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Mahatma Gandhi Live!
Gandhi's Message in Gandhi's Character

Peace, Nonviolence, Social Justice, Equality, Human Rights,Courage, Compassion, Commitment, Integrity
Presented by
Dr. Shall Sinha
This Presentation has no parallel in North America!!!
Inspirational, Thought-provoking,
Entertaining, Unforgettable!!
* * * See 'Shall Sinha in Gandhi's Character' Slides! * * *  


Lectures on 'Satyagraha' by Mahatma Gandhi Portrayed by Dr. Shall Sinha  


Ted Kuntz, M.Ed. is the author of the wonderful new book "Peace Begins With Me".  Ted is a psychotherapist in private practice in Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada . Yet the wisdom Ted shares in his book doesnít come from his formal training. Rather, it is the result of his journey as the                                       journey as the father of a severely ill child.

This deeply personal story is an inspiration for all of us who want to reduce our pain and distress and increase our peace and joy. Tedís passion is to create a peaceful world where we all belong.

To learn more about Ted and link with his web site visit



Larry Fisk

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John Simmons   Inspiring Effectiveness in Work and Personal Life

John Simmons helps organizations and their employees become more focused, laugh more and approach their tasks with a positive sense of purpose. With simple, effective concepts and concrete ideas, he assists people in successfully integrating their work and personal lives.

John Simmons is a speaker, author and award winning educator who has been delivering workshops, seminars and keynote addresses since 1989. His combination of insight, practicality and humour inspires his audiences to embrace personal and organizational development.

John taught in public and private schools for over 20 years. He is the author of The Power of Humor: Top Ten Ways to Lighten Up Your Workplace (without getting fired!).

Hope and Humour in Peace and Social Justice Education: All teachers can benefit from this session, which can be delivered in workshop, seminar or keynote format, from 1 to 3 hours.   


Create a lighter, more hopeful atmosphere when dealing with peace and social justice issues.

Learn to:

Deal effectively with challenging issues by taking a humourous perspective.

Relieve student anxiety by creating hope and using humour.

Increase hope through celebration.

Empower students by teaching them life-enhancing humour skills.

Help students set appropriate goals in regard to their involvement with these issues.

 For more information, John Simmons Consulting, 383 Scenic Glen Place NW, Calgary , AB T3L 1J5 Canada, (403) 208-9581 (phone), (403) 208-9586 (fax), info[at] ,







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