AKLAVIK lyrics


Iíve been up to Tuktoyaktuk

And Iíve even been to Arctic Red

Iíve been to Ft. McPherson where itís wonderful itís said

Iíve seen Old Crow and Iíve seen Sachs Harbour

And I know what Iím talking about.

In my travelling around just one place Iíve found

That really really knocks me out.


You know Iím talking about Aklavik

Hey let me tell you. Thatís one little swinging town

Hound dogs and boarded up buildings

The place really turns me on

The government said youíd better get out fast

Cause the riverís goiní to wash you away.

That was fifteen years ago and I want you to know

Theyíre high and dry and doing fine today.


Well they say that over in Yellowknife

Thereís gold and minerals rare

Down in old Hay River thereís a highway goiní there

Up on the coast Iíve heard them all boast

They get a billion barrels a day

But if youíre looking to find a place to release your mind

Man, thereís only one place to stay.


You know Iím talking about Aklavik

Cause thatís where the action is if you know what I mean

Catch yourself a ride on a Northward sched.

And you can really make the scene

Well, our roads are often muddy

And our houses arenít so new

But son-of-a-gun, they know how to have fun

And theyíre goiní to do all right by you.


Well Iíve heard a rumour goiní round

And Iím goiní to tell it to you

But donít you tell anybody

Cause I donít even know if itís true

Well the government people are starting to worry

The future sure looks black

Inuvik is sinking into Boot Lake

Now theyíre going to have to move us back.