Action Planning Checklist
 Prevention-Intervention-Crisis Response

  ==> What To Look For -- Key Characteristics of Responsive & Safe Schools

      Does my school have characteristics that:
       ___ Are responsive to all children?
  ==> What To Look For -- Early Warning Signs of Violence
      Has my school taken steps to ensure that all staff, students, & families:
       ___ Understand the principles underlying the identification of early warning signs?
       ___ Know how to identify & respond to imminent warning signs?
       ___ Are able to identify early warning signs?
  ==> What To Do -- Intervention: Getting Help for Troubled Children
       Does my school:
       ___ Understand the principles underlying intervention?
       ___ Make early intervention available for students at risk of behavioral problems?
       ___ Provide individualized, intensive interventions for students with severe behavioral problems?
       ___ Have schoolwide preventive strategies in place that support early intervention?
  ==> What To Do -- Crisis Response
      Does my school:
       ___ Understand the principles underlying crisis response?
       ___ Have a procedure for intervening during a crisis to ensure safety?
       ___ Know how to respond in the aftermath of tragedy?

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