Name:                 JESSE TETTEY AMESIMEKU
City:                 ACCRA
Province or State:      GREATER-ACCRA
Country:              GHANA
Age:                  41
 P.O. BOX AN 5425

 Dear Sirs,
 We present our complement to your organisation and request all detail information regarding international volunteer co-operation.

  INTRODUCTION- The foundation for international human development and environmental studies is a Non-profit, Non-Government organisation dedicated to educate and train every individual irrespective of his or her
 cultural, national and educational background to acquire basic knowledge about social economic and political rights. Our activities transcend  beyond all boundaries in the world and this has  facilitated our outmost objective of promoting intercultural exchange among countries.

The Foundation for International Human Development&Environmental considers as its mission the need to promote a vigorous campaign of sensitizing people to be more proactive towards issues concerning the environment and also inform and educate people al over the World to acquire knowledge about their social, economic and political rights.

The objectives of the Foundation are as follows.
 1.To inform, educate and train every human being irrespective of his or her background to acquire basic
 knowledge about social economic and political rights and life.
 2.To improve the social ecological standard of the environment within the communities by organising conservation and sustainable projects. 3.To train and educate young  adult illiterate to b skillful and employable.
4.To involve in international voluntary programs on the environment, human development capacity building as well as assisting in the attainment of economic growth  through the engagement of small scale projects to alleviate poverty within the communities we operate.
 5.To organise Exchange and intercultural programmes with other NGO'S both on the national and
 international avenues.
 6.To seek affiliation with other institutions all over the world to promote cross-cultural programs among
 Ghanaians and their international counterparts.
 The Foundation although a very young has enviable records in areas of community development. Currently We are seeking affiliation and partnerships with other voluntary organisations all over the world as co-ordinators. We are particularly interested with volunteers who are prepared for teaching,  medical conservation and broadcasting journalism etc. placement.
 We hope to build a cordial and fruitful working relationship with your organisations to which we in turn help promote knowledge transfer, cultural understanding and above all alleviate poverty in deprived areas through volunteerism. Please revert to us soonest for further discussions.

 Yours faithfully,