The Business of Peace: the private sector as a partner in conflict prevention and resolution: Jane Nelson; International Alert, The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, Council on Economic Priorities; London, 2000.  ISBN: 1 899159 59 2 Price: £15  Order Forms can be downloaded from; or by e-mailing; pwblf@mmcltd.comThe private sector and security are linked in many ways, most obviously because thriving markets and human security go hand in hand. Companies’ active support for better governance policies can help create environments in which both markets and human security can flourish. Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations.  Over 70 of the world’s 190 independent states are classified as being of medium or high security risk for businesses operating internationally. The changing nature of conflict, and the rapid globalisation of the world’s economy over the last decade, have combined to make the private sector a critical actor in many conflict-threatened or afflicted societies. Business - in collaboration with other sectors- can make a vitally important contribution to structural stability, going way beyond risk assessment and reputation management. The report presents frameworks to assist companies analyse investment opportunities in unstable regions of the world and identifies strategies to help maximise their contribution to building peaceful relationships and long-term economic and social stability.

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