Information Resources on Bullying:

Bully-Proofing Your School by Carla Garrity, Kathryn Jens, William Porter, Nancy Sager, and Cam Short-Camilli.  Order by telephone 1-800-547-6747; cost US$29.95

Bullying and Victimization:  The Problems and Solutions for School-aged Children
L'intimidation et la victimisation:  Problems et solutions a l'intention des enfants d'age scolaire   (Document from the National Crime Prevention Council of Canada.) 

Bullying, a survival guide contains guidelines for dealing with all aspects of bullying from school to work  

Childline operates a web site that addresses bullying and how to beat it at

TAKING THE BULLY BY THE HORNS- self-help book & web site helping young people deal with bullies & self-esteem. Recently, a survey showed that 76.8% of students had been bullied either mentally or physically. It's time to do something about it!!!

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101 Ways of Dealing with Bullying by M. Elliot

Adult Bullying:Perpetrators & Victims by Peter Randall

Battling the School-Yard Bully by Kim Zarzour More than half of children are victims to what has been considered a rite of passage and is actually a dangerous form of abuse in schoolyards. In this guide for parents, Kim Zarzour discusses the dynamics of bullying, advises parents on how to stop the cycle and explains why certain kids are targets of abuse. In Battling the School-yard Bully: How to Raise an Assertive Child in an Aggressive World, Zarzour also discusses the school’s responsibility, when parents should step in and what to do if their child is a bully or victim.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence:Interventions for Bullying & Victimization by Richard J. Hazler

Bullies & Victims: Helping Your Child Through the Schoolyard Battlefield by SuEllen Fried When does teasing go over the line and become peer abuse? How should parents react when their child is threatened by another child? Bullies and Victims delves into these questions and suggests strategies for parents to follow. It explores the context of teasing and the power relationships between children, as well as the roles of adults, schools, the media, and society at large.

The Bully Buster Book by John W. Yee  A bully can make childhood miserable: controlling school life, shattering confidence and even haunting dreams. The Bully Buster Book provides children with hints on dealing with existing bullies as well as avoiding the grasp of new ones. Bully busting shifts the odds with talk, visibility and a little personal space invasion. The third volume in John William Yee's Streetproofing for Kids series, The Bully Buster Book is intended for children, parents and teachers.

Bully on the Bus by Carl Bosch Rebekah J. Strecker

The Bully Free Classroom: Over 100 Tips and Strategies for Teachers K-8 by Allan L. Beane Bullying in the classroom is a serious problem, partially because it affects kids’ self-esteem and also because it can make it difficult to learn. As a teacher, if you have a bully in your classroom it can seem hopeless trying to get him or her to behave. The Bully Free Classroom helps you avoid these situations in the first place by creating a classroom atmosphere that changes everyone’s attitudes. If the problem’s already there, Allan L. Beane, PhD, teaches you how to talk with the victim as well as the bully.

Bully Proof Yourself at Work! : Personal Strategies to Stop the Hurt from Harassment by Ruth Namie Gary Namie Mark Hughes When you think of a bully, most people picture a child in a schoolyard pushing other kids around. Sometimes bullying goes beyond childhood antics and enters the workplace. What do you do if your boss or fellow co-worker deliberately mistreats you? In Bully Proof Yourself at Work!, co-authors Gary and Ruth Namie take a look at bullies, their targets and their effects on people, while offering techniques for individuals to minimize the psychological trauma suffered from harassment and mistreatment. Divided into three sections, it shows readers how to recognize the problem, stop the hurt and move on. The authors draw from their experience as specialists in coaching bullied employees to present this helpful guide.

Bully:The True Story of All-American Kids Who Kill by Jim Schutze  "Kids" meets "Lord of the Flies" in this true story of all-American teenagers and their suburban breeding ground for violent vengeance. Bobby Kent, who grew up in Fort Lauderdale, dominated his friends psychologically, physically, and sexually. When they finally couldn't take it any more, they set out to kill him. Photos

Bully:A True Story of High School Revenge by Jim Schutze For years, Bobby Kent terrorized his high school classmates with cruel acts of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse. Eventually his victims had enough, and on a summer night in 1993, seven of them lured Bobby to the edge of the Everglades with a promise of sex and drugs, and made the tormentor pay for his crimes with his life. This is the harrowing true story of a brutal premeditated murder perpetuated by suburban teens from good, middle-class homes.

Bullying by Pete Sanders Steve Myers Mike Lacey Discusses bullying, why it occurs, and how it can be handled

Bullying at School:What We Know & What We Can Do by Dan Olweus

Bullying In Schools And What To Do About It by Ken Rigby Teachers can learn how to diffuse potentially troublesome situations by identifying bullies and victims beforehand. Bullying in Schools and What To Do About It offers tips on how to handle bullying and provides helpful ideas to empower students to deal with such situations themselves.

Bullying in Schools:And What to Do about It by Ken Rigby

Bullying At Work by Andrea Adams

Bullying:A Community Approach by Brendan Byrne

Bullying:Helping Children Cope by Lawson

Bullying:Practical & Easy-to-Follow Advice by Jenny Alexander

Changing the Bully Who Rules the World:Reading & Thinking about Ethics by Carol Bly  Bosses, partners, governments, corporations - all can act as bullies in our lives, intimidating us to their will. But changing their behavior may be in our power. In this provocative, visionary book, Carol Bly examines some of this century's most far-ranging concepts about how to nurture ethical human beings and presents them through the lens of excellent contemporary literature. Changing the Bully Who Rules the World is a book of hopeful, practical ideas that can hasten ethical change both in our thinking and in our behavior. Through an anthology of exceptional literature, Bly's book asks the reader to contemplate anew the voices she presents - including works by Charles Baxter, Donald Hall, Jim Harrison, Mark Helprin, Denise Levertov, Thomas McGrath, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Oliver, Katha Pollitt, Alice Walker, Tobias Wolff, and many others - and to consider them in terms of the ideas of important thinkers in human behavior and our own experiences.

Childhood Bullying & Teasing:What School Personnel, Other Professionals, & Parents Can Do by Dorothea M. Ross

Coping with Bullying in Schools by Brendan Byrne

Coping With Difficult Business and in Life : How to Deal With Bullies, Complainers, Know-It-Alls, and Everyone Else Who Gives Your/Audio
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Dangerous Schools: What We Can Do About the Physical and Emotional Abuse to our Children
by Pamela A Snook Irwin A Hyman  Although childhood is a happy time for most children, it is also a time during which many of them face daily teasing and bullying in the schoolyard, and as children enter adolescence, they face additional risks of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Dangerous Schools is designed to let parents and teachers guide children through the school system, and can help you give a child you care about the benefit of a happy school experience.

Dealing With Bullying by Marael Johnson Andrew Hempstead  With the Conflict Resolution Library children ages 5 to 9--as well as their parents, teachers, and social workers--have a resource for handling interpersonal problems and conflicts compassionately and effectively. In Dealing With Bullying, children learn to cope with someone who attempts to exercise power over them, using contemporary situations to resolve conflicts effectively and rationally.

Dealing with Bullying by Marianne Johnston

Don't Pick on Me:How to Handle Bullying by Rosemary Stones

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers, & Other Meanies:A Book That Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling & Other Nonsense by Kate Cohen-Posey Betsy A. Lampe Provides information on what makes bullies and teasers tick, how to handle bullies, how to deal with prejudice, and how to defend onesself when being teased or insulted.

Keys to Dealing with Bullies by Barry McNamara Francine McNamara  Bullying is an age old problem, but its seriousness has only been recently recognized. Aimed at parents coping with raising children in today's demanding world, this book profiles bullies and their victims; describes patterns, underlying causes, and long-term effects; and offers specific suggestions for dealing with bullying.

Life Files Gangs & Bullies by Rosemary Stone

Nature Of School Bullying: Cross-national Perspective by Dan Olweus YOHJI MORITA JOSINE JUNGER-TAS RICHARD CATALANO PETER K SMITH Phillip Slee

Schoolyard Bullies by Mike Crawley

Sexual Bullying by Neil Duncan While most of us were bullied as children at one stage or another, some kids spend their entire childhoods fending off the schoolyard or neighbourhood bully. The worst-case scenarios involve children who are sexually harassed. Drawing on a seven-year study and several cases, Neil Duncan examines causes, effects and preventative measures for a particularly traumatic and increasingly common form of teasing and taunting in Sexual Bullying.

Third Grade Bullies by Elizabeth Levy Tim Barnes

Understanding Aggressive Behavior In Children by Thomas Grisso CRAIG F FERRIS  Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Children features expert testimony from a variety of disciplines, including neuroscience, behavioral science, medicine, psychology, sociology, and ethics to offer a well-rounded look at this complicated topic. Certain findings are surprising. For example, schoolyard bullies do not usually suffer from low self-esteem; they are just mean.

Understanding & Managing Bullying by D. Tattum

Why Doesnt Anybody Like Me: Gd To Raising Socially Confident Kids by HARA ESTROFF MARANO  Here is a priceless guide for parents who want to give their children the ultimate power tool: social confidence. Prescriptive and practical, Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me? offers down-to-earth advice for parents. Hara Estroff Marano, the editor-at-large of Psychology Today, instructs on how to help your child manage schoolyard bullies and make new friends. Her perceptive insights into powerful psychological strategies will foster confidence and positive self-image in your children, and will help your child avoid depression in the years to come.

Why Is Everybody Always Picking on Me?: A Guide to Handling Bullies by Terrence Webster-Doyle Rod Cameron

Wise Guys Bullying by M. Elliott  Bullying by Michele Elliot is a book for kids aged 10 to 14 that explains what behaviour can be considered bullying and what can be done. Bullying provides examples of how children might answer to a bully's taunts, how to go about making friends and restoring self-esteem. Also included is helpful advice to bullies themselves about how they can change their ways.

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