10. S. Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran, video segment

S. Brian Willson, the Vietnam veteran who lost his legs when run over by a naval train in Concord, California, carrying weapons that were headed for Central America.  Brian is one of the most spiritual, courageous and honest activists who Wages Peace against our violent foreign policies.  He is a hero in Central America where the people understand that he has stood up for their rights as equal human beings.  Brian says that he doesn't want Mothers and Fathers and Children to be killed and maimed in our name with our tax money!  (Singer, actor) Kris Kristofferson gives him a special introduction.  Brian's web site: http://www.brianwillson.com features his autobiography and a series of essays he has written.  I recommend getting on his web site and reading everything he has to offer!  Also seen on this segment is Blase Bonpane, Director of the Office of the Americas located in Los Angeles.  The OOA is a Peace and Justice organization that is connected to Peace groups all over the United States.  Theresa Bonpane, Blaze's wife, is also a Director of the OOA.  Phone 1-323-852-9808.  Web site: http://www.officeoftheamericas.org 

This video totals 9 minutes and can be downloaded in 1 part:

To download 9 minute video clip, (2.3MB) click on http://www.peace.ca/brianwillson.wmv


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