Proposed Schedule for FRIDAY - Oct. 22.  (as of Oct.11/04, planning for 250 participants)

Focused on  peace through experiential education, involving students and professional educators, 

and what actions they can take together.  Even the lunch included will be an experience!


8:30 - 9:00       Registration at Edwin Parr Composite High School. 

                        Name tags indicate what continent you are assigned to - do this in world proportions

                        Think about this perspective throughout the day.  


9:00 - 10:00     What is Peacefulness? -  Marie Gervais

                        What is a Culture of Peace vs. Culture of War? - Dr. Larry Fisk and/or Erin Gionet confirmed


10:10-10:30     “Wear Fair” Fashion Show   co-ordinated by EPCH and Boyle students


10:40 - 11:40   Have water and juice in every workshop room?


                        Option A   Co-operative Games;  Mrs. Paula Evans   confirmed

                         Gym         Reflection: Do Sports Have to Be Violent? to include discussion of

                                         Fair Play Codes - someone from Hockey Alberta

                        Option B   Tim Murphy, principal, Caslan School using ArtsSmart curriculum 

                        Art room     with Kelly Waters, the ArtsSmart curriculum advisor, their artist-in-residence Mrs C; and                                       Gerald White, the dance instructor and students who will help give a hands-on experience.  


                        Option C   Our “Other History” - Linda Bull asked, , and a residential school survivor 

                        Option D   Creating Safe Schools for Students of All Faiths - Joni Turville, ATA & Edmonton                                                     Interfaith Project - confirmed;

                        Option E  The Wonder of Water - “Beneath the Surface: Fresh Thinking on Water” expedition

                                        with paddlers Don Van Hout, Jeff, and Max focusing on the Athabasca River, the only                                              undammed river on the prairies.  Should it stay that way?  confirmed

                        Option F   Erasing Racism Through Process Drama with Youth Anti-Racism Project - part of                            Drama room    Northern Alberta Alliance Against Racism  confirmed

                        Option G  Workshop on “Bowling for Columbine” - with Rita Sequeira, school trustee & former                                                                                                                                                   teacher   confirmed

                        Option H  Peace and Health - Miranda Jackson - 2nd year nursing student - Back Pack Health                                                     Workers team working with Burmese refugees on the Thai border  confirmed

                        Option I  Making Changes to Curriculum Standards -  Joan Engel - asked

                        Option J  Is the Canadian Military Underfunded? - Melle Huizinga of Edmonton Project                                                                 Ploughshares  confirmed

                        Option K  Canadian Foodgrains Bank - local Growing Projects - Keith Guay and/or Les Dunford


11:50 - 12:20  Lunch: “A Worldly Eating Experience“; served in gym from cafeteria and home ec room?


12:30 -   1:00   Debriefing lunch in small groups in the room of the workshop of your afternoon choice

                                                       or as a whole in the gym?


noon -   2:00   CBC “Wild Rose Forum” talk show with Don Hill will do their afternoon show live here                                                 Could it be one of the options below? perhaps with David Schindler?


1:00 - 2:00       Same options as in the morning (maybe with addition of CBC program)


2:10 - 3:10       Student Activism - Presented by Ross Sheppard Youth Coalition for Peace and Justice

                                                         Anna Hopkins and Charlotte Dibden, student leaders  confirmed

                        Followed by Small groups: What can we do in our school?


3:30 - 4:30       ELECTRO-SHOCKING DISSENT: Canadian Police Education & Public Protest
with Luis Alberto D’Elia from Amnesty International


                                3 Guests from Uganda are attempting to get visas.  If they are here they will also present.

 Note: read more detail about the speakers and their workshops by clicking on this link.