Knockin' On Heaven's Door

a 3 minute (approx.) music video featuring Avril Lavigne, prepared for War Child Canada .  Built around Bob Dylan's hit song, the video dramatically shows the affects of war on children with moving scenes and statistics.  The numbers speak for themselves.  In the past decade alone, two million children have died in war. Millions more have suffered.  War Child Canada is taking measures to promote an end to this tragedy. Music artists across Canada are helping out.  We couldn't do it without them.  Music Artists are a vital part of our work. They help improve the lives of war-affected children by generating awareness and raising vital funds. Most importantly, they demonstrate how it is possible for each and every person to make a difference.  

We recommend that teachers and others use this video to initiate a discussion in the class (and elsewhere) on peace.  It is a moving experience.  

You can obtain the video by purchasing the Avril Lavigne CD/DVD combo entitled "My World" for approx. $15.00 from most music stores, or at 

Because of the nature of the video (it has writing that is important part to see), it had to be posted in an enhanced version, which means you really need cable or high speed Internet access.  This video totals 3 minutes and can be downloaded in 1 part:

To download 3 minute video clip, (45MB) click on

[Note - the video appears to first download with interuptions, however if you replay it after the first download it should play fine.]

Windows Media Player 6.4 or later is required to view video


Our appreciation is extended to Avril Lavigne, War Child Canada and Sony for producing this extremely important video for raising violence awareness and providing an opportunity for building peace.