A Boston Tea Party Against The American Media Monopoly

A guide for paralyzing the corporate American

propaganda machine without doing anything

unethical, immoral, unlawful or dangerous.

Monday 03-03-03   by

American media is corrupt. It is virtually paid propaganda. If you follow the money trail you can

see why. Big budget advertising sustains American media. This includes PBS and NPR, "public

service media" that are supported by corporate grants in exchange for positive public exposure.

So vitally important are advertising revenues that opinions and viewpoints contrary to

advertiser’s agendas will be silenced.

Is the sponsor really this powerful? Consider what happened in 1970 when cigarette advertising

was banned from radio and television—the broadcast industry suffered billions in lost revenues.

Layoffs and salary reductions were the only way many broadcasters stayed on the air. And that

was only lost sponsorship from one group, the tobacco industry. Needless to say, before 1970, it

was practically impossible to broadcast any facts on cigarette smoking.

Advertising is absolutely crucial to the publishing industry as well. Subscription fees can’t even

begin to sustain the cost of printing and distributing a daily newspaper. Every time we buy a

newspaper, magazine or even take a "free" publication, we increase the circulation. Publishers

use circulation statistics (the higher the better) to entice advertising and increase advertising


Rating services such as Neilson and the Audit Bureau of Circulation monitor media popularity

and report it (for a fee) to advertisers so that they can maximize their advertising impact. Media

and advertisers alike become obsessed with these figures. Millions, if not billions, are at stake.

The American Media Is Losing Credibility

American media is not reporting news in the public interest—it is reporting it in the sponsor’s

interest. Alternative energy, SUV hazards, pollution, the war for oil and countless other topics are

not covered if they go against or even slightly conflict with the sponsor’s image. Soft news,

entertainment, sports, traffic, weather and just plain junk are the safe topics to report.

Controversial issues, the real news, are too risky. Advertising pays the bills, not objective

reporting, so the sponsor determines the content. In fact, the "content" has really become just a

vehicle for the advertising. In some cases it has become advertising in itself.

Powerful corporations have been watching apprehensively as the Internet is slowly undermining

their influence. Americans fed up with the self-serving media are turning to the World Wide Web

for their news. Millions, for the first time, are discovering the truths about the war, the filthy rich

corporations, the greedy controllers, the Federal Reserve, the government scandals and countless

other topics that have been hidden from Americans for decades by the media. Corruption is being

exposed in its bare naked truth for the whole world to see. On February fifteenth, the Bush

Administration, the corporate media and their powerful advertisers witnessed the Internet

motivate millions worldwide to protest the war on Iraq and the profiteers (many of them

advertisers) behind it. The liars were exposed and the American corporate media proved to be a

significant number of them.

You can best reward a liar by believing

nothing of what he says. — Aristippus

This is an excellent time to reward the lying American media and at the same time introduce new

users to the freedom of choice the Internet offers. Boycott the corrupt media and their powerful

sponsors and you will successfully remove the viewer, listener and readership base that the

media and their advertisers are absolutely dependent on for revenue. By implementing the Media

Boycott during the March 23rd worldwide telecast of the Academy Awards, losses will exceed

billions and never be recovered. An Academy Awards boycott could possibly get the telecast

postponed or canceled because of the losses at stake—1.3 million per thirty seconds of

advertising time.

Just as the recently successful Virtual March introduced millions of Americans to their elected

representatives, the Media Boycott can introduce millions to the Internet and its multi-faceted

coverage of the world. The weeks preceding the Media Boycott can be used teaching those

unfamiliar with web browsers, search engines and the protocols of the World Wide Web how to

navigate and research its varied and growing database. Then, during the boycott, these people

will not be without their news. In fact, they will probably find that they prefer an interactive

news medium where they are in control of what to accept, reject and debate about—something

print, radio and television never offered and never will.

Mission Statement

By staging the International Media Boycott we, the people of the world, will make the powerful

statement to corrupt American media, their greedy corporate sponsors and the Bush

Administration that we will not tolerate propaganda. We will make the powerful statement that

we are switching to a free and open global news network that multinational corporations cannot

control. We will make the powerful statement to the American media monopoly that they will

lose, and continue to lose their vital revenue generating audience. And, most importantly, we will

paralyze and destroy the only means by which the Bush Administration, using the American

media, can spread their propaganda.


HERE’S WHAT WE NEED TO DO—distribute this

document worldwide to as many people as we can.

We have twenty days to do it. If each one of us just passes on ten copies, ten becomes one

hundred, one hundred becomes one thousand and so forth. But make it much more. This truly

puts the power in our hands. Distribute to everyone and everybody. You can find email addresses

in job listings, company rosters, religious organizations and wherever you feel people will benefit

by eliminating propaganda. It’s estimated that the world’s riches are controlled by about 450

powerful individuals. We certainly outnumber them.

NOW HERE’S THE EASY PART—do absolutely

nothing and spend absolutely no money.

DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING by not watching,

listening to or reading corrupt American media.

SPEND ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY by boycotting advertiser’s products.

DO NOT participate in any media rating surveys, such as Neilson.

DO NOT do anything illegal, violent or destructive. Ignore and stay passive.

By simply ignoring the media monopoly and their advertisers, we will disable their power.

Remember, they are COMPLETELY dependent on us, the masses, for their revenue. We start on

Sunday, March 23rd (twenty days from now) by boycotting the incredibly profitable Academy

Awards worldwide telecast. The Academy Awards funnel huge revenues into the American

movie industry, an influential sector of the media monopoly. The American movie industry

monopolizes the financing, production and distribution of American motion pictures. They keep

non-American, alternative and independent motion pictures from gaining an audience and

realizing profits. The Academy Awards favor Hollywood motion pictures because the seven

major Hollywood studios, part of the media monopoly, profit. So we will target the 75th Annual

Academy Awards telecast, sponsored by some of the most powerful multinational corporations,


Then, we will continue to boycott the American media monopoly until we starve them out. We

will succeed by sticking together and not giving in. The media giants will attempt to counter our

boycott by conducting business as usual and denying that the Media Boycott is having an effect.


the boycott IS WORKING and that the media companies are taking THE ONLY MEANS AT

THEIR DISPOSAL to keep advertising business. As we continue to boycott, sponsors will start

dropping out. The media monopoly will attempt to operate with their own resources and,

possibly later, with outside funding. Operating costs will begin consuming their resources. Then

the media companies will either fail or, if they choose responsible reporting over advertiser’s

agendas, gain back an audience. It’s that simple.



Boycott American CDs, DVDs and Videos, HUGE cash cows for the American media monopoly.

Share any entertainment you may already own with those who are without.

Do not attend American movies or music concerts.

Cancel subscriptions to American newspapers, magazines and entertainment services and use the

savings for a high speed Internet connection or whatever suits your fancy.

Get someone you know away from American media and introduce them to the varied and vast

choice of Internet news sites (excluding, of course, the online versions of the media monopoly).

Contact the American media of your choice by the means of your choice and tell them (in exact

numbers) that you, your family and friends are boycotting them.

Contact the American advertisers of your choice by the means of your choice and tell them (in

exact numbers) that you, your family and friends are not purchasing their products.






By working together, we will destroy the Bush Administration’s propaganda machine and

significantly weaken the Bush Administration’s ability to wage war on Iraq and other countries.


T. E. A.








Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People—Sheldon Emry

Free—available on hundreds of web sites.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve—Eustance Mullins

Free on the web or available in book stores.

The Creature From Jekyll Island—G. Edward Griffin

An excellent book—the Federal Reserve Act was conceived on Jekyll Island in a secret meeting

of the powerful New York Banking Trust. Available on the web and in book stores.

The Creature From Jekyll Island—G. Edward Griffin—Lecture—Free

One and a half hour lecture given by G. Edward Griffin—free realplayer audio file available at f rom_jekyll_island.rm


Figuring Out the Fed—Margaret Thoren

In only 53 pages, the facts about the Fed as taken from official publications. One of the most

concise and damning books about the Fed in print. Softcover, $7.95.

The Federal Reserve Hoax—Wickliffe B. Vennard Sr.

A standard work on the Fed, originally published in 1963, explains just how the Fed was created

and how it has perpetrated at least 100 acts of treason against the United States and her people.

Includes a foreword by Lt. Gen. Pedro A. del Valle and a chapter by populist Congressman Louis

McFadden. Also explains how bankers have become an invisible world government. Softcover,

364 pages, indexed, $18.95.

The Truth in Money Book—Theodore R. Thoren

Now in its fourth printing, this innovative book gives you the answers our country needs to solve

our debt crisis and lower high taxes without cutting vital federal projects. Find out how Abraham

Lincoln saved billions of dollars by using a simple funding technique that we can use today. Also

includes straightforward, easy-to-understand information on the Federal Reserve scam, federal

debt and the budget, the Consumer Price Index, Guernsey’s debt-free money, six rules of

monetary law in a free society, inflation explained, the Treasury Credit Money System and much

more that will finally allow you to understand the ins and outs of our money system. Lots of

charts and graphs. Softcover, 261 pages, $16.95.

Money Creators—Gertrude M. Coogan

Who creates money? Who should create it? The facts and principles presented in this classic, first

published in 1935, prove that usurpation by an international group of the sovereign power to

originate money has enabled it to operate a de facto government, now moving its illicit economic

power to destroy constitutional rights guaranteed every citizen and establish a totalitarian state.

Softcover, 344 pages, indexed, $18.95.

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