Global Peace Foundation is an International organisation with branches and affiliated organisations in various countries, founded on 8th April 1996 in London.  The purpose of the organisation shall be to apply the income and the capital of the fund in or towards the furtherance of such charitable purpose or purposes as the Trustees for the time being shall think fit.  In furtherance of these objectives the organisation shall have power: 1. To educate the public through opening schools and universities; arranging conferences, symposia and hearings. To award scholarships or grant loans for educational purposes to needy and deserving students.  2. To establish hospitals, hospices & dispensaries, especially in the deprived areas of the world, to relieve sickness and infirmity.  3. To provide clean drinking water, specially in the remote area of the world, by any means including boring of tube wells, construction of storage facilities.  4. To assist in the administration of justice and prevent unnecessary loss of life resulting from increasing conflict through mediation, arbitration, establishing dialogue and sending peace missions.  5. To provide relief and assist in rehabilitation, in the situation of natural or human created disasters. Contact: 30A Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey, England GU21 5AJ.  Tel: +44-1483- 771 558; Fax: +44-1483- 765 615; E-mail: gpfadmin@Global-Peace.Net  Internet:

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