Promoting Interest in Peace in Canadian Schools

Gandhi’s Message in Gandhi’s Character
Dr. Shall Sinha


Almost everyone knows Mahatma Gandhi as one of the greatest advocates of Peace and Nonviolence; thousands of scholars have written and are still researching and writing on Gandhi’s theory of Nonviolence; and hundreds of men and women around the world are pursuing Gandhi’s technique for making a world fit for tomorrow. But there are few ‘Gandhi Scholars’ who can present Gandhi’s Message in Gandhi’s Character.


Dr. Shall Sinha, a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada possesses this unique skill. He has been studying Gandhi’s work almost all his life, has read countless literature on Gandhi, including most of ‘The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi’, which consists of approximately 50,000 pages! And he presents Gandhi’s Message in Gandhi’s Character in a way that the audience feels that Gandhi himself has come to discuss their unique situation.


With bald-head and wearing loin-clothes, steel-rimmed glasses and tire-sandal, and walking with a bamboo-cane Dr. Sinha carries a remarkable resemblance with the Mahatma. His ability to narrate interesting and inspiring stories goes straight to the heart of the listeners. And he gets the students involved by answering their questions in a language that they can relate to.


Dr. Sinha is also the author of 4 books including ‘Words of Wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi’ – a rich collection of quotations that are arranged under approximately 300 important subjects for easy access. It also contains a brief description of 11 books that influenced Gandhi’s thinking and led him towards being the extraordinary man (or Mahatma, meaning the great soul) that he ended up becoming.


Dr. Sinha is a Professional Speaker and makes professional presentations for a fee. He was the Opening Keynote Speaker of the Alberta Peace Education Conference as well as the Canadian Peace Education Conference last year. And just recently he spoke at the Athabasca Peace Initiative Program. Brief information on Dr. Sinha’s background, publications, testimonials etc. can be found on the internet at If you like to check some references just drop a note to Dr. Sinha.


For promoting Interest in Peace in Canadian Schools Dr. Sinha is offering to present Gandhi’s Message in Gandhi’s Character for a very reasonable cost: travel expense plus a nominal fee of
    $500. per presentation anywhere in Alberta;
    $600. per presentation anywhere in British Columbia and Saskatchewan; and
    $750. per presentation anywhere else in Canada.


For booking a date contact Dr. Sinha directly at
     780 439 4026.


Professional Presenter of
Gandhi's Message in Gandhi's Character

Author of 4 books including
Words of Wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi
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"Science of war leads one to dictatorship pure and simple.
Science of non-violence can alone lead one to pure democracy
                  -Mahatma Gandhi, HARIJAN, Oct. 15, 1938