(Wilf Bean)



Iíve walked the concrete city streets

Iíve heard the beggarís cries

Through the fog and smog and buildings

That were blotting out my eyes

I dreamed of northern wilderness

And I gave a little sigh

But the things I didnít dream about

Were all those damn blackflies




I love the north but I hate those damn mosquitoes

I love lonely lakes and rivers, but I canít stand those blackflies

Thereís thorns with every rose that grows

And good and bad in all I know

That blackflies and mosquitoes are the curses of my life


I figured I was man enough to set out on my own

For a summer on a northern lake

With a tent to call my home

I had pans and cans and rifles

Flour, salt and tea

But of all those things I offered them

The bugs just lunched on me




Explore Canadaís Arctic

They tell you how itís fun

They tell you of the polar bear

And of the midnight sun

They talk about the fishing

And the blueness of the sky

But donít recall if at all, hey

Them talk about blackflies




I headed for the settlement

I really felt disgraced

For my eyes were rather swollen

And a rash was on my face

And the only time I proudly said

What mosquitoes did to me

Was when a young man asked me

If I had caught ÖV.DÖ




Iím worried about pollution

And Iím worried about the bomb

And the over-population

And that war in Viet Nam

But of all the things I contemplate

The worst thing that I see

Is a little old mosquito

Whoís contemplating me


Some men conquer mountains

And live to tell their tale

Some men conquer rivers

In their little boats so frail

Some men swim the ocean

And others sail the sea

So I hate to state my own sad fate

Mosquitoes conquered me




Copyright 1973 Ė Pet-Mac- Publishing