Presentation notes from 10-11-03 Calgary Peace Conference at UofC

 Prepared by Kyla Fisher, with thanks

Tom Murphy’s Presentation—Approaching Peace Through Global Change (Saturday Am)

Ø      Millenium project is a volunteer run think tank focused on identifying future challenges and developing scenarios to respond effectively

Ø      Peace is personal—what we experience will drive our definition of peace. If you want to find out what peace in Israel means –you need to understand the context—go to Israel

Ø      Peace is patient and purposeful—without a directed goal it may not always arise

Ø      Nonviolent thinking must learned/acquired it is not natural

Ø      “The opposite of war is not peace but creativity” - taken from the musical Rent

Ø      “War is the tip of the iceberg—it means we failed to meet the challenge


Q & A Session

Ø      Is Domination of a Culture one of the key problems behind violence?

Ø      Yes!

Ø      Why do we attack underlying issues before dealing with larger issues

Ø      No geopolitical issue can be treated alone. We must understand root causes (ex: colonialism)

Ø      Presentation emphasized the value of music and acoustic in teaching culture of nonviolence. Music is a powerful medium

Ø      What is the role of adults in peace education?

Ø      Our job is not to solve the problem but to help frame the question

Ø      Ask good questions leading to ethics and morals

Ø      The spirit of youth is driving force