdom are brought into harmony, and skills
acquired to make it more effective to manifest positive energies in a world in
need of light and clarity and compassion. the true training we offer is
therefore on the innermost planes of being, and the role of the Green University
is to empower the process of insight acquisition which each person on this
planet, a unique and precious child of Spirit and mother earth, is already
embarked on for themselves.

The G.U. is at the forefront of information provision in all aspect so of the
Greening of education, and provides networking facilities, contacts, information
on courses, and contacts in green education throughout the planet

The G.U. endorses a fourfold vision of the function of a university - teaching,
research, training  and service - this involves encouraging our membership to
actively become involved in social work projects, whether in their own immediate
neighbourhood or further afield - these can involve working with the local
unemployed or homeless, or with drug addiction problems, or in helping to clean
up local beauty spots or nature trails, or in reactivating sacred sites which
have been neglected, or in establishing community centres or spiritual
sanctuaries where people can feel able to connect with spirit again without fear
and embarrassment; or it could involve giving service to one's own family and
children in more loving and compassionate ways, and engaging with the education
of the very young, or with caring for animals - in short, it could involve
giving love to other living beings, and thus helping also to nurture oneself, in
any of a myriad of ways - that in turn will enrich and deepen one's purely
academic and intellectual studies.

The Green University is envisaged as a University without walls - a centre of
educational excellence whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is
nowhere - an educational institutional pioneering the application of new
paradigm science and philosophy and spirituality, based on the activation of the
compassionate consciousness of human beings on the path to enlightenment and
beyond; working both as an institutional nexus in our own right, we also seek to
work cooperatively with other educational institutions and more traditional
universities, and we encourage students enrolled on courses in other
Universities to become fellows and students of the  G.U. as well - we encourage
cooperation in higher education rather than competition, and we do not seek to
supplant or rival existing university institutions, but to complement and
support their work
Staff working for the Green University may be active in a number of other
university institutions, and give as much or as ,little time to their work with
the G.U. as possible; likewise students enrolled on other courses, may give as
little or as much attention to their work with the G.U. as they can
        The precise relationship of the Green University to existing
institutions will vary from country to country, and from Institution to
Institution, and will depend partly on the degree of academic freedom which is
permitted in any given environment. The Green University depends on the highest
degree of intellectual freedom combined with the highest degree of intellectual
and spiritual responsibility.

The G.U. encourages no competitive educational assessment, preferring self
assessment to competitive peer assessment; for those students wishing to make
use of more formal examination processes, these can be provided, but we insist
of on a threefold method of examination, in writing, orally, and in silent
meditation, in which students and examiners come  come into direct contact and

Tutors for the G.U.  are active in many professional walks of life, depending on
their abilities and experience; the director of studies has overall
responsibility for coordinating the tutors in the different faculties and for
arranging the smooth running of courses and all educational interactions;
different tutors in the various faculties are empowered to organise their
teaching loads according to their own private arrangements with students direct;
payment of fees is also negotiated individually between different tutors and
students, in addition to the payment of the admission and annual registration
fee payable by student fellows to the central administration of the university.

Diplomas and certificates are available in each of the Faculties
A Degree is awarded after he completion of at least three  modules from all nine
faculties of study
A higher degree (PhD) is awarded after the completion of a written thesis

Members of the IIPSGP another affiliated organisations as well as members of the
general public  are entitled to apply for student fellowship of the G.U. on
payment of their annual membership fee;
Active studentship of the G.U. involves the payment of an annual registration
fee proportionate to the time which will be spent on their studies

Funding for the  running of the G.U. comes from donations, grants, bequests,
awards, and income generated from the sale of publications, the provision of
educational services, from educational confers and from special fundraising
events; support and assistance is always welcomed for this aspect of the work of
the G.U.; a fundraising department with special responsibility to ensure the
smooth financial running of the G.U. and to ensure there are sufficient funds to
cover capital costs, tutors expenses, and to seek out sources of funding to
enable less well off students to complete their studies - the fundraising
department also functions as part of the overall faculty of Calliope within the
internal structure of the G.U..

Volunteers and students are welcomed to apply to work as volunteer interns
assisting the day to day running of the G.U.. They can give assistance either at
the main Centre of the University - in England - or from their own homes
wherever they may be.

The G.U. is currently located in a rural setting on Bredon Hill, Worcestershire,
England, but has other associated centres elsewhere. The basic idea behind the
Green University however is to create a virtual academic network of centres of
excellence, and clusters of research, which depend more on people and ideas than
physical geography or buildings. the Green university exists wherever people who
care deeply about the planet, and who enter into serious dialog, and study and
research into the underlying solutions to the many interconnected problems
facing us as a planet, using the power of thought, reflection, spirituality and
learning as our only tools and healing medicines. We have affiliated centres and
Green University / IIPSGP members active in the following countries: UK,
Ireland, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,
Dubai, Macedonia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, Tibet, Nepal, China,
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria,
Rumania, Hungary, Wales, Scotland,  Austria, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Jordan,
Spain and in many other countries worldwide.

Our belief is that Green issues transcend national borders and boundaries and
that the world's thinking community needs to pull together at this critical time
to render support, service and encouragement to one another. The Green
University is designed as a service vehicle to enable individuals to find their
true role in life and to serve the emerging global society with compassion and
wisdom both.

The G.U. keeps a cycle of 4 terms - spring, summer autumn winter - coinciding
with the 4 solstice and equinoxes

The current email address for the G.U. is - a web site is in
preparation. Other affiliation Institutions also have existing web sites.

The G.U. has an extensive library at Woollas Hall, Bredon Hill, which is open
for research to all faculty members of the G.U.. other libraries of affiliated
academic Institutions are also open to Green University accredited students by


London,  England
Oxford, England
USA (Sancta Sophia Seminary)
Italy (Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany)
Scotland (Findhorn Foundation)
St Petersburg (Russia)
Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England


M E M B E R S H I P   A P P L I C A T I O N   F O R M

Membership of the Green University is subject to an annual  subscription and
evidence of  a commitment  to  the objectives of our work.  Members receive
regular mailings, detailing news of our work.  Membership enables one to become
involved directly in the various projects under development by the Institute;
new members will be sent a full copy of the Green University Brochure detailing
the full range of work and projects involved.  

Subscribing Membership:  For receipt of the Green University's  Journal and
Information News Bulletins an annual subscription is levied, at varying rates
depending on income and interests:  

20  (low waged)             
40  (Full membership subscription)               
60  (Supporting  membership)   

Student & Research Fellow Membership is awarded to individual students
undertaking a programme of part-time study and research into the nature of
ecology, peace, conflict resolution, environmental studies, meditation and
philosophical and spiritual inquiry. The courses available are modular and
interdisciplinary in structure,  leading to a Diploma award, drawing on aspects
of the social and natural sciences, philosophy, psychology, law, mediation,
ecology, music and the arts, literature and poetry, history,  comparative
religion and spirituality.

Subject faculties and departments: Divided into 9 Faculties,  named from the
Muses, students are advised to complete their work in each relevant section,
with  the submission of both a piece of written work, and an experiential work
of  practical creativity. The work is undertaken by correspondence and  by
independent study, with tutorials and classes  at various locations worldwide as
appropriate.  Students have access to the Green University's  large library of
research materials, and are also supported  to use libraries of associated
Institutes.  Student fees are determined according to individual circumstances;
lack of funds should never be regarded as a reason to prevent  undertaking
studies with the Green University- serious motivation  and commitment to study
being more important. It is also possible to undertake courses or research
projects under the aegis of the Green University whilst undertaking additional
educational courses elsewhere. A full prospectus of modules is available to
enable students to select which courses of study they wish to undertake 

Teaching  Fellowship: If your qualifications already taken to date with other
educational Institutions are deemed sufficient, you will be welcomed to join the
University as a Teaching Fellow, and empowered to join our teaching faculty,
holding approved courses in your own locality, under our general seal of
approval and endorsement. You will be required to undergo a one year probationer
course, in which your teaching abilities will be assessed before being granted
full Green University recognised tutor status.

Internship: The Green University organises helps manage its  workload with a
group of  committed volunteers, skilled in different educational, secretarial,
managerial, fundraising & administrative tasks, including faculty and teaching
staff;  training is given, following a successful  interview and written
application; with volunteers working either  from home,  our London centre,   or
our centre near Cheltenham. Volunteers  ideally agree to stay with us for a
minimum of  6 months,  with an agreed number of days per month  devoted   to the
work;  expenses accrued in the work are covered by the Green University

Multifaith and Multicultural Mediation Service Helpers: The Multifaith and
Multicultural Mediation Service is one of the major projects run by the Green
University, (through its Peace Studies Department, the International Institute
of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy)  and welcomes motivated volunteers
interested in making a difference to the problems of religious and ethnic
violence;  training is given, on the understanding that volunteers remain with
the MMMS for a reasonable period of time. Members of  the Spiritual Support
Network of the MMMS try to give regular prayer and meditation support to its

Stewardship: This title is reserved at  the Green University for those who have
fulfilled the required the submission of a written  monograph or equivalent
piece of work on a  topic relevant to the Green University's  focus, and can
demonstrate a serious involvement with one or several of the Green University's
ongoing research and development projects over a period of at least 18 months in

Good Ideas: This project concerns the monitoring and development of new social
and technological ideas, innovations and inventions, which can be of genuine
benefit to humanity and the environment, which are non polluting, and which can
be of direct commercial and  social benefit. The Green University will be
pressing for a networked television programme to feature these innovations
worldwide, and  to launching its own satellite television channel in due course.
If you have media experience and wish to become involved in this aspect of our
work please indicate here  

Sponsors: The Green University welcomes as Sponsors  leading  educationalists,
academics, intellectuals and creative workers for peace from whatever
disciplinary background, who are committed to the fulfilment of its goals.
Sponsorship of the Green University is an honorary award given to those who in
the collective judgement of the Advisory Board have demonstrated a significant
and sustained commitment to the advancement of learning in the field of peace
and global philosophical disciplines. Previous Sponsors of the Marc Goldstein
Memorial Trust or the Initiative for Peace Studies in the University of London
are automatically counted as Sponsors to the Green University if they so wish
Sponsors are expected to endorse and publicise thw work of the Green University
through outreach, public lecturing, publications and so on, media appearances 

Patrons and Fundraisers: The Green Universitywelcomes as Patrons and Fundraisers
those individuals who share its overall aims and objectives and wish to support
its work financially. As an educational association, we rely on donations for
all the ongoing work of the Green Universityand encourage members of the public
and all those interested in education, the non- violent resolution of disputes
and the achievement of peace to make a financial donation to support our work,
however small or large. The Green Universityis forming an official charitable
arm "EDUCATION AID" whose purpose is to support  general educational work
worldwide in the cause of peace and international and inter-philosophical
understanding  An annual week of fundraising events taking place in  schools,
colleges, Universities, the media and local communities is planned.  Volunteer
fundraisers and event organisers are most welcome to give their expertise to
advance this important work 

Friends: I would like to join the Friends of the Green Universityand to offer my
moral  and spiritual support for the work of the Green Universityand the
realisation of your many educational projects & enclose a donation to stay on
your mailing list: 

Surname:                                                 First Names:

Date of birth:


Language proficiency:

Educational qualifications:

Home Address, Telephone, Fax and Email:

Work Address, Telephone, Fax and Email:

My reasons for wishing to join the Green Universityand the contribution I would
like to make:

My vision for advancing research and education in  conflict resolution, peace,
mediation,  comparative education, global studies, global philosophy, interfaith
studies, human rights and development etc:

I enclose a more detailed C.V. (if applying for Student, Teaching or Research
Fellow Membership):

I enclose the membership fee as follows (cheque payable to "IIPSGP" - in UK
sterling or other currency equivalent please): -

20  (low waged) p.a.  
40  (Full membership) p.a.  
60  (Supporting membership) p.a.  
100 (Patron)   
500 (Life membership)

Fundraising assistance  
Specific Project assistance  
Mailing list Friends Donation   
Volunteer help  

(Please return this completed form: In Europe and in general to: Green
University, 4 Woollas Hall, Bredon Hill, Perhsore, Worcestershire, WR10 3DN,
U.K. email: iipsgp;


WR10 3DN