"The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation"

By Dr, John F. Demartini

ISBN 1-56170-885-2

Published By Hay House Inc. May 2002



5 star must reading.   [The following is what I highlighted during my read of this excellent book -- I recommend it on my Top-ten List of Peace resources.  My purpose in providing them is to interest you, the reader, and hope that you will obtain and read the complete work.  To properly understand the highlights, you need to read the book to put them in the proper context.]


Foreword by Blanca Diez, M.D., P.A.


Chapter 1: The Essence of Life

Science and religion:

Gratitude is the Key:

My First Mentor :

Divine Order:

The Great Discovery:

True Love:

The Master Dance:

Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Words of Wisdom and Power:

·         I am magnificent just the way I am

·         I listen to my immortal nature, and it knows

·         My true nature is love and wisdom. Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that crisis is a blessing.

·         Life is a gift. Thank you.

Chapter 2: Lighten Up

Recurring Themes:

Being Here Now:

Mothers and Fathers:

Tough-Love Science:

Mother Love:

Pain and Pleasure:

Turning Lead into Gold:

The Perfection of Two Sides:

The Bars Are Ours:

Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Words of Wisdom and Power:

·         I am made of light. What can harm me?

·         I am worthy of having all of my dreams come true.

·         How is this helping me fulfill my destiny?

·         Love is all there; everything else is illusion.

·         No matter what I have done, or not done, I am worthy of love.

Chapter 3: Living Dreams

My Great Mentor Appears:

Dreams Come True:

The Price of Dreams:

The Dream is in the Detail:

Miss Houston

Secrets of an Inspired Life:


Words of Wisdom and Power:

·         I see my dreams with crystal clarity.

·         I am worthy of having my dreams come true.

·         The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline.

·         A genius listens to the guidance of the soul, and obeys.

·         I am a genius, and I apply my wisdom.

·         I do what I love and I love what I do.

Chapter 4: Both Sides Now

Who Do You Think You Are?:

The Healing Power of Presence:

Bi-aural Fusion:

The World is a Mirror:

The Big Prison

Are You Absolutely Positive?

Never Say Never

Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Words of Wisdom and Power:

·         I am a human being. I have every trait in perfect balance, and they all serve

·         Whatever I see is me.

·         Whatever appears, I look for the other side and am free.

·         I take no credit and take no blame.

·         This, too, is a lesson in love.

·         Thank you for my skills and opportunities to participate in this world.

Chapter 5: Who’s minding the Store?

Natural Order:

Nothing but Light:

There is no Loss:

You Want It? You’ve Got It!

Four Great Questions:

It’s All about Perspective:

The Aging Process:


Words of Wisdom and Power:

·         I look at great spans of time, and see great order.

·         In love, there is no loss.

·         There is a vast intelligence running the world, and it is in order.

·         Death is an illusion; life just changes form.

·         I have a great vision, and money flows in to help me fulfill it.

·         There is nothing to fix but much to love.

Chapter 6: Relationship

700 Hearts:

The Purpose of Marriage:

The 12-Year Itch

Ah, Passion!

Your Value Systems:

Home Rules:

The Argument Field:

Crisis is a Blessing:



Words of Wisdom and Power:

·         Happiness and sadness are the two sides of fulfillment.

·         I speak from my heart, and people listen.

·         If two people are exactly the same, one of them isn’t necessary.

·         Put them on a pedestal, put them in the pit.

·         Love them for who they are, and they become who you love.

·         There is nothing but love, and all else is illusion.

Chapter 7: Divinity

Guru Nanak:

Going to Heaven:

The Great Artist:

There are No Victims:

I am Worthy of Love:

Thank you for My Life:

Everything Serves:

Big Gratitude:

The Myth of Forgiveness:

Infinite Intelligence:


Words of Wisdom and Power:

Chapter 8: Genius

Seven Levels of Consciousness:

Verbal expression

Level of consciousness

Perception ratio

Brain evolution

Stage of evolvement

Life results

Love to



Corpus Callosum

Spiritual Human

Break Through Inspiration

Choose to



Cerebral Cortex

Human Mammal


Desire to



Limbic Brain



Want to



Basal Ganglia


Break even

Need to



Brain Stem



Ought to



Spinal Cord



Have to





Break Down Desperation

Fair Exchange:

Seven Levels of the Brain:

Living Genius:

Seven Areas of Life:

The Seven Fears:

The Equilibrating Game:


Words of Wisdom and Power

Chapter 9: The Quantum Collapse Process

Step 1:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Additional Questions:

Signs of Wisdom and Illumination:

-Tears of inspiration…emotions are polarized; love is synthesized.

-Growth in self-worth

-Unconditional gratitude…just as they are.

-Unconditional love

-Fearlessness and guiltlessness

-Speechlessness and outward silence

-Balance, centeredness, and integration

-Lightness and weightlessness

-Nonlocal, all-sense presence of the loved one

-Experience of light

-Certainty of truth…there is one great truth, that the universe is filled with love, and all else is an illusion.

-Desire to embrace

-Uplifting of the head and eyes…You now sense the underlying intelligent order, and you gratefully humble yourself to this hidden Intelligence that is greater than yourself.

-Domino effect of fuller understanding of past events

Chapter 10: Conception: Believing is Seeing

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail:


Vision is Life:

The Slinky Principle:

Soul Seeds:

Setting your Own Course:

Your Love List:

Words of Wisdom and Power

Chapter 11: Materialization: the Blueprint of Creation

Being, Doing and Having:

What is your True Value?

Your Mission Statement:

The Manifestation Formula:

Lake Success :

Exercise 1:

Exercise 3:

Words of Wisdom and Power:

·         What would I love to do?

·         If they can do it, I can do it.

·         I maintain fair exchange in everything I do.

·         I set a value on my time and life, and I receive what I set.

·         I fill my life with high-priority actions because time is precious.

·         Did I do everything I could, with everything I was given?

Chapter 12: Completion: Full Circle

Passing the Torch:

Illusions Also Serve:

The Truth about Therapists:

Identity Crisis:

Divine Perfection:

Napoleon Hill:

Exercise 1:

The Ten Daily Pillars of Wisdom: