4. "Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair" video segment

This documentary played in the theaters and was made by Barbara Trent of the Empowerment Project.  It is narrated by the late Elizabeth Montgomery and tells the story that the media didn't give us.  It features many knowledgeable and informative people such as John Stockwell (former CIA agent), Daniel Sheen (former head council of the Christic Institute), Peter Dale Scott (author and professor at Berkeley), David MacMichael (former CIA analyst), Henry Gonzalez and Jack Brooks (both former Congressmen from Texas), Robert White (former U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador), and many others.  This film also gives a history of CIA covert operations (including Laos, Chile, Nicaragua).  To order email: project2@mindspring.com or call 1-800-832-4369.

This video totals 20 minutes and must be downloaded in 2 parts:

Part 1 - To download 8.75 minute video clip, (2.2MB) click on http://www.peace.ca/coverup1.wmv

Part 2 - To download 11.25 minute video clip, (3.0MB) click on http://www.peace.ca/coverup2.wmv

Windows Media Player 6.4 or later is required to view video