The Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace


The Annual Alberta Conference on

Education for Peace and the Future

October 9-13, 2003

University of Calgary , MacEwan Centre


Our objective is to achieve a statement of principles on key aspects of peace education which will provide guidance towards a vision and action to improve peace and futures education in Alberta . 

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(403) 938-5335


We will address peace education recommendations and issues identified by:

(1) the U.N. Culture of Peace Program,

(2) the Hague Appeal for Peace Global Peace Education Campaign,

(3) the Report of Canada on Education for Peace, Human Rights, Democracy, International Understanding and Tolerance,

(4) the National Peace Education Strategy, and

(5) other key issues identified by conference participants.

We also expect a mechanism to emerge to ensure the recommendations from this conference will be acted upon. Participants will benefit from networking opportunities, and the opportunity to gather valuable information that will help in their day-to-day peace education practice. This event is too important to miss.

Guest speakers:

Gandhi's Message presented in Gandhi's Appearance !! Shall Sinha, Ph.D. A leading Scholar on Mahatma Gandhi-  'A World Fit for Children: what it means and what can and should we do'

Dr. David Adams, Ph.D. (past director of UNESCO/UN International Year for the Culture of Peace)- 'Culture of Peace and Nonviolence For The Children of The World' 

Ruben Nelson, a Canadian pioneer of serious thinking about the future, fellow of the World Business Academy, the World Academy of Art and Science, and the Meridian Institute for Leadership, Governance and Change- 'What is to be done?: Futures Education and Peace Education, its need, and what Albertans should be considering in this respect'

Dr. David Swann, M.D., Physicians for Global Survival, and co-founder of the Canadian Network for Democracy and International Law (Calgary)- 'Peace Education as the Health Issue for the 21st Century: An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Ton of Cures'

Dr. Tom Murphy, M.D., American Council for The United Nations University on The Millennium Project and 'The Fifteen Global Challenges'

Regina Lulka, teacher educator at Sheridan College Montessori Early Childhood Programme and at Toronto Montessori Teacher Training Institute, as well as a Montessori consultant.  Regina will talk about the need to 'deprogram' teachers (administrators, etc.)  from a Culture of Violence and 'reprogram' for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence.