by David Adams

Peace is a chariot of fire.
It runs in teams across the troubled sky.
It gathers the youth of the world
into a force of change.
Its heroes fall only to rise again
in the arms of others,
holding high the torch of nonviolence.

This is no lonely flight of Icarus
into the rising sun,
no risk of falling into the headstrong sea of error.

For those who would drive the team of peace
must link arms on either side,
harness their anger against injustice,
conquer the fears of centuries.

Those who would run the course of fire
must run in waves that shift their lands
from strife to shared endeavor.

Those who would follow in steps of heroes
must heed clearly the voice of the people
and shape their dreams into visions.

For this is no journey of turning back,
no force that can be denied.
A culture of peace is dawning
and all will be changed in its light.