(Bob Ruzicka)


If you ever get down to Inuvik friends

And youíve got some time to look around

Why donít you do yourself a favour

And see the other side of town

Thereís a little old store on Main Street

You canít miss it; youíll see the sign

General Merchant- Fur Trader

And itís run by a friend of mine


Just walk on in, say Hi to Old Slim

Heís the man who owns the store

Where a man can get any things he needs

And maybe a little more

Heís got jellybeans and bear traps, Heís got mukluks

by the score

Sunday shoes, shotgun shells on the rack at the back of the store


Heís got baby bottles and fishing hooks and

pocketbooks to read

And some good advice or a kick in the pants

If Slim figures thatís what you need

Heís got white fox skin on stretchers

Heís got wolverines on the wall

And story to tell

How a hurricane wiped him out and he lost it all


Well, Old Slim he ainít one for talking much

But you listen when he speaks

And when he talks about changes

Iíve seen tears roll down his cheeks

ĎCauses he loves that land and he loves those people

And heís always done them right

But now their worldís turning upside down

And itís happening overnight


Heís seen a thousand southern experts

Heís watched all of then come and go

But Old Slimís forgot more about the north

Than them dudes will ever know

He just hopes before we make a sudden move

That we know what the hell weíre doing

ĎCause the north is the only place on earth

That manís got left to ruin


So if you ever get down to Inuvik friends

And you got a little extra time

Just get right on down to the General Store

And say Hi to a friend of mine

His store ainít nothing fancy

Of course neither is Old Slim

But theyíre both living proof of a way of life

You ainít never going to see again


Letís talk about Old Slim


Copyright 1973- TRO PUBLISHING