PEACE AND THE FUTURE (under construction)


I believe that there is a lot complimentary between the work (and challenges) of Futurists (working to build a better world) and Peacebuilders (working to build a more peaceful world).  I think we can learn a lot from each other, and work together.  This is a new section linking Peace and the Future.

I highly recommend becoming a member of the World Future Society, if for no other reason than to receive their Futurist Magazine (which is also available at major book stores):

THE WORLD FUTURE SOCIETY is a nonprofit, nonpartisan scientific and educational association with some 30,000 members worldwide. Membership in the Society, including a subscription to THE FUTURIST magazine and numerous other benefits, is just US$45 per year. For more information on the Society and all its programs, publications, and services, contact Membership Director Susan Echard, , or visit .  There is an annual Futurist Conference and a Futurist Library that are highly recommended - you can access information from the web site.

As a result of our 'brainstorming' at the World Future Society Conference (San Francisco, July 2003) education breakout session, there seemed to be a lot of sense in broadening our consideration of peace education to 'education for peace and the future' (i.e. they are complimentary in that desired/better futures include a holistic peace).  I know that I have found a lot that peace educators can learn from the futurists (and vice versa).  I think our common interests and things like the Millennium Project, Societally Connected Systems Thinking, etc. exemplify this.  And so I suggest that we consider broadening the appeal of peace education to 'education for peace and the future'.

Furthermore, because of our common interest and 'leadership' roles, I believe that the World Future Society should consider a Vision and Action Plan for Education for the Future - this is why I had suggested in San Francisco that there should be a substantial component of the next WFS Conference on Education for the Future in order to build consensus (and get diverse views) on a Vision and Action Plan - to move the WFS from just talk to action (Applied Future Education).  I fully believe that ultimately the chosen Vision and Action Plan for Education for the Future will be complimentary to a Vision and Action Plan for Education for Peace - at the International level as well as in our respective countries.  This will make for interesting discussions.

Futurism is a science.  I believe that Peacebuilding must also become more of a science.  More to come in the future;-)


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