From the Ground Up:  Mennonite Contributions to International Peacebuilding.  The US State Department, the US Institute of Peace, and other governmental agencies now recognize that religious leaders, transnational religious movements, and faith-based NGOs are central players in the post-Cold War era of ethnic and religious conflict. The Mennonites, through the Mennonite Central Committee and its international Conciliation Service, have been leaders in this emerging area of expertise.  This collection of new essays chronicles, analyses, and evaluates the Mennonite contribution to the new cultural paradigm in conflict resolution and peacebuilding theory and practice. Contributors include Ron Kraybill and Christopher Mitchell.  Editors:  Cynthia Sampson and John Paul Lederach.  Details:  English, ISBN: 0-19-513642-X, 320 pages, October 2000.  Cost:  26.50.  CONTACT:  Oxford University Press Bookshop, 116 High Street, Oxford OX1 4BZ, UK.  T: 44-(0)186-524 2913, F: 44(0)186-524 1701.  Website:

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