PAN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION AND ADVOCACY PROGRAMME (PADEAP)was founded in 1997 as a strategic centre for the coordination of Pan African advocacy and development education initiatives.  PADEAP stems from it is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda - where it is registered as an NGO CompanyReg No. 371238 the entire experience of the Pan African Movement and the Pan Africanist conviction that African people have to seek ways and means to overcome the challenges to our social and economic development.  Many of the well-intended interventions by a number of African and international NGO's tend to concentrate on welfare programmes or humanitarian relief in cases of emergency.  However, advocacy and development education initiatives which are essential in raising people's consciousness, and empowering them to take responsiblity for their own lives are very often limited or non existent.  PADEAP was set up to contribute to building African capacity in this area:  To empower Africans through development education and advocacy programs. Our target groups are disadvantaged and marginalised social groups such as the youth, women, refugees, internally displaced persons and people with disability.  To research and disseminate information about local, national, regional and international development issues for self-reliance and pro-active global interdependence.  To actively mobilise and use African skills, expertise and creative resources in seeking sustainable practical solutions to the challenges of development in Africa.  To promote human security, peaceful co-existance and social justice through the 'right to peace', the right to development and "socio-economic and cultural rights".  To popularise access to new information technology.  To promote inter cultural exchange between different countries and regions of Africa.  We shall also be extremely happy to network and collaborate with any organisation or individual involved in similar work or activity.  We shall be ready to share information and experiences with whoever contacts us on: UGANDA, Plot 88b Kiira Road, Kamwokya, P.O.Box 24590, Kampala, Uganda; Tel/Fax: 0256-41-530524/533542; Email: .  NIGERIA, Hauwa Community College, P.O.Box 9 Funtua, Katsina State,
Nigeria; Telfax: 0234-69-770876; Email: .  UNITED KINGDOM, c/o JUSTICE AFRICA, Lancaster House,
No. 33 Islington High Street, London N1 9LH; Tel: 020 - 7837-7888; Fax: 020 - 7837-8919; Email:

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