As the URL suggests, its about global issues that affect us all. I believe they're all inter-related, (and we see that with many progressive organizations, especially environmentalists who are now realizing that causes of poverty and over-liberalization of corporations are also causing environmental degradation, or human rights activists that understand the relationship between international trade and other agreements that also have an affect on social concerns such as human rights, poverty, the environment etc.)  Links are provided to over 3000 web sites, news articles, research papers and other resources, all of which I have read. The most popular pages include the sections on Poverty, GE Food, Kosovo, East Timor, Fair Trade, mainstream media and conflicts in Africa. Other sections I have include human rights, women's rights, racism, the arms trade, children and the military, military expansion, the need for NATO, Chechnya, Corporations, Free Trade, Biodiversity, Global Warming, Human population and more. All of these are affected by the mainstream media, and also affect the mainstream media too.  The web site got editors pick from the open directory project ( For more information, contact Anup Shah,