To Reach Peace …Teach Peace!


Ali Ismaeel Abbas

There are 30 wars in the world today,

2,000,000 children have died in the past decade, 5,000,000 disabled and 12,000,000 homeless.  Every day 35,615 children die of hunger. Every day over 2,300 children disappear in North America (Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway).

We must act now to build a better future for our children.


The Canadian Peace Education Foundation for a World Fit For Children (“CPEF”) purpose is to raise funds for education for building peace, and to consider results-oriented peacebuilding educational projects at home and abroad.  Our ultimate goal is to significantly reduce the human cost of violence against children and others, through:

1.increasing peace awareness and knowledge of alternatives to violence;

2.increasing donations of money and volunteerism for peace education;

3.increasing information resources for peace education (eg. Books, articles, videos, etc.);

4.increasing social educational programming (eg. Government initiatives, corporate initiatives, school initiatives, etc.)


The nature of programs to be funded includes:

You can read more about Foundation Activities at 

As a result, CPEF will have a key leadership role in promoting peace through education in Canada and around the world.

ONLY $1.00

If you agree with the need for peace education, please invest $1.00 or whatever you can afford.  If we raise $1.00 from every man, woman and child in Canada annually for peace education then we will have some $30,000,000 to reinvest in people to significantly reduce the human cost of violence.  We will ask corporations, governments and other organizations to also step up to the challenge - possibly by matching $1.00 for each dollar raised by their families.

The Canadian Peace Education Foundation will be governed by a volunteer working Board of renowned peacebuilders.  Annual audited reports will be available


CPEF is non-political and non-religious.  We are committed to a business-like approach, results-oriented programming, and minimizing administration overheads to ensure the maximum amount of donations will be used for education for peace and a better future for the children of the world.


Robert Stewart, C.A., C.M.C., Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace

Dr. Larry Fisk, Past President, Canadian Peace Research and Education Assoc.

Dr. Vicki Mather, Executive Director, Safe and Caring School Communities Trust, Alberta

Lowell Ewert, J.D., LL.M., Director of Peace & Conflict Studies, Conrad Grebel College

Heather MacTaggart, Director of Classroom Connections

Dr. Anne Goodman, Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University

Dr. David Adams, Past Director of the UN International Year for the Culture of Peace Program and Director of the Culture of Peace News Network


You can make a difference

Call 1-403-461-2469

If you agree with the need for peace education, please invest whatever you can afford.  $1.00 from every Canadian would provide $30 million to reinvest in people to significantly reduce the human cost of violence in our communities and world.


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□ Send us Peace, Conflict and Violence: Peace Psychology for the 21st Century (CDN$61.95 plus $10.00 shipping/handling)  

□ Send us The Human Right to Peace by Doug Roche  (CDN$24.95 plus $10.00 shipping/handling)

□ Send us the Peace Songs CD (CDN$25.00 plus $10.00 shipping/handling)

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Send cheque or money order, payable to the Canadian Peace Education Foundation, Box 70 , Okotoks , AB T1S 1A4

For more information, or to discuss gifts of cash, securities and planned gifts, contact Robert Stewart, C.A., C.M.C., Chair at stewartr [at] or visit our website at



Canadian Peace Education Foundation For a

World Fit For Children

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Phone (403) 461-2469

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Note - this web page space is provided courtesy of Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace ("CCTP").  CCTP is a separate, independent organization and has no financial or operational association, other than providing assistance and support when requested.  CCTP and the Board of Advisors receives no remuneration from CPEF.