The Research Group on the Democratic, Economic and Social Development of Africa (GERDDES-AFRICA) is a non-partisan, pan-African NGO, established in 1990 by African senior managers and intellectuals. Its mission is to promote democracy in the service of social and economic development, and to cultivate African expertise in conflict prevention and management. The GERDDES programme organ, the International Research Centre on Democracy and Development (IRCD), participates in election - organisation and - monitoring, and engages in social and political mediation. It has intervened as a mediator in past conflicts in the Ivory Coast, Togo, Congo, Benin, Chad, and Niger, and is currently involved in mediations in Nigeria, Liberia, Burundi, Senegal, and the Congo. Furthermore, it is engaged in educational and training activities which are offered under the auspices of its Institute for Democratic Studies and Development. GERDDES-AFRICA also organises training seminars and conferences focusing on such target groups as the press, trade unions, women, and the military. In 1997, it brought together more than 150 participants from Africa, Europe and the United States for a 3-day international seminar in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on the role of the military in the democratisation process of Africa. GERDDES has established RANGAPC (Reseau Africain Non Gouvernmental d’Alerte Préventive des Conflits/African Non-governmental Network for Conflict Prevention), which is building and maintaining a database identifying social and economic events that threaten social stability, and African resource people specialised in political and social mediation at the national and regional level in Africa. GERDDES publishes ‘Development & Democracy’, a quarterly newsletter, as well as publications addressing democracy and sustainable development in Africa. Address: 01 BP 1258, Cotonou, Benin; tel: +229 334 333; fax: +229 334 499/334 332; email: ; ; Contact: Me Sadikou Ayo Alao, director.  Budget: $25,000 - $100,000.  Publications: Democracy & Development, newsletter; Africa Democracy & Development, political science review; Prévention des Conflicts en Afrique, seminar report, 1998; Election, democracy & governance, conference report, 1999.

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