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Obsessive Eminem fan beat girlfriend with bicycle chain
By Maurice Weaver
(Filed: 02/06/2001)

A TEENAGER'S fascination with Eminem, the rap singer, triggered a violent outburst during which he went berserk with a carving knife and a bicycle chain, according to his former girlfriend.

Donna Grimwood, 18, who was injured in the attack at the women's hairdressing salon where she worked, was speaking of the "complete nightmare" that left her injured and unconscious in a pool of blood. Of Luke Bass, 19, her former boyfriend, she said: "I never thought he could have been so vicious. All I could see when I looked at him was this horrible Eminem person."

Bass admitted wounding Miss Grimwood when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on May 25. He is to be sentenced on June 28 and is likely to be sent to a secure hospital.

At her home in Newark, Notts, Miss Grimwood said that Bass, whom she met in 1998, was her first serious boyfriend but they had split in October when he became jealous and possessive. He had become "obsessed" with Eminem, she said. "He bleached his hair and used to listen to Eminem's albums all the time."

Bass spent hours listening to the record The Marshall Mathers LP which contains references to murder. His favourite track was Stan, which is about a man who drives his car off a bridge with a woman in the boot. On the day before the attack in January, Bass jumped on her and began punching her. "He said he was going to prison for what he was going to do but didn't care."

The next day he walked into her salon and swung a padlock and chain at her head. "I held my hands over my face to protect myself," she recalled. "I was screaming. I fell to the ground, falling in and out of consciousness. Then I saw a pool of blood on the floor and realised it was mine. I saw blood all over his face and so I played dead.

"There was nothing else I could do. I thought it would stop him. There were people screaming at him, crying and saying, 'You have killed her'. I was told afterwards by a colleague that he just smiled, took the padlock and smashed me in the face again."

When police searched his home, they found it filled with Eminem posters, albums and merchandise. Miss Grimwood said: "Luke told police he expected everyone to throw a party for him for what he had tried to do to me. He reasoned that would have happened to Eminem."

At last week's court hearing, Miss Grimwood was urged by Martin Elwick, defending, to move from the public gallery in case Bass became violent at the sight of her. Bass, also from Newark, was remanded in custody for psychiatric reports.

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