From Dr Christiane Northrup who wrote "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" -
about being effective in our struggle by starting at home (within):

On Peace; Peace Begins Within

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dear Friends,

The fear and anxiety caused by the possibility of war are the biggest
health challenges we face right now. As a physician, I know full well
that emotions such as fear and anger impede the healing process and, if
held long enough, actually lock us into a vicious cycle that produces
more pain, more fear, and more anxiety. This can wreak havoc on our
minds, bodies, and spirits. But this doesn't have to be the case.

There are very specific things each of us can do right now to help prevent
war and at the same time create peace in our bodies, minds, and spirits.
I was strongly reminded of this week. Both of my daughters called from
their respective colleges with concerns and worries about what they've
heard on the news about a possible terrorist attack. One wanted to know
what I thought about stockpiling cash, water, and canned goods. Her
roommate's mother had sent them warnings. The other daughter wanted to
know if I thought it was safe for her to go to NYC this weekend. I told
them to go about their lives as usual, while paying attention to their
inner guidance. I reassured them that they each had access to guidance
from within that would lead them in the right direction if they paid
attention. I also gave them a way to think about the current global
situation that leads to healing and peace, not further conflict, and
shared with them my unshakable belief that each of us has the power,
through our thoughts and emotions, to influence the energy of the planet
in a way that helps prevent further conflict and also creates peace.
Here's what you can do.

1. Use your thoughts wisely. Understand their power. Thoughts have a
tendency to become their physical equivalent. This is one of the
fundamental laws of the universe. Another one is the law of attraction,
which states that "like attracts like." Because it is consciousness that
creates reality, the kind of consciousness you hold-your
vibration-actually creates the kind of life you're living. It's
impossible to create peace and harmony if you're pushing up against a
war. It's impossible to create peace and harmony if you're condemning
George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, etc. You don't have to agree
with them, but realize that you'll be contributing to the energy that
creates war if you assume an "embattled" mentality concerning them. The
split in our nation right now about war is actually creating more of the
energy of war. It's not possible to "fight" for peace without creating

2. To create peace, you have to be peaceful. The only way to stop war is
to start from within yourself. You must do personal disarmament. The
only way to get and stay peaceful is to concentrate on what brings you
peace and resist the downward spiral of negative emotions that blames
others for your lack of peace. Remember, that to which you give your
attention expands. Although there is no denying that we're in a perilous
and frightening position right now, that doesn't mean we are powerless
to change it. But the only way to do so is by changing your thoughts and
emotions from those of anger, hatred, and fear to those associated with
compassion and peace.

Spend 30 seconds several times a day creating a "virtual" reality of what
peace would look and feel like. Imagine that it's a year from now and
the economy is flourishing. George Bush is radiantly healthy; the
governments of the free world are all cooperating to ensure global
harmony and peace. And Saddam and Bin Laden and their influence have
disappeared from the planet. Imagine all our soldiers back home and
reunited with their families. Imagine a global village in which all of
us can travel freely and joyously and with understanding and acceptance
of each other's cultures. When thinking about Iraq or North Korea,
imagine the women and children. Send your energy and compassion to them.
Don't try to change the men of these countries. In fact, don't even give
them any thought lest you energize them. Withdraw your energy from them
so that you will no longer be "feeding" them.

Dozens of studies have documented the fact that our thoughts can and do
affect others in profound and measurable ways. When a critical mass of
individuals (1 percent of the population) was brought together to
practice Transcendental Meditation in various areas of the world, for
example, there was a measurable decrease in the number of violent
crimes, suicides, terrorist attacks, and even international conflicts
worldwide. (Orme-Johnson, et al. (1988). International Peace Project in
the Middle
East: The effect of the Maharishi technology on the unified field.
Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 32, (4), pp. 776-812.) There are
also over 180 studies that have documented the positive effect of prayer
on everything from other humans to yeast cells.

3. Imagine all the angels and non-physical beings who are working on the
other side to protect and uplift all of us. Know that they can only do
their work in an atmosphere of compassion, not condemnation. The energy
of condemnation will prevent them from connecting with the hearts of
those who most need their inspiration and love.

4. Avoid watching the news and reading the newspapers. Headlines are
designed to keep you afraid and disempowered so that you will buy more
papers or watch more TV. Then you get "hooked" on the news because
you're waiting for some official "guidance" that will keep you safe and
secure. This simply can't happen, because it's not the way the media is
set up. The media is designed to get you riled up, so that you remain
tuned in to the "chain of pain." The only lasting safety and security
come from the peace that you create within yourself. What's safe for one
person will be dangerous for another. Remember all the hundreds of
stories from September 11, about the people who were supposed to be at
the World Trade Center but, for hundreds of different reasons, simply
weren't there that day. Tune in to how you are feeling when you've
severed the influence of the mass media. This will give you the guidance
you're seeking.

5. Finally, know that when you are tuned into your heart, your Inner
Wisdom, and God, then your energy lightens up and your vibration
literally changes. You become a beacon of light and peace. You become an
uplifter and a peacemaker. There's an old saying, "The rising tide lifts
all boats. But it won't raise a stone." Stop looking at and thinking
about the stones. Join me in raising the tide. And remember the words of
the great M. K. Gandhi, "When in despair, I remember that all through
history the way of truth and love has always won; there have been
tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in
the end they always fall."

Christiane Northrup, M.D.