Recognized Organizations/Champions/Networks with a mandate which affects building peace in Angola - Who's-Who, includes peacebuilders in the following four levels, WORLD, COMMUNITY, FAMILY and INDIVIDUAL (for general Who's Who see http://www.peace.ca/whoswho.htm ; for African Problem Identification see http://www.peace.ca/afwhoswho.htm  ):


Official Angolan Government Website - Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Republic of Angola. http://www.angola.org/

Angolan Centers for Teaching Peace ("ACTP") - (in Portuguese: Centro Angolano Para O Ensino Da Paz).  For more information, contact Frederic Mvemba Mayembe, Angolan Center for Teaching Peace, Rua Luther King No 101 Bairro das Ingombotas (Maianga), Luanda, Angola.  Email frederic_mvemba@hotmail.com ; fax 00244-2-396810  and 00244-2-331578; web site http://www.peace.ca/angola.htm

The "Antimilitaristic Angolan Initiative for Human Rights" (I.A.A.D.H.) is a anti-war action group by Angolans within and outside Angola and is supported by foreign nationals sympathetic to its aims. We invite new members to join forces and become active in the group. IAADH is a human rights action group. It works according to the principles of grass-roots democracy. These principles are realized in its organisational structures and are applied to all proceedings and dealings within or outside the group. The initiative sees itself as an antimilitarist or anti-war organization independent of party politics but nevertheless taking sides: It speaks up for the concerns of the agonized people of Angola who have been tormented for decades if not centuries. We, the founders of the initiative, firmly believe that after more than three decades of armed strife from which noone has emerged victorious nor defeated the use of arms will never resolve the war in Angola. It is precisely this war which lies at the root of the misery on the entire territory of Angola; it is this war which brings about the hunger and the impoverishment of the people who have been heavily traumatised by massacres and expulsion from their native land, by flight and mining of the ground. For more information: I.A.A.D.H. c/o Antirassistische Initiative, Yorckstr. 59, D-10965 Berlin Germany, Phone: +49-30-7857281, Fax: +49-30-7869984, E-mail: ari@ipn.de ; web site http://www.snafu.de/~usp/iaadh.htm

Centre for Common Ground - Search for Common Ground in Washington, USA, has established an Angolan office, which operates from the premise that only when Angolans experience reconciliation in their daily lives can there be a sustainable peace. The Centre carries out five programmes: dialogues between government and UNITA supporters in various social settings; conflict resolution capacity building and training for NGOs and Angolan institutions; production of reconciliation radio and TV; journalistic exchanges to encourage reporters on both sides to cooperate on shared productions; and production and mass distribution of the Angolan Peace Song. For more information: C.P. 1542, Luanda, Angola; tel/fax: +244 (2) 330 035; email: 105446.436@compuserve.com ; web site http://www.sfcg.org/mainang.htm ; Contact: Julie Nenon, project director.

THE COMMISSION FOR JUSTICE, PEACE AND RECONCILIATION IN ANGOLA was born because the members of UNITA are certain that the Government is destroying the fundamental basis of the Angolan People and the Angolan Society. We believe that only dialogue is the mean to find the solutions for the serious political, economical and social problems that afflict Angola. We shall promote al contacts and initiatives that reinforce the idea of urgency to dialogue in order to achieve Peace in Angola, towards the Public Opinion and International Instances.  Before the refusal of being heard given the empty accusations and the negligence in presenting evidences we demand to be heard by the United Nations. No Peace process will ever take place with the exclusion of one of the parties involved. For more information: Adalberto Costa Junior, Joffre Justino, Leon Dias, email jj@esoterica.pt ; web site http://pazemangola.myqth.com     

Focus On Angola - Social, Economical, Political & Military Issues web site http://www.kwacha.org/ ; email kwachaorg@hotmail.com

Forum of Angolan Non-Governmental Organizations (FONGA) has 150 member organisations. FONGA aims to play a facilitating role by organising workshops and seminars on community development and conflict resolution. Despite the difficulties and dangers of working in an area ravaged by civil war, FONGA continues to maintain local peace-building efforts. In March 1997, FONGA co-operated with the American Friends Service Committee in a training workshop for community workers representing about thirty NGOs. The workshop focused on nonviolent means of conflict resolution at the community level.  Address: Rua D. Manuel 1 No 35, Apt F, C.P. 10797, Luanda, Angola; tel: +244 (2) 322 537; fax: +244 (2) 322 637; Contact: Francisco Alberto Tunga, director 

Republican Party Of Angola - Peace, Reconciliation, Justice, Liberty, Work, interdependence, Pan-Africanism, Religion and unity in Angola. http://www.geocities.com/WallStreet/Bureau/6011/

Unita - National Union for the Total Independence of Angola U.N.I.T.A. http://www.unita.org/

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