Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

sent by Brian Philcox

Toronto, Canada

Working with fellow Rotarians on Urban Peace and Healthy Beginnings, I am convinced that nothing substantive can come of our work if we continue to see so many babies born with brain damage caused by alcohol use during pregnancy. In all industrialized nations, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)is the major cause of birth defects. This 'brain drain' diminishes our ability to cope with issues of domestic and international violence because of the loss of individuals who will never achieve their potential and the immense costs of dealing with the educational, social welfare and criminal justice needs of those struggling with FAS. It is our modern day hidden plague. Please join with hundreds of volunteers around the world on the ninth minute of the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month each year as we reflect on the need to avoid alcohol during the 9 months of pregnancy. FAS is totally preventable but not curable. For more information go to www.fasworld.com ; Brian Philcox, Toronto, Canada; email thecoachbrian@home.com

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