About Violence
A letter from a concerned citizen of Colombia

Dear Friends,
Since the case of my friend (who was killed) happens I have thinked hard about why the violence become an style of life in a society.
When the violence begins all the society protest and get scandalize. I remember like 20 years ago when someone was kidnaped it was a first page news in the news papers Today more than one person is kidnaped and it is not a new. It is the same story about massive assasinations, The first one was an scandal and today one per week is "normal".
Always some violence thing happens near to you, you always try to explain it in order avoid to accept your own risk. The people say things like: He propably were in bad steps or who knows what he saw  or knew? We always try to "to cover the sun with the hands".
To stop violence is neccesary to act strong when it is beggining, because you learn how to live in its neghborhood, and after that it is to hard to come back.
Colombia have 39 millions of habitants and only a little percent of them are agree with violence (150.000 in the army, 40.000 in the guerrillas (leftish) and 10.000 in a rightish army that was created by the owners of farms to protect their goods against the leftishs). I do not know how much drug lords there are here but I do not think they are more than 100.000 (editor - total 300,000 or less than 1%). The rest of us hate violence. (underlining added by editor)
 Juan (name withheld)

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