'FREE' COMPUTERS FOR OVERSEAS PROJECT PARTNERS - Computer Aid International will supply 'free' computers to your overseas project partners.  Computer Aid International is a UK-based registered charity which recycles and repairs donated computers for re-use in schools and community organisations in developing countries. In the 3 years since they launched
Computer Aid has sent almost 5,000 fully tested Windows“ capable computers to 33 different developing countries.  Computer Aid usually supplies computers in co-operation with other UK NGOs for their overseas partners and their existing projects. This has included collaboration with UNAIS, VSO, Skillshare Africa, ICD, SOS Children's Villages and Coda International amongst others. Computers have been supplied in quantities from 1 (packed to take on a plane as personal luggage) up to a full container of 210 computers securely packed and ready for shipping.  NB. All machines are Windows“ capable 486 PCs.  Computer Aid is not selling these computers. They are 'free' - but you will need to provide £16 per computer towards their administration and packaging
costs.  This amount does not include transport and shipping costs, which you (or your UK partner NGO) will have to pay for and organise independently of Computer Aid.  By way of illustration of the typical overall costs involved - UK-based NGO Coda International recently sent 210 fully tested and refurbished Computer Aid machines to community organisations El Salvador. To get these computers into productive use in schools and community organisations across El Salvador cost Coda an average of £23 sterling per PC including all shipping, transport, admin and packing costs.  Do you have projects / partners who could make productive use of this equipment ?  For more information please email Angela Anyiam at
computeraid@cit.org.uk ; see our new web site at www.computeraid.org ; or call her on +44 (0)20 7281 0091.

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