Theme: Modeling education in Culture of peace

 Prepared by Jamie Joseph, with thanks

-         Regina Lulka: Montessori Schools

o       Dr. Montessori

§         Initiated house for educating disadvantaged children

§         Bottom up approach

o       Common element of peace in schools

o       Incorporating peace as a way of life not just as a course

o       Have children show us the way they want to be taught

o       Mixed age classroom

o       Freedom of choice       

§         Do whatever work, whatever time, whenever needed, etc

o       Child develops themselves

o       Very little superimposed by adults

o       Don’t need to impose cooperative games because kids do it anyways

o       Appreciation for earth

o       Non-conforming and non-conventional cognitive processes to stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving.

o       When you have peace within yourself, you can transfer peace to the outside.

o       No competitive sports or competitive structures between students

o       Montessori schools don’t bring computers, etc. during the younger years.  Focus on physical and sociological development.

o       Helps the child find themselves, their identity.


-         Debora Lloyd: Waldorf Presentation

o       Movement important

§         Whole human being addressed + spiritual side

o       Nobody here by chance

§         Gift

§         Destiny

o       Age birth to 7y/o

§         Goodness

§         Hands on

§         Imitation

§         Physical

o       Age 7-14

§         Beauty

§         Heart

§         Authority

§         Social/emotional

o       Age 14-21

§         Truth

§         Head

§         Mentorship

o       Find out who you are then do it

o       Common denominator of alumni is that they love what they are doing as careers

o       Warmth

§         Physical

§         Heart

·        Kindness

o       No exposure to media of any sort for first 8 years

§         Learning about human-ness

o       3 Rs

§         rhythm

§         reverence

§         ritual

o       during middle years

§         teach: “World is beautiful”

o       no rush to learn certain things

§         eg reading/writing

o       live in 3-D world


-         Ruth Lomenda: Music specialist in elementary schools

o       French teacher

o       Singing voice natural instrument people have

o       Method promotes creativity and cooperation

o       Lack of tolerance in schools

o       Lack of cooperation between students accepting other students

o       Schools reducing music classes

o       Music is a language


-         Christie Gibson: International Baccalaureate ("IB") program

o       16 – 21 y/o

o       almost equiv to honors program




-         Paul Monaghan : STS

o       Teacher

o       Not a “structured regimented” school

o       Promotes membership to larger community

o       Debuting

§         IB human rights



o       united world colleges


-         circle discussion

o       global picture

§         Swee-Hin Toh

·        Won UNESCO peace prize 2 yrs. Ago

§         UNESCO

·        Strong program with non-violence

§         Hague peace conference

·        Hague appeal for peace

o       We should have a serious and long term dialogue on what parents and public are doing in regards to a public peace

o       Creating and fostering a model society

o       Most of public society goes through public school system

o       Recognize stuff going on already and encourage it

§         Alternative school

§         Public school

o       Canada may not be at war, but they are directly/indirectly linked to war via economics, arms trade, corporations, etc.

o       Raja Pannu

§         Feels education has made breach of public trust