While war is raging in Europe, two hundred Canadians from local and
national organizations across Canada are among 6000 participants from over
100 countries meeting in The Hague to develop an action agenda for a world
without war in the 21st century.

Canadians at the biggest peace conference in world history are concerned
and disappointed that Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade, Lloyd Axworthy, scheduled to meet with Canadian
delegates and also among Heads of State and Foreign Ministers to address
the conference, will not be attending.  Ironically his planned address was
about how governments-and citizens can work in partnership for building a
new global human security.

Many Canadian participants question the sense of the two-track process in
Kosovo, of waging war against those with whom we are trying to make peace.
They call on the Canadian government to accelerate diplomatic processes
through the United Nations leading to a rapid end to NATO bombing, a
withdrawal of the Serbian army from Kosovo, a UN presence to enforce the
disarmament of local military groupings and allow the  safe return of
refugees, and a renewed role for the Organization for Security and
Cooperation in Europe (O.S.C.E.)

Participants call on fellow Canadians to become as informed as possible
about the complexities of the Kosovo conflict and on the Canadian media to
resist oversimplified reporting which glorifies violence, and develops
"good-bad" stereotypes of "enemies" and "allies".

Canadian participants want Canada to return to a clear role opposing
militarism and promoting a worldwide culture of peace.  The so-called logic
of war forces people to take sides, undermines prospects for
reconciliation, and threatens all humanity.   The force of law must replace
the law of force in the global village. They feel that we need new
mechanisms for the international community to intervene to protect human
rights while continuing to respect national sovereignty.  And they are
prepared to work with the government to develop these.

Act for Disarmament, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), Canadian
Friends of Burma, Canadian Unitarian Council, Canadians in Support of
Afghan Women, Cantilevers, Conscience Canada, Council of Canadians,
Fondation Solstice, International Association of Educators for World Peace
(Canada), Oakville Community Center for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights.,
Peace Brigades International (Canada), Peace Action, Victoria Anti-War
Coalition, Peace by Peace (Canada), Peace Society of the University of
Waterloo,  Canada, Physicians for Global Survival, Project Ploughshares,
Raging Grannies (Toronto), Science for Peace, Unitarian Service Committee,
Veterans Against Nuclear Arms (VANA), World Federalists (Guelph Issues
Action Group), World Federalists (Manitoba Branch), World Federalists
(Victoria Branch).

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