Problem Identification Topics


Angolan Problem Identification Topics is broken down into the following four levels, WORLD, COMMUNITY, FAMILY and INDIVIDUAL (for general Problem Identification see ; for African Problem Identification see  ):


Angola: A Tangled Web. By WORLD VISION UK.  July 2000.   - World Vision has recently released a report to highlight the ongoing chronic situation in Angola and prospects for peace. Called 'Angola: a tangled web - many players in a complex war', the report has two main aims: to raise awareness amongst the UN, governments, businesses, global civil society of the chronic humanitarian situation in Angola after almost 40 years of war.  Secondly, to raise awareness of the multiple actors involved and the capacity they have to build peace and end the suffering.  The report is divided up into 4 chapters. Ch 1 briefly outlines the history of the war and humanitarian impact, Ch 2 discusses the impact on children and what needs to be done to improve their situation, Ch 3 discusses the economics of the conflict, specifically looking at the international oil and diamond companies.  Ch 4 examines what has been done to bring peace, why the UN process failed and the emerging indigenous peace movement which is recognised as the most promising vehicle for peace.  It finishes with a broad range of recommendations to support peace efforts, raise levels of aid funding, improve business practice and better the opportunities for Angolan children. Authors: S O'Reilly-Calthrop, R Wandaragala, K Currah, B Campbell.  For a copy, go to , where it can be read online and downloaded electronically (select 'world issues', then 'publications').  Alternatively, email:  Contributions toward cost of printing and postage is welcome (£2.50)

Angola: behind the façade of normalization, manipulation, violence and abandoned populations.  By MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERS:  10 pages. Available at

"Angola's Deadly War: Dealing with Savimbi's Hell on Earth,"  a new Special Report <>

Arms and corruption with Angola:  President Chirac and President dos Santos have a lot of explaining to do, by Global Witness, UK

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH; ANGOLA section of their World report for 2000. 6 pages. Summary of the year’s human rights progress and abuses. From web site

JOURNALISTS harassed and threatened in Angola

Oil Abounds, Misery Too: A Case Study By RACHEL L. SWARNS