ANGOLAN PROPOSALS/SOLUTIONS is broken down into the following four levels, WORLD, COMMUNITY, FAMILY and INDIVIDUAL (for general proposals/solutions see ; for African Proposals see ):


NEWBUTTONPINK.GIF (519 bytes) Working against SALW proliferation in Angola - ANGOLA CENTER FOR TEACHING PEACE  is a non governmental organisation, also  dedicated to Combat  the  proliferation of SALW  (small arms and light weapons in Angola).  ACTP  was the first NGO to publicly assume the danger of SALW and alerted the population as a true threat to peace.  ACTP works towards this goal by educating  former fighters  and other ex -combatants including the population in general to relinquish their weapons and by cooperating with other NGO’S in gun turn-ins sensitisation and other awareness programs to make Angola a better place to live.  The main responsibity for disarming and demobilizing combatants in Angola  rests a responsibility of  local authorities, however it was soon perceived that NGO’s should also take a stand.  Initially ACTP’s role in this effort was to prepare the minds and the heart of Angolans for disarmament, and to invite other NGO’S in collaboration with local authorities to work on this issues.  In this context : ACTP has convened in 2002, a NGO’s meeting  on small arms; Then  the workshop on Arms management in 2003 and has participated actively on IANSA’s activities within the framework of the international day of guns destruction (9 July).  The NGO has been also working on its campaign of sensitisation, using the local media.   This activities  started to give continuity to the action plan drafted by our DISARMAMENT TEAM after the recommendations of the Geneva international conference on Disarmament and reintegration where the president of the Angolan center for teaching peace, FREDERIC MVEMBA discussed the topic : DISARMAMENT AND SMALL ARMS IN ANGOLA : CURRENT CHALLENGES.  Main activities of ACTP include :  The setting up of a local Network, the ANGOLAN ACTION NETWORK ON SMALL ARMS which include several NGO’S, churches, and associations.  ACTP also work on a public education program on small arms into local communities and schools.  In this case, ACTP has widened its awareness effort to address the problem of SALW and create safer communities, where discussions are conducted with NGO’s and Community leaders, including other stakeholders to sensitise their respective groups in order to stop the misuse of small arms and lights weapons proliferation in Angola. This sensitisation is also possible, from time to time  through our email  list server Peaceangola  at 

The Government of Angola has offered a sweeping amnesty to all rebel soldiers who lay down their arms and is implementing broad political and economic reforms in order to establish peace and begin the process of national reconciliation.  See "Peace and Reconciliation" at

UNITA – 12 peace proposals – Nov. 29, 2000 available from J. Justino (

Peace Education and its Implementation in Angola by Luis Samacumbi - An excellent analysis of current theories on peace education, of the current war culture which still exists in Angola. Samacumbi suggests some directions in which peace education might go, including becoming part of the government school curriculum. The author has a contagious spirit of optimism that the younger generation can be led and taught to work for peace and conflict resolution