Child soldiers

There are over 300,000 child soldiers world-wide, some as young as seven.
They are mainly concentrated in Africa. Because of developments in weaponry,
such as lightweight materials, children can carry, handle and operate such
arms. These new weapons are produced mainly by Britain, France, Russia and

Currently, there are some 15 million children who are refugees, of which 5%
are orphaned or abandoned. In many cases, they have witnessed the murder of
their parents orfamily members. They have been psychologically scarred. As a
result, manywant revenge.

Children are regularly kidnapped and forced to fight. Through this, they
have again been forced to participate in and witness atrocities. In Uganda,
a gun can be bought for the price of a chicken.

This is part of a longer article called "Lost innocence - Why have we
declared war on the worlds children?" by A-Info From the The Solidarity Federation Quarterly