Endorsements re: The Ownership Solution

"An ingenious and compelling look at the power inherent in widespread personal ownership.  Engrossing, insightful and persuasive."
--  Gerald Greenwald, Chairman and CEO, United Airlines

"Jeff Gates is that most unusual of individuals, the practical visionary."
--  Edward W. Kelley, Jr., Governor, U.S. Federal Reserve

"How do we close a growing gap between successful owners and investors and an increasingly anxious underclass?  One way that would help - more participants in ownership!  No one knows more about how that should be done than Jeff Gates and he offers his spectacular insight in this cornucopia of philosophical and practical ideas."
--  Mario Cuomo, Governor of New York  (1983-1995)

"Expansion of ownership and greater access to capital will both strengthen and spread democracy and market economies throughout the world.  This is a compelling account of how to help bring it about."
--  Jack Kemp, former Republican vice presidential candidate

"The Ownership Solution succeeds brilliantly in showing how broad based personal ownership can strengthen communities and make global sustainable development possible."
--  Dick Gephardt, Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives

"An important proposal from which all those concerned with helping the poor will want to learn."
--  Michael J. Novak, American Enterprise Institute

"One of the most important books of this decade.  The Ownership Solution is really a solution --  one of the most significant contributions to restoring a civil society."
--  Warren Bennis, University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California; author, On Becoming a Leader

"Jeff Gates outlines a creative, yet credible strategy for empowering working people with a more vital interest in private enterprise.  If capitalism can indeed have a human face, the reforms proposed in this provocative book merit careful consideration."
 --  Coretta Scott King, founder, The King Center

"This book focuses on the central issues that have to be addressed if the 21st century is to transcend the simplistic dilemma of capitalism versus socialism and create a new, sustainable civilization."
--  Mikhail Gorbachev, 1991 Nobel Peace Laureate; former President of the Soviet Union

"In the book The Ownership Solution I found an original and promising proposal for the implementation of an appropriate ethic for capitalism in the next millennium."
--  Oscar Arias, 1987 Nobel Peace Laureate; former President of Costa Rica

"Long-term, sustainable development requires a balancing of economic, social, fiscal and environmental goals.  In The Ownership Solution, Jeff Gates provides a thoughtful and thought-provoking approach to understanding these goals and how broad-based capital ownership can help to achieve them."
--  Bill Bradley (U.S.  Senator, 1979-1997)

"Jeff Gates... has written the best book on economics for a generation in The Ownership Solution."
--   Labour MP Denis MacShane (U.K.)

"A book full of original and stimulating ideas to which those who want to keep up with the times should expose themselves."
--  Prof. Franco Modigliani, 1985 Recipient of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science

"An important subject, excellent thinker, good writer, thoughtfully done.  Read it!"
--  Dee Hock, Founder, President and CEO Emeritus, Visa International

"Jeff Gates has provided a sweeping review of capitalism at its best and at its worst, and has skillfully shown us how a fundamentally different and better  future could be shaped by weaving the thread of  widespread individual responsibility through ownership into the fabric of society. "
 --  Ray C. Anderson, Chairman & CEO, Interface, Inc.; Co-Chair,
President's Council on Sustainable Development.

"A truly important and outstanding contribution."
--  Prof. George C. Lodge, Harvard Business School; author, The New American Ideology

"A very innovative, progressive idea.  Sure to stimulate much good dialogue."
-- Prof. Amitai Etzioni, George Washington University, author, The Spirit of Community

 "Why does capitalism create so few capitalists?  Jeff Gates asks and answers the central economic question, the source of our deepest social and political conflicts.  He provides a humane and convincing blueprint for reforming capitalism, bringing clarity and humanity to the taboo subject of concentrated wealth."
--  William Greider, author, One World, Ready or Not; Who Will Tell the People;   Secrets of the Temple.  National Editor, Rolling Stone.

"The most incisive and fascinating analysis yet of how broader capital ownership can help drive faster U.S. growth -- and in the bargain repair the moral basis of American capitalism."
--  Robert J. Shapiro, Vice President, Progressive Policy Institute

"A brilliant and innovative exploration of new ways to spread wealth ownership and foster wealth creation.  The Ownership Solution is a blueprint for the new age of capitalism."
--  Dr. Madsen Pirie, President, The Adam Smith Institute (U.K.)

"With this book, a long-time explorer and discoverer, Jeff Gates, hands over his carefully constructed maps to direct policy-makers, business and workers to a common destination of greater economic vitality and power."
--  U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller IV

"Jeff Gates's new book, The Ownership Solution,  presents a thoughtful and creative approach to a little understood problem.  That problem is how to involve people most personally, productively, and with a minimum loss of their individuality, in the rapidly forming world economy.  Gates envisions an expansive and dynamic capitalism which is both market-oriented and
people-oriented.  His book can open horizons for both policy makers and entrepreneurs."
--  Jim Wright, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (1987-89)

"Elegantly researched.  A masterful statement by a creative author -- a remarkable book."
--  David McLaughlin, President-Emeritus, The Aspen Institute

"The twenty first will be the 'Century of the Corporations.'  Jeff Gates gives an exciting and well written preview of this New World and the 'owners' whose informed involvement will be essential for the continued welfare of the planet."
--   Robert A.G. Monks, author, Power and Accountability and Corporate Governance

"Jeff Gates has produced a view of sustainable growth that at last puts more faith in humans than governments.  Splendid!"
--  Malcolm Wallop (U.S. Senator, 1977-1995); Chairman, Frontiers of Freedom Institute

"Jeff Gates has literally written the book on how to reverse centuries of capital concentration and economic polarization.  If we are to have any chance of creating just and stable societies, the answer will hew closely to the pragmatism, intelligence and creativity offered here."
-   Paul Hawken, author, The Ecology of Commerce

"Jeff Gates has devoted years to discussing new patterns of distributed ownership.  In this thoughtful and well researched book, Gates argues that the increasing disparity of wealth within and among nations, the difficulties of abetting development, and the recent success of micro-financing all suggest a major role for new ownership patterns to drive local and global economic growth and stabilization of democracy.  Gates may not have the whole solution. It is enough that he may well have
an essential piece of it."
--  Stuart A Kauffman, founding general partner, Bios Group, LP; Professor, Santa Fe Institute; author, The Origins of Order, At Home in the Universe.

"The great value of Jeff Gates' book is that it offers proven and practical ways to untangle some of the most intractable knots in the world today: how to restore a sense of pride and ownership to industry, and how to marry capitalism to ethical values.  It couldn't be more timely."
--  Geoff Mulgan, Director, DEMOS (U.K.)

"Jeff Gates' affirmation of employee ownership as a means of achieving a significant measure of human empowerment, social justice and economic success in the midst of social and technological upheaval demands our attention."
--  Lynn R. Williams, President, United Steelworkers of America (retired)

 "Ownership is the great neglected issue of contemporary left-wing politics.  Jeff Gates has brought us the most serious effort to date to address that gap; his book will be enormously influential."
--  Ian Hargreaves, editor, New Statesman (UK)
"This is a unique, unusual and untried proposal to solve a vexing problem in national and international economic development.  It is worth some serious consideration."
--   Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

"In The Ownership Solution, Jeff Gates does more than point the way to broadening the base of ownership in society.  He may have put his finger on the possibility of a historical convergence.  If capitalism can be prevented from concentrating ownership and wealth, social democrats will avoid the danger which they are pledged to fight as they pursue the imperative of social equity.  Equally, if social equity can be achieved without frustrating entrepreneurship and undermining market forces, the
conservatives will be assured of the preservation of those sources of economic energy which they are pledged to guard.  Let's both get on with it!"
--  Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica (1972-80; 1988-92)

"The world has turned its back on the state ownership of the means of production.  The free enterprise system is the best we have for generating wealth.  But there is a risk that if economic disparities widen - and there is some evidence that is happening - it may also give rise to discontent.  Jeffrey Gates has given much thought to how this could be avoided and capitalism given a broader base of stakeholders and beneficiaries.  He sets out his ideas in this stimulating and timely book."
 --  Sir Shridath Ramphal, Secretary-General of the British Commonwealth (1975-90)

"Development will be truly sustainable only when Jeff Gates' ideas are put into practice."
--   Dr. Norman A. Bailey, Senior Director of National Security Planning, National Security Council (Reagan Administration)

"The Ownership Solution offers a road map to ownership engineering which has the potential of transforming capitalism as we know it by broadening and reinforcing the concept of stakeholder society in many innovative ways."
--  Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Indian High Commissioner to the Court of St. James

"In countries like my own, Nicaragua, the rich and political elites should read Jeff Gates' The Ownership Solution for inspiration on how to stop the impending social conflagration which we have been stirring for generations."
--   Arturo J. Cruz, Senior, former Nicaraguan Ambassador to the U.S.

"Around the world, the chasm between the haves and have-nots is growing.  Can that threaten capitalism, peace and prosperity?  Jeff Gates' solution for broadening ownership is the cutting edge, free market way to avoid that threat and improve lives."            
--   Mary K. Bush, former Alternative Executive Director, International Monetary Fund

"The Ownership Solution explains how the expansion of ownership solutions can serve not only local economies, but can also create just, moral and stable societies worldwide.  The Ownership Solution will prove to be a very valuable and respected literary work to everyone it reaches."
--  Sam Ayoub, Chief Financial Officer, Coca-Cola Company, Inc. (retired)

"Fantastic!  Jeff Gates has achieved the impossible.  The Ownership Solution is eminently readable yet produces in cogent form why broad based ownership is the sine qua non of private enterprise.  This is a genuine watershed in policy making, destined to be a classic."
--  Rodger J. Pannone, President of the Law Society, 1995-96 (UK)

"A delightfully refreshing strategic overview for utilizing the vehicle of capitalism to bring us, as a people, back into compassionate community."
--  Ram Dass, author, lecturer

"An unparallelled effort by a unique individual with the mind of a chief financial officer and the heart and soul of a prophet."
      --   John Feldmann, Director, Center for Ethics, Capital Markets and Political Economy

"A compelling account of how widespread capital ownership is the 'missing piece' needed to strengthen both democracies and private property economies worldwide."
--  Senator Russell B. Long (U.S. Senator, 1949-87)

"In the dynamic age of globalization, Mr. Gates stretches the envelope of conventional thinking on the critical issues of ownership and equity."
--  James Gustave Speth, Administrator, United Nations Development Program

"Ownership is a sine qua non of sustainable development.... an interesting intellectual contribution to the evolving debate."
--  James D. Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank

"While the nation's economists tell us we need higher rates of saving, Jeff Gates says more 'owners' will improve society.  Hopefully our policy makers, when they read this thoughtful book, will see the obvious connection."
--  Edward V. Regan, Comptroller of the State of New York (1979-93)

"The community we all long for can't be realized with only 6% of the population having any share in ownership.  We have a long way to go to change this and Jeff Gates is leading the way."
--  Bob Swann, President, E.F. Schumacher Society

"[The Ownership Solution] might be the only solution for the confusion of formerly centrally planned economies after the collapse of communism."
--   Kiichi Mochizuki, President, The Pacific Institute

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